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Upon completion of your application there is a page which reflects the following "Confirmation of your Submission to USA Staffing Application Manager".  Please print this page and keep it in your records as completion of intent to apply for a vacancy.  This page provides information about the job applied for and the date and time of submission. 


This position is located in the Army Comptroller Division in the US Property and Fiscal Office (USPFO).  The primary purpose of this position is to serve as a Staff Accountant.  Performs detailed reviews and analysis of established procedures and ensures that the administration and operation of financial control systems--to include budget, accounting, payroll, accounts payable, and travel--are in compliance with established statutory requirements, regulations, directives, and policies. Plans, coordinates, and conducts an annual written Operational Review Program (ORP).  The ORP encompasses reviews of all functional finance and accounting operations.  Determines the objectives and scope of all reviews and audits.  Prepares a written plan for the conduct of each review or audit.  Analyzes each functional area within the Comptroller Division.  Develops findings, determines and facilitates required corrective actions, and provides formal written reports to the Financial Manager (FM).  Performs follow-up reviews to assure corrective action has been taken.  Conducts special or quick reaction assessments of potential systemic weaknesses and highly vulnerable processes or systems; and provides special or quick reaction assessments that supplement and enhance detailed analysis of the functional areas and systems.  Recommends changes to finance and accounting procedures and practices throughout the state.  Annually performs an analysis of the overall effectiveness of finance and accounting operations.  Serves as the division’s primary point of contact for the Management Control Program.  Ensures management controls are in place and effective.  Prepares Management Control Evaluation Certification Statements for the division’s portion of the Management Control Plan.  Continually assesses and evaluates the effectiveness of finance and accounting operations through the review of standard performance management metrics.  Assesses the indicators and identifies operational areas currently not meeting performance goals as established within the ORP Plan.  Assists Comptroller personnel in establishing and implementing methods or procedures to detect, prevent and resolve operational deficiencies.  Identifies trends and specific problem areas as well as root causes of operational deficiencies.  Performs follow-up reviews ensuring corrective actions produce the desired program results.   Reviews and analyzes a wide variety of reports including reports produced by NGB standard and local automated systems.  Based on this analysis, advises the FM of actions required or recommended.  Discusses system or procedural problems and areas of potential improvement with various system supervisors, Program Managers (PMs), and local management information systems personnel.  Provides technical advice and assistance to the FM and the USPFO on internal matters involving statutory provisions, regulatory requirements, procedures, systems, or problems arising from changes in mission, programs, and/or organizational structure.  Monitors the implementation of approved and directed procedural changes.  Evaluates proposed regulatory changes and employee suggestions and provides comments and recommendations.  Performs other duties as assigned.