Job Overview


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The Defense Contract Management Agency is a rich resource of indispensable partners who contribute to and benefit from integrated missions and programs. We are an independent combat support agency within the Department of Defense (DoD). We are the Department's contract manager, responsible for ensuring Federal acquisition programs, supplies, and services are delivered on time, within cost and meet performance requirements.

About the Position:

Defense Contract Management Agency

Individuals in this four-year Emergency-Essential (deployable) status can expect repeated deployments to combat locations overseas in support of contingency operations as mission requirement are determined.     These locations are typically in a designated combat zone.   Generally, the deployed work locations have power, water, heating, and air conditioning, although outages should be expected. The living conditions will vary widely:   ranging from having all basic amenities such as light, power, water, refrigeration, to not having one or more of these amenities.  Environmental conditions at work locations may range from excessive heat and humidity to extreme cold and rainy

Selectees must pass a medical exam, which includes vaccinations (e.g. anthrax, smallpox and malaria).

Prior to placement, selectees must sign Contingency Response Force (E-E) Conditions of Employment, obtain a Secret Security Clearance, meet medical standards, sign DD Form 2365, DoD Civilian Employee Overseas E-E Position Agreement The DD Form 2365, DoD Civilian Employee Overseas E-E Position Agreement can be viewed at

Moving Expenses may be paid 

Business Travel required 40% of the time.

This position is part of the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA), Eastern Regional Command, DCMA Garden City. Duty Location: Garden City, NY


Who May Apply:

·         All U.S. Citizens and Nationals with allegiance to the United States

·        Interagency Career Transition Assistance Plan (ICTAP) eligible


Major Duties:


·   Monitors contractor performance for compliance with applicable laws, delivery schedules, payment provisions, contract data reporting requirements, and other contractual requirements.

·   Resolves delivery schedule problems with contractor and buying activity, and negotiates delivery schedule changes. Negotiates with contractors for consideration when delinquencies occur.

·   Receives requests from procuring activities for specific services and/or products specified under BOAs, or by provisioning and spare parts clauses of contracts. Reviews requests and meets with the contractor to assure understanding of the requirements.

·   Negotiates directly with the contractor regarding final price agreement and prepares supplemental agreement for the contracting officer's signature.

·   Performs final closeout of assigned contracts; e.g., assures delivery, inspection and acceptance of contractual end items and that all administrative and reporting actions have been resolved before recommending final closeout of the contract. Works to resolve disposition of funds listed on the canceling funds report.

·   Broad knowledge of acquisition management, Government contracting laws and regulations. Contractor performance, estimated costs, pricing systems, financial policies, and cost control procedures are monitored, analyzed, and evaluated in accordance with financial and contract administration requirements.

·   Responsible for the administration of group contracts such as fixed-price with incentives, cost-plus fee, orders against basic ordering agreements, commercial contracts, and hybrid contracts containing a mixture of types and provisions.

·         IF APPLICIPLE, based on Temporary Promotion DURING DEPLOYMENT-

·         Serves as a warranted Administrative Contracting Officer (ACO) responsible for the administration of a group of contracts such as fixed-price; fixed-price with incentives; cost-plus fixed fee; basic ordering agreements; commercial contracts; and hybrid contracts containing a mixture of types and provisions.

·         Organizes ACO team members' duty assignments to assure overall mission accomplishment.

·         Advises, counsels, and provides technical guidance/instruction to team members regarding contract administration functions.

·         Determines eligibility and verify evidence of contractor's progress for approval of contract financing, progress payments, and performance based payments.

·         Reviews and make recommendations on pricing reports; reviewing and negotiating spare parts orders.

·         Negotiates and monitor contractor’s compliance with contract, regulatory, and statutory provisions.

·         Performs analysis and uses risk management techniques to establish a plan for monitoring contract performance and to provide appropriate insight into selected contractor systems or procedures.

·         Negotiates prices and executes supplemental agreements for services, spare parts, provisioned items, and repairs.