Job Overview


Unlock secrets in deep oceans, track rapidly moving storms, operate state-of-the-art environmental satellites, chart the Nation's waterways, formulate models to forecast climate trends, protect and preserve our living marine's all in a day's work at the NOAA! Join a dedicated workforce committed to a vital mission: safeguarding the public, protecting natural resources, strengthening the economy. A career that makes a world of difference!

This position is a Senior Executive Service position in the National Weather Service (NWS), specifically that of the Director, National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP).  NCEP develops, produces, and processes meteorological, short-term climate, and oceanographic guidance and forecast products.  The users of NCEP guidance forecasts and enhanced products are NWS field offices, the military, and other governmental and non-governmental offices.  The Director handles the planning and execution of personnel and budget matters for all nine National Centers, including the Aviation Weather Center, Storm Prediction Center, Space Weather Prediction Center, National Hurricane Center, Hydrometeorological Prediction Center, Ocean Prediction Center, Climate Prediction Center, Environmental Modeling Center and NCEP Central Operations, other administrative and executive details and all operational aspects of the centers.


The incumbent is responsible for the direction and administration of all NCEP activities.  This includes resolving operational and technical management problems; maintaining surveillance over the organization; and, ensuring the timely and adequate implementation of established NWS/NCEP goals and programs.  In addition the Director has responsibility for discharge of the following essential organizational functions:

  •  Management of NCEP that will provide a coordinated program ensuring NWS compatibility and effectiveness in serving NWS/NOAA's strategic/programmatic needs over both the short and long term.
  • Oversee the implementation of NCEP's budget ensuring financial, administrative, and ADP activities are integrated with NWS procedures and systems, and supports the NOAA and NWS strategic planning process by considering financial resources needed to efficiently and effectively run NCEP and those essential elements in the near and long-term.
  • Manages and directs a full range of NCEP administrative support functions in the following areas: administers human resource activities providing guidance and coordination of these functions in the NCEP centers and within NWS; manages acquisition services, grants, facilities, logistic and support services; directs information resource management functions implementing the operation and maintenance of all computers and supporting systems.
  • Ensures the following: NCEP forecast guidance system is responsive to the needs of the NWS field operations; NCEP numerical weather prediction guidance products are further refined, developed and implemented to improve efficiency and accuracy of forecasts; NCEP computer systems are properly maintained, upgraded and improved to meet the needs of the NWS field service; NCEP guidance products are developed and improved to meet the requirements of NWS offices.
  • Provides for the collaborative and responsive provision and/or exchange of data, products, services or other support to federal agencies, foreign governments, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), the World Weather Watch and other international and professional/academic organizations.