Job Overview


The USITC is an independent Federal agency that adjudicates import injury cases and provides the President and Congress with high quality analysis and technical support on international trade, tariff, and competitiveness issues.

Here, you will find a dynamic work environment, multi-disciplinary teams working on a variety of projects and products, a dedication to develop your technical skills, and a commitment to provide balance between your work and your personal life. 


The position is located in the U.S. International Trade Commission, Office of Economics, Country and Regional Analysis Division. The incumbent of this position serves as an International Economist (Research Assistant) assigned to the Office of Economics, and is responsible for collecting economic data from primary sources, analyzing statistical data, preparing quantitative analysis, preparing analytical reports, and working closely with more senior economists. The context of these assignments may be anti-dumping, countervailing or trade related investigations; strategic, budget or administrative reports; or independent research and analysis.


The Office of Economics (EC) is charged with the responsibility for conducting international research and analysis on U.S. international trade conditions. Its mission also includes studies into the economic variability and comparative strengths and weaknesses of all major segments of U.S. industry to assess competitiveness. The major objective of EC is to put the Commission in a position to provide advice to Congress and the President on international trade matters. The incumbent performs economic analysis and/or research relevant on USITC programs. Assists leadership in the development of policies and programs. Plans and carries out projects for collecting detailed economic data. Provides advice; prepares reports; maintains and applies econometric methods and models; creates and maintains data bases; and monitors and evaluates economic issues for impact on agency programs and policies.