Job Overview


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How would you like to work for the largest organization within the Department of Education (ED) with approximately 1,200 employees located in Washington, DC and in 10 regional offices throughout the United States?  That organization is the office of Federal Student Aid (FSA).  FSA is the largest provider of student financial aid in the nation, providing more than $150 billion each year in grants, loans, and work-study funds to 15 million students attending college or career school. FSA is also responsible for managing or overseeing $948 billion in outstanding loans - representing 163 million student loans to more than 38 million borrowers. Just think: you will be among a team of experts who are responsible for helping millions of students achieve their goals.  At Federal Student Aid, we are proud to sponsor millions of American minds pursuing higher education.  Every part of our team from student aid delivery and servicing operations to vendor and contract management to budgeting and cost control plays an essential role in achieving our mission. 


This position is located in the U.S. Department of Education, Federal Student Aid, Program Compliance, School Eligibility Service Group(SESG). The School Eligibility Service Group is responsible for the oversight services of eligible postsecondary Title IV schools and their servicers. This includes institutional and program eligibility, resolving and analyzing an institution's compliance audits and financial statements, conducting program reviews of institutional Title IV compliance, and management of an institution's method of payment. Each division  within School Eligibility Service Group (SESG) has the responsibility for the oversight of specific institutions. Institutions are generally assigned to a division based on the location of an institution's main campus or its unique ownership structure. Each division may be responsible for some or all of the oversight responsibilities under the purview of the SESG. The incumbent may be assigned to any School Participation Teams or Division within the School Eligibility Service Group (SESG).


Works with Program Compliance team members to develop background data.  Conducts reviews of student financial assistance programs at institutions of postsecondary education with particular attention given to the administration and management of Title IV funds.  Through on or off-site visits, determines whether these institutions are disbursing, utilizing, and administering Federal funds appropriately.  This involves the development of sampling techniques to determine the extent of non-compliance, and to assess liabilities due the Federal government. 


Assesses administration of the Title IV programs to determine if Federal funds are adequately safeguarded and used only for the purposes specified in applicable Federal regulations.  Analyzes fiscal records and drawdown methodologies to ensure Federal money is awarded correctly and requested only as needed.  Evaluates complex need analysis forms to ensure expected family contribution, cost of attendance and resultant financial need have been accurately computed and properly utilized in packaging students with Federal financial assistance. 


Justifies, supports, and provides findings of non-compliance to college presidents, comptrollers, bursars, business managers, financial aid directors, and registrars.  Evaluates conditions during the program reviews for gross mismanagement and pervasive non-compliance with Federal regulations that may jeopardize Title IV funds.  Where those conditions exist, support that conclusion and justify recommendation for appropriate administrative action.  If departmental authorities concur with the proposed administrative action, gathers evidence and prepares case against the institution. Works with the OIG for Audit and/or for Investigations by providing summary of findings and any supporting documentation.


When alerted that participating institutions have closed or are in imminent danger of closing, takes appropriate action to preserve the government’s interest, which may include seizing records, promissory notes and other assets if in his/her opinion dissolution is imminent.  Conducts analyses of institutional applications for Title IV funding for schools seeking renewal certification, to add additional programs eligible for student assistance, to establish an additional location, etc. Evaluation involves an inspection of fiscal records, audits, balance sheets, and profit and loss statements and it requires an assessment of the adequacy of staff, physical facilities, administrative structure, and the record keeping systems of the institution.


Prepares program review summaries transmitting results of on or off-site program reviews, which may contain recommendations on corrective action required, to officials of participating institutions or agencies.  Prepares a variety of regular and required reports on operational and program problems or accomplishments.


Serves as liaison with the Administrative Actions and Appeals Group, Business Operations, and the Financial Management Service to ensure all payment requests are processed accurately and timely. Responds to inquiries from institutions, servicers, the general public, guarantee agencies, and other State and Federal agencies regarding oversight and monitoring.