Job Overview


The Administrative Office (AO), an agency of the Judicial Branch of the Federal government, is committed to serving and supporting the Federal court system of the United States.  The AO provides a broad range of legislative, legal, financial, technology, management, administrative and program support services to the Federal courts. 


AO positions are classified and paid under a broad-banded system with the exception of positions in the AO Executive Service.  Salary is commensurate with experience.  Most AO employees are eligible for full Federal and Judiciary benefits.

The AO is committed to attracting the best and brightest applicants in our support of the Third Branch of government.  We take pride in serving the Judicial Branch and supporting its mission to provide equal justice under law.  



The Article III Judges Division provides professional advice and guidance on a broad range of legal programs and administrative policies and procedures areas affecting Article III, territorial district court, and national jurisdiction judges.  The incumbent’s duties include, but are not limited to:

1.  Performing complex legal and policy research and analyses and providing advice to Article III, territorial district court, and national jurisdiction judges, their chambers staff, and other court officials in such areas as court governance and local rules of court, chambers administration, case-management and electronic case filing, and Judicial administrative policies and regulations;

2.  Serving as a team lead for programs and projects assigned to the Judges Support Branch in the Article III Judges Division including managing professional and administrative staff resources to complete assignments and deliver services, programs, and work product in a timely and professional manner, and recommending actions necessary to maintain or improve the quality of services, programs, and work product;

3.  Developing and participating in orientation programs for new circuit and district chief judges and nominees, and briefings and training programs for chambers staff on administrative and operational matters;

4.  Preparing and updating manuals and other publications designed to inform Article III, territorial district court, and national jurisdiction judges and their staffs on procedural, technical, and administrative policies and regulations and other matters of interest; and

5.  Assisting with the review and preparation of  legal and policy work product for the U.S. Judicial Conference International Judicial Relations Committee, Financial Disclosure Committee, Intercircuit Assignments Committee, Statistics Subcommitee, and other Judicial Conference Committees.