Job Overview


Are you ready to broaden your horizon by challenging yourself in the last frontier? Do you love the great outdoors? Do you want to serve your community, State, and Nation? If so, the Alaska National Guard wants you! So come camp out with us and learn how to survive in the tundra! Take up airlift and rescue missions! Work with communities during natural disasters! Even take part in reconstruction efforts! Make an impact today by joining us in the Alaska National Guard!

Take the challenge. Find your strength.

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Incentives may be available. Payment of such incentives will be made IAW current Alaska HRO Policy. Incentives are subject to funding availability, superior qualifications as determined by selecting supervisors, quality/recency of experience, and pool of qualified candidates.

NATIONAL GUARD MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENT: This is an excepted service position and as such requires active membership in the Alaska Army National Guard, be assigned to a compatible military assignment and wear of the military uniform. Acceptance of an excepted service position constitutes concurrence with these requirements as a condition of employment. Applicants who are not a current member of the Alaska Army National Guard must be eligible for immediate enlistment or appointment if selected for this position. For enlistment/appointment information, contact (907)264-5300.

Opened Area(s) of Consideration:


Area 1 - AKNG permanent or indefinite technicians, excepted or competitive civil service currently employed with the Alaska Army or Air National Guard.

Area 2 - All Traditional Guard or Active Guard Reserves (AGR) members currently employed with the Alaska Army or Air National Guard.

Area 3 – All other current military members

Area 4 candidates are all other individuals who are eligible and willing to become active military members of the Alaska Army National Guard and wear the military uniform.

PDCN: 90045E

Selecting Supervisor: CW4 Ostrowski 


Provides assistance, advice and guidance to organizational users, both in the administrative and technical areas, concerning the use of the multiple database management systems available for use.Using software-engineering techniques, designs new applications that enhance existing systems.Closely coordinates with the applications’ owning agency personnel to ensure NGB and state compatibility and to recommend priorities for systems development and implementation. Responsible for the management of quality assurance and system efficiency functions of assigned RDBMS systems by enforcing the prescribed RDBMS. Reviews and implements security provisions to ensure authorized access and integrity of the RDBMS.Ensures the application of information security/information assurance policies, principles, and practices in the conduct and oversight of RDBMS, policy, and planning functions.Implements the policy for the use of the data and any access constraints applying to exclusive or shared file usage (in which system deadlock might occur).Develops and reviews the administration of file membership roles, file purge roles, file back-up procedures, and audit procedures. Provides technical advice and coordinates the monitoring and tuning requirements for RDBMS optimization of performance.Analyzes database operations to identify bottlenecks and takes action to resolve problems and ensure consistency.Manages the flow of data between the various tiers of the architecture. Investigates amount of storage space consumed, access time statistics and frequency of use for a given RDBMS.Reviews RDBMS accounting information and takes action to improve efficiency.Reviews system documentation, users manuals and training guides.Develops local state modifications to these documents to fit local operating procedures and to include instructions relative to locally developed supplemental applications.Provides training on implementation, including classroom instruction and Computer Based Training (CBT) development. Troubleshoots problems involved in the input, retrieval or modification of database information and the general operation and maintenance pertinent to any of the organizations data system elements or sub-elements. Tests new DBMS software and implements updates and changes.Ensures resolution of DBMS inconsistencies across the installation in coordination with other information technology specialists and systems administers. Develops system backup and recovery plans assigned RDBMS applications.Makes recommendations on alternatives involving major projects. Analyzes DBMS inconsistencies with other system administrators and devises recovery plans for failure resolution.Resolves a wide variety of system problems, which are caused by data errors, operator errors, hardware malfunctions and program errors.Traces and isolates causes of problems in hardware and software.Provides technical assistance to personnel involved in developing system design, programming, specifications and adapting commercially available software.Participates in the analysis of requests for new and modified applications.Determines equipment demands, number and kind of records, required files, data communication needs, procedures needed to obtain and organize information, and interfaces with other systems.Identifies relationships, sequences and search strategies to be used. Provides DBMS maintenance of a data dictionary, listing the kinds of data in databases and how to access them.Coordinates and integrates data elements for a variety of projects in a number of dissimilar areas. Performs other duties as assigned.