Job Overview


Vacancy Identification Number:884717

Functional Statement is available for review in Human Resources Management. This position is assigned to Mental Health Service, Southeast Louisiana Veterans Health Care System, Baton Rouge, LA.

TOUR OF DUTY:Monday thru Friday 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM

NOTE: Position may be assigned to other locations such as, New Orleans or Slidell, LA.


Provides Clinical psychosocial Direct care and case management at an advanced practice level to the Mental Health veteran population who are diagnosed with a Substance Abuse disorder, as well as those dually diagnosed with PTSD or other Serious Mental Illness seen in the Substance Abuse Treatment Program. Develops Treatment Plan, with inclusion of dual diagnosis and trauma treatment, provides individual, group and family therapy to meet biological, psychosocial, social and environmental needs. The position also requires the professional responsibility for ongoing development of the Intensive Outpatient Program Curriculum. Interviews Veterans, their family members and significant others to establish facts about the situation of the Veteran, the presenting problems, co occurring disorders and impact of such issues on the functioning of the Veteran's health as part of a complete phychosocial assessment. Reviews all data, subjective and objective, and make clinical assessment identifying needs and strengths. Has the ability to serve veterans who tend to have frequent and severe crises, lack of family or an adequate community support network, be poor at self-monitoring, frequently fail to comply with treatment rules and regulations, have a history of multiple relapse and treatment rules and regulations. Independently evaluates the Veteran's situation, including the Veteran's reaction and ability to deal with it, and arrives at a reasoned conclusion. Based on psychosocial assessment, uses professional judgment and advances practice skills to make psychological diagnosis. Develops psychosocial treatment plans in coordination with multi disciplinary team members, including goals for psychosocial/substance abuse clinical treatment. Concludes the appropriate action, even in instances where actions actions can have an impact on the life of the Veteran.