Job Overview


The Library of Congress serves the Congress in fulfilling its duties and preserves and promotes knowledge and creativity for the benefit of the American people. It is the nation's oldest federal cultural institution and the world's largest library, with more than 151 million items in its physical collections (including books, manuscripts, prints, photos, film, video, and sound recordings) and almost 20 million items online. Located primarily on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., the Library is the home of the U.S. Copyright Office, the Congressional Research Service (CRS), the Law Library of Congress, and the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped.

This position is located in the Office of Support Operations (OSO) and reports directly to the Chief, Support Operations (Chief) who oversees the day-to-day management and progress of the support directorates. The incumbent provides support to the Chief and establishes effective communication with managers of OSO directorates. The incumbent is responsible for providing technical guidance in the form of reports, analytical studies, white papers, and critical memoranda on a wide range of operational matters in support of the Chief. The incumbent analyzes, reviews, and monitors mission critical issues requiring response and action by the Chief. The incumbent assists the Chief in carrying out a number of important project and program activities, including management information reporting, determining meeting agenda items, monitoring follow up, and providing program performance input. The incumbent assesses program effectiveness or the improvement of program and management processes and systems. Plans and coordinates activities within OSO directorates and outside of the Service Unit. In addition, the incumbent acts as a liaison between the Chief and directorate managers. This position is located in the Office of Support Operations. The position description

numbers for these positions are 250304 and 250305. The salary range indicated reflects the locality pay adjustments for the Washington, D.C., Metropolitan area. The incumbent of this position will work a fixed work schedule. This is a non-supervisory, non-bargaining unit position. Relocation expenses will not be authorized for the person(s) selected under this vacancy announcement.


Program Planning and Management Work

Serves as expert advisor providing program support to the Chief, Support Operations on a wide range of OSO matters, programs and projects. Plans, develops, and implements complex program or project development activities impacting broad mission areas. Work requires in-depth knowledge of OSO policies and procedures as well as a thorough understanding of the Service Unit's mission and strategic goals. Provides programmatic coordination on unusual assignments and high visibility projects, consulting with professional and experts in applicable field or program areas.

Reviews, advises on, and conducts complex analyses, evaluations, and investigations of highly unstructured and interconnected problems involving controversial and complex administrative or programmatic issues and problems. These evaluations serve as a basis for establishing new programs or making significant changes in organization and administrative programs affecting substantial numbers of people.

Engages in long-range management plans for efficient and effective program/project implementation and administration. Prepares detailed plans, goals, objectives, requirements, and criteria for complex or costly management processes and systems. Provides guidance based on analyses of interrelated issues of effectiveness, efficiency and productivity of substantive mission-oriented programs. Makes authoritative recommendations to resolve, implement, or manage program or policy issues.

Preparation of Written Materials

Researches and writes reports or other working documents on complex program issues or problems providing expert guidance and/or analysis. Provides expert technical counsel and aid to the Chief and senior managers on alternative resources and services meeting general and/or specific requirements, including translating program area needs and/or mission goals and objectives into major project/program plans or proposals.

Utilizes a thorough knowledge of OSO and Library programs and management structures to collect, synthesize, and evaluate materials for technical content and accuracy, and prepares final documents. Prepares responses to special inquiries for the Chiefs signature utilizing personal knowledge of the subject matter or from data and information researched and analyzed. When composing, reviewing, or editing replies, is responsible for reviewing materials for clarity, accuracy, timeliness, completeness, responsiveness, and for the tone and personal style of the Chief.

Develops background materials, as necessary, to prepare the Chief for meetings, briefings and discussions. Anticipates actions the Chief may wish to take and prepares the necessary documentation. Assists in writing speeches, reports, and documents for presentations at meetings for a wide range of audiences. Examines reports, correspondence, and other materials submitted by other offices for completeness and conformity with requests made and directives issued. Serves as the final review authority for style, grammar, punctuation, and format of correspondence requiring the Chiefs signature. Coordinates the contributions of other writers to documents, and writes correspondence, memos, working papers, and reports for the Chief. Analyzes communications to ensure conformance with policy.

Special Project Planning

Plans and manages special projects for program issues with broad impact. Leads, conducts and participates in complex management studies and reviews, particularly those with wide or significant impact on OSO's organizational structure, policy, or operations. Organizes assigned projects and selects qualitative and/or quantitative methods appropriate to the subject under examination.

Identifies and collects necessary data, including legislative and program data. Interviews senior management and program officials; assembles and assesses information gathered; and formulates findings, conclusions, and recommendations. Presents results in written and/or oral form, which are well-organized, supportable and clearly expressed.


Consultation and Liaison Services

Establishes and maintains liaison with OSO managers at varying levels and coordinates closely with their representatives on various management issues ensuring solutions to their problems and concerns. Exercises a wide degree of independence and applies authoritative judgment in developing and maintaining relationships with various Library officials, other Federal agencies, and public and private organizations.

Actively participates in policy formulation and evaluates liaison activities for OSO-wide programs. Creates processes by which OSO pursues collaborative arrangements and relationships with stakeholders. Informs stakeholders of changes in organizational programs and operations, conducting briefings on major program changes. Recommends innovative approaches for avoiding and/or resolving problems and reducing conflicts.