Job Overview


Deliver flexible, innovative and relevant programs and services that enable readiness and resiliency to the Total Military Family.

This position is located in Edinburgh, Indiana at the Child Development Center for Camp Atterbury. 


This facility is proud to offer high-quality child care in a bright, positive setting to help children learn and grow. The center welcomes infants and children from ages six weeks to six years. Full-time and hourly care will be available


Serves as a CYS Facility Director with responsibility for the operation of an assigned CYS facility-based program (199 OR fewer actual child or youth spaces) IAW all applicable regulations and standards. Applies professional knowledge to plan, implement, and supervise a comprehensive program that promotes positive growth and development of children and youth. Ensures facility maintains appropriate standards for condition and sanitation. Provides program oversight and accountability for the performance of staff and the safety and well being of children and youth IAW DoD, Army and local policies and standards. Ensures staff follow risk management procedures (ie, abuse prevention, identification, and reporting procedures; accident prevention, etc.). Monitors and analyzes adult/participant ratio sheets to ensure proper staffing policies are enforced. Establishes work schedules to meet ratio and group size requirements. Ensures children/youth are appropriately supervised at all times. Visits programs during all hours of program operation on a regular basis. Develops policies, procedures and SOPs to support program goals.

Serves as a member of the Installation Child and Youth Evaluation Team to ensure compliance with health, fire, safety, facility and program regulatory requirements and CYS baseline standards. Maintains DoD certification for assigned CYS facility. Ensures program achieves and retains national accreditation or Army equivalent and maintains accreditation/Army equivalent standards.

Implements and monitors DA policies to include CYPPP, fees, program registration/enrollment, baseline standards and benchmarks, Key Management Controls, and space utilization goals. Develops operational procedures to anticipate installation needs and trends and provides input to CYS Coordinator for inclusion in the CYS Operations Plan.

Recruits and hires qualified personnel utilizing Army CYS Standard Position Descriptions. Supervises and evaluates employees based on established performance standards. Provides appropriate staff professional recognition and/or disciplinary action. Promotes direct staff IAW Child and Youth Personnel Pay Program (CYPPP) guidelines. Conducts written observations of staff during all hours of operation. Supports and budgets for staff annual training requirements (ie, credentials and training for professional management staff). Ensures timely personnel actions. Supports all established EEO and AA objectives. Provides training for employees as required.

Develops program budget and provides to CYS Coordinator for CYS budget. Manages program to budget. Conducts written analyses of budget variances. Prepares justification for funding of program resource requirements. Utilizes Child and Youth Management System (CYMS) to oversee the collection, accurate accounting and reporting of funds; and to collect and maintain up-to-date statistical data for planning and reporting purposes IAW higher headquarters and statutory requirements. Meets cost per space goals.

Oversees food service program for assigned age group ensuring compliance with all applicable Army and USDA food program policies and procedures to include proper meal components and food service/preparation and storage. Ensures nutritionally balanced meals and/or snacks are provided. Coordinates the delivery and preparation of food service in locations without cooking facilities. Maintains documentation and record keeping of all food service related activities.

Establishes and maintains an active program of parental involvement, providing parent education opportunities and encouraging parent observation and participation. Ensures parent representation on CYS Parent and or Parent/Youth council and Child and Youth Evaluation Team. Conducts annual parent satisfaction surveys and analyzes results. Supervises volunteers and assigns roles. Tracks parent and volunteer involvement in child/youth programs. Initiates and maintains partnerships with both on and off-post organizations serving children and youth and partnerships with both on and off-post local schools, as required.

Procures supplies and equipment to support program goals and objectives. Arranges for bus transportation of children/youth as required. Serves as Subject Matter Expert on CYS issues related to assigned area(s). Prepares reports, surveys, and briefings for command and installation on matters pertaining to CYS.

Works cooperatively with other CYS Managers to ensure seamless service and continuity of quality options for all children and youth. Serves as member of the CYS Program Plan Team to develop written strategies for program improvement.

May be required to perform health related practices as reasonable accommodation for children with disabilities.

Supports all EEO and AA objectives.