Job Overview


The Department of Commerce's mission is to enhance economic opportunity for the American people and to meet the ever-changing demands of the global economy.   ITA is the Federal agency responsible for working with industry to promote American exports and expand international trade through the development of partnerships, monitoring of and compliance with trade agreements, and other trade related services.  ITA is a globally-based bureau of the Department of Commerce and includes 109 offices in the United States, 126 offices in 78 countries, and approximately 2400 employees.

The Chief Financial and Administrative Officer (CFAO) combines executive leadership and direction of the International Trade Administration’s (ITA) financial and administrative functions.  The CFAO serves as the principal senior executive in ITA responsible for long-term planning for, and integration of, financial, human administrative support services.  As such, the incumbent assures that organization and financial management structures support ITA efforts to foster a culture that unifies the workforce in support of its strategic goals.  The CFAO is responsible for establishing policies to govern the development, management, administration, and coordination of ITA’s overall financial and administrative management. The CFAO must apply the experience of successful private and public sector examples that enhance employee effectiveness and productivity through effective executive direction in the application of financial and administrative processes and policies and that reflect consideration of “best practices” in financial and administrative management.


The CFAO is responsible for the day-to-day operation and management of four subordinate offices to include: the Budget Division, the Financial Management and Administrative Oversight Division, the Business Operations and Policy Compliance Division, and the Performance Management and Employee Programs Division.  Furthermore, the CFAO will support the Executive Direction and Administration (ExAd) infrastructure, which includes the Offices of the Under Secretary, Deputy Under Secretary, Public Affairs and Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs.

The CFAO formulates and implements broad policies, which govern all of ITA’s administrative and financial management matters and affects the quality of work life for the entire ITA.  The incumbent will directly manage various administrative programs such as facilities management, procurement, safety and health, strategic planning, risk management, human capital, travel, property management and continuity of operation.  Given the extremely broad authority exercised by the CFAO, the incumbent deals with ITA’s global workforce to include headquarters, the domestic and international field offices, and the Department's Management.

As CFAO, the incumbent provides executive leadership and overall direction to ITA’s financial and administrative support functions.  This includes the programs of strategic planning, human capital management, budget, accounting and financial systems, organizational and management analysis, program performance analysis, and administrative services.  The incumbent directs these programs through subordinate offices, reviews and evaluates the adequacy and effectiveness of these programs, and is accountable to the Under Secretary for the level of services provided to ITA and for effective financial management policies and internal controls in compliance with the Chief Financial Officers Act of 1990.

As CFAO, the incumbent works with the Department to ensure the development and maintenance of an integrated DOC/ITA accounting and financial system, which complies with financial information systems function standards, including the Standard General Ledger and Core Financial System Requirements; ensures financial reporting that complies with OMB financial statement form and content A-136 requirements.

The CFAO advises senior leadership on the entire range of budgetary and financial matters, including control measures, and builds consensus among executives, senior managers, and internal or external stakeholders regarding strategies that contribute to more efficient allocation of resources. The incumbent plays a major role, as a senior advisor to the Under Secretary, in the development of strategies to acquire and deploy financial and other resources in support of ITA’s mission.

The CFAO supports the ITA strategic planning process by defining the resources needed and likely to be available in the near and long-term; directs the development and implementation of ITA’s strategic plans, multi-year performance measures, performance measurement systems and the management and program review of ITA headquarters units, domestic offices and posts worldwide, and assesses accomplishment of performance measures, and program effectiveness.

The CFAO also oversees ITA-wide responsibility in procurement, logistics, facilities, public access, security and support services programs.  The incumbent ensures ITA development of plans, policies and standards for facilities, administrative services, management, organization and procedural analysis; coordinate General Accounting Office and Inspector General audit and Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act of 1974 activity.