Job Overview


Protect the Merit Principles and promote an effective Federal Workforce free of Prohibited Personnel Practices.

MSPB carries out its statutory responsibilities and authorities primarily by adjudicating individual employee appeals and by conducting merit systems studies. In addition, MSPB reviews the significant actions of the Office of Personnel Management to assess the degree to which those actions may impact merit.

Application Information: This announcement has an application limit of 100 applications and will close to the receipt of applications once this limit has been reached. Therefore, applicants should apply as soon as possible. If the 100-application limit is never reached, then the job announcement will close at 11:59 pm Eastern Time on listed vacancy close date. Applicants NEED to ensure they provide ALL supporting documentation at the time they apply to the vacancy.

About the Position: The position of Associate Director is a supervisory attorney position with responsibility for overseeing the work of a team of four to six attorneys who provide legal advice to the members of the Merit Systems Protection Board on headquarters cases. The incumbent reports to the Director of the Office of Appeals Counsel.


The incumbent is responsible for directing the work of several attorneys engaged in doing legal research on assigned cases and developing decision documents for the Board to consider. Reviews, assesses, and makes preliminary decisions during initial case screening. Reviews case decision documents completed by staff to discuss additional research or revision, if necessary. Coordinates with other legal issues, number of cases, etc. Participates in an array of human resource functions including the interview, recruitment, selection, and training of new attorneys. Carries out a variety of special assignments for the Director of OAC, including oral presentations, legal research, and writing of professional papers on matters of law. Represents the office and the agency at professional seminars or conferences, and responds to requests from other offices to comment on documents and studies that they have prepared.