Job Overview


The mission of the Indiana National Guard Full-Time Force is to maintain properly trained and equipped units available for prompt mobilization for war, national or state emergency. For information about membership call: 1.800.GO GUARD


DUTY LOCATION:    ISU (Installation Support Unit), Edinburgh, Indiana

JOB SUMMARY:    This position is located in the operations section of a Brigade/Group/Troop Command Headquarters, of the Army National Guard (ARNG).  The purpose of the position is to develop and oversee the execution of the command’s operations, training and safety plans and policies.  Provides staff planning and assistance to ensure that required training, physical security, safety and readiness objectives are achieved and deployment planning and preparation requirements are accomplished.  Training activities at this level are concerned with the training military personnel in a wide variety of occupations including clerical, trades and labor, administrative, technical, and/or professional skills.  Supervisory duties are performed less than 25 percent of the work year.

This job announcement is for employment as an Indiana Army National Guard Technician; a Federal Civil Service position.  This is a dual-status technician job whereby you are required to maintain active membership in a National Guard unit and are required to wear the military uniform at the workplace.  As members of a unit of the Indiana National Guard, you will be required to train with your unit, normally one weekend a month and 15 days of annual training each year.  Indiana Army National Guard units and members are subject to immediate call to federal or state active duty to meet national or state emergencies.

APPOINTMENT FACTORS:  This position is a Permanent Excepted Service position.


MILITARY SPECIALITY REQUIREMENTS:  Individuals must meet the qualifications for the technician position but will have 1 year from date of hire to be assigned to a compatible MOS in a compatible unit for the technician position advertised.

Compatible Military Assignments: 01A


All currently employed full-time permanent (Tenure 1 or 2) technicians employed by the Indiana Army National Guard


As a Training Technician with the Indiana Army National Guard (ARNG), your duties will include, but will not be limited to:

  • Formulates, oversees and evaluates the overall training programs for the command.  Develops short and long term training plans that support the commander’s training guidance.  Issues instructions and procedures to subordinate organizations for the conduct of activities which meet the commander’s training guidance and directives of higher headquarters.  Establishes and ensures the conduct of a training evaluation program for subordinate organizations.  Conducts and/or coordinates staff assistance visits and command level inspections in the area of training, physical security and readiness.  Evaluates the mission essential task lists of subordinate organizations to ensure conformity with higher headquarters, commander’s guidance and intent, Army doctrine, and regulatory requirements.  Recommends modifications to the command’s mission essential task list.  Reviews training evaluation and inspection reports to identify systemic problems and trends.  Determines and formulates needed revisions or improvements to training activities.  Reviews training plans and schedules of subordinate organizations for approval and revision as necessary to ensure compliance with yearly training guidance.  Provides technical guidance and assistance to subordinate commanders or other operations and training personnel pertaining to scheduling and conducting training.  Directs the scheduling and ensures the execution of special training courses on a variety of subjects (i.e., communications procedures, leadership courses, marksmanship training, etc).  Coordinates with external training, evaluation and assistance organizations for the conduct and evaluation of Army training to include Field Training Exercises (FTX), Command Posts Exercises (CPX), etc.  
  • Develops and prepares annual operational and training budget requirements.  Sub-allocates funding to subordinate organizations in accordance with annual funding allowance and established priorities.  Approves requests for reallocation based on the commander’s guidance and priorities and changes in scheduled training events.  Evaluates, develops, and maintains command level policies commensurate with training directives issued by all echelons of command and the commander’s guidance.
  • Evaluates organizational readiness reports and prepares recommendations for improvement/modification to organizational training programs.  Analyzes proposed changes and determines effects on organizational readiness and the ability of organizations to accomplish assigned missions.  Develops and reviews requests for changes to future authorization documents.  Coordinates with other staff elements and subordinate organizations for the review and analysis of force modernization and future organizational structure and allowances.
  • Develops, reviews and adjusts command level deployment and contingency operation plans.  Provides technical guidance and assistance to subordinate units in the development of deployment and redeployment plans for use in responding to local/state/national emergencies, homeland security missions, and anti-terrorism/force protection.      
  • Directs scheduling and coordination for the use of training sites and facilities.  Ensures coordination with logistical personnel for the availability of required equipment and supplies for training activities.  Reviews and forwards requests for the local procurement and acquisition of training aids, manuals, or other instructional material not available within normal supply channels.  Maintains liaison with personnel at local, state or federally operated training sites.  Identifies the requirement for, directs, and/or approves organizational requests for initiation, coordination and maintenance of usage agreements for local/private training areas.  Conducts or directs preliminary environmental impact assessments for training sites/areas and requests formal assessments through channels to state level environmental personnel.  
  • Develops and implements Risk Management plans and programs for the command. Reviews Risk Management assessments, plans, and policies of subordinate units and provides guidance and recommendations in accordance with the commander’s guidance and regulatory requirements.  Develops safety/accident prevention policies and ensures implementation.  Conducts safety inspections and assistance visits to subordinate units.  Conducts or assists in the conduct of investigations of accidents and safety violations and recommends corrective actions.  Analyzes trends within the command and makes recommendations for changes to policies and activities to minimize risks of training activities and increase individual safety awareness. 
  • Plans, organizes and assigns work to employees engaged in training, security and readiness at the command level.  May participate in the selection of hiring new employees.  Revises assignments or details employees to other duties as necessary to meet changing work situations, deadlines, or priorities.  Establishes performance standards and evaluates employee performance.  Prepares formal requests and recommendations for promotions, reassignments, etc.  Recommends recognition for outstanding performance and prepares performance improvement plans for marginal and sub-standard performance.  Provides initial approval/disapproval of leave.  Receives, resolves or participates in the resolution of grievances, or forwards to higher level management for resolution.  Acts to resolve disciplinary problems, or forwards to higher level management for resolution.  Supports the command’s Equal Employment Opportunity Program.  Ensures compliance with equal employment/sexual harassment/workplace violence policies and regulations.  Ensures position management principles are adhered to and position descriptions are accurate for fulltime members within the operations section of the command.  Provides technical guidance to subordinate unit training and readiness personnel.
  • Plans and organizes the work of the subordinates.  Assigns work and provides guidelines on methodology and scope of required performance.  Interviews and selects employees, sets performance standards, and formulates appraisals of performance. Initiates personnel actions, adjusts informal complaints, and recommends disciplinary action as required.
  • May serve as the security coordinator for the command.  Provides guidance and assistance in implementing and following security measures for such items as documents, arms and ammunition, installation, and communication/automation equipment (COMSEC/COMPUSEC).  May be designated as Custodian or Alternate Custodian of Classified Documents, COMSEC/COMPUSEC account Custodian/Alternate, and/or Physical Security Manager as required by regulations and local situations.  May functions as the primary advisor and coordinator for anti-terrorism/force protection (AT/FP) measures and ensures all AT/FP requirements are accomplished.  Ensures that procedures outlined in respective security regulations are complied with.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.
  • Incumbent may be required to prepare for and support the mission through the accomplishment of duties pertaining to military training, military readiness, force protection and other mission related assignments including, but not limited to, training of traditional Guard members, CWDE/NBC training, exercise participation (ORE/ORl/UCI/MEI/OCl/I G, etc.), mobility exercise, FSTA/ATSO exercise participation, SABC training, LOAC training, weapons qualification training, participation in military formations, and medical mobility processing within the guidelines of NGB/ARNG/ANG/State/TAG rules, regulations and laws. These tasks have no impact on the classification of this position and should NOT be addressed in any technician’s performance standards.