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Vacancy ID: 875484 

OUR MISSION: To fulfill President Lincoln’s promise – “To care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphan” – by serving and honoring the men and women who are America’s Veterans. How would you like to become a part of a team providing compassionate care to Veterans?

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) needs employees who possess the energy, compassion, and commitment to serve those who served our Country. Whatever the job title, every position in VA will give you a chance to make a meaningful and personal contribution to the lives of truly special and deserving people - our Veterans. VA professionals feel good about their careers and their ability to balance work and home life. VA offers generous paid time off and a variety of predictable and flexible scheduling opportunities. Working for VA is one of the most emotionally satisfying and professionally rewarding ways to dedicate the best within you to your Country's service. If you are transitioning from the military or a Veteran already, we invite you to explore the benefits of continuing your career at the VA. The VA is committed to hiring Veterans.

The VA is much more than just another employer. It is an honorable, open and welcoming community of those who care. Gratitude is our motivation and service is our mission.

The VA has adopted Core Values and Characteristics that apply universally across the Department. The five Core Values define “who we are,” our culture, and how we care for Veterans, their families and other beneficiaries. The Values are Integrity, Commitment, Advocacy, Respect and Excellence (“I CARE”).

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This position involves a multi-grade career ladder. The major duties listed below represent the full performance level of GS-12. At the GS-11 grade level, you will perform assignments of a more limited scope and with less independence. You will progressively acquire the background necessary to perform at the full performance level of GS-12. Promotion is at the discretion of the supervisor and is contingent upon satisfactory performance, availability of higher level work, and availability of funds.

This position is located in the Human Resources Management Office. The Chillicothe medical center includes the main facility, as well as five outpatient clinics throughout the state of Ohio located in Cambridge, Marietta, Portsmouth, Lancaster and Athens. This system provides a wide array of acute inpatient care, outpatient services, and long term care.

This position is responsible for developing, managing, and directing the Chillicothe Health Care staff Recruitment Program. The program will market open or expected open positions and attract highly qualified applicants. The main goal of the program will be to locate and attract medical and health care professionals to Ohio, reduce staff vacancy rates by increasing the pool of highly qualified applicants and to work with HR Staffing Specialists by streamlining the pre-application and interview process.

This position is responsible for developing, managing and directing the Marketing Program that focuses on positive public perception of the hospital, with the goal of attracting highly qualified staff. Duties include, but not limited to the following:

  • Develops strategies utilizing marketing concepts, planning successful tactics, organizing and implementing as well as evaluating a comprehensive healthcare recruitment and marketing program for the VA at Chillicothe;
  • Conducts In depth analysis of professional healthcare staffing needs for the hospital;
  • Formulates and implements long and short term policies, procedures, and program plans for the attraction and retention of professional medical staff;
  • Participates in Job fairs and other outreach activities (health career days at schools and universities), local and national conferences;
  • Coordinates participation from Special Emphasis Program Managers (SEPMs) to also participate in outreach activates;
  • Builds and maintains professional points of contact at higher learning establishments throughout Ohio and surrounding states;
  • Establishes and maintains a comprehensive healthcare staff and retention program utilizing marketing concepts to retain existing staff;
  • Provides a full range of services by applying laws, Executive Orders, regulations, policies and various HR policies, practices and procedures to provide a comprehensive staffing and placement service to the Medical center;
  • Performs internal placement duties including conducting Job analysis, preparing and issuing promotion certificates;
  • Performs external recruitment by developing recruiting strategies utilizing sources such as Veterans Employment Opportunities Act (VEOA), Veterans Recruitment Act (VRA) and direct hire appointment authorities;
  • Serves as a key liaison between individuals interested in healthcare positions at Chillicothe and the clinical service chiefs;
  • Meets regularly with service chiefs to coordinate advertising positions, and share points of contacts within the professional community of that specialty.

Work Schedule: Monday-Friday, 8:00am-4:30pm