Job Overview


The mission of the Indiana National Guard Full-Time Force is to maintain properly trained and equipped units available for prompt mobilization for war, national or state emergency. For information about membership call: 1.800.GO GUARD


DUTY LOCATION:   Shelbyville, IN (AASF)

JOB SUMMARY:    The purpose of the position is to provide a variety of administrative support, technical assistance, and participation in the management of an Army National Guard (ARNG).  Knowledge of Office Automation (OA) systems to use several types of software for various office needs is required.

APPOINTMENT FACTORS:  This position is a Permanent Excepted Service position.


MILITARY SPECIALITY REQUIREMENTS:  Individuals must meet the qualifications for the technician position but will have 1 year from date of hire to be assigned to a compatible MOS in a compatible unit for the technician position advertised.

Compatible Military Assignments: 42A, 36B, 92A, 92Y, 92Z


Permanent (Tenure 1 or 2) Technicians employed by the Indiana Army National Guard

Temporary, TERM or Indefinite Federal (Tenure 0 or 3) Technicians employed by the Indiana Army National Guard
Traditional M-Day Soldiers with the Indiana Army National Guard
Guard members from another state; Reservists/IRR; and/or Active Duty Soldiers willing to join the Indiana Army National Guard
Civilians with prior military service willing to join the Indiana Army National Guard


As an Administrative Assistant with the Indiana Army National Guard (ARNG), your duties will include, but will not be limited to:

  • Advises regarding the practical and technical aspects of office administration, to include budgeting, purchasing, supply, personnel, word processing, and files management; and performs staff support work in each of these areas.
  • Updates the office's supply sources; purchases supplies, equipment, and services through open market purchase by blanket agreement, cash or field purchase order, or similar methods; processes and tracks purchase documents;
  • Collects data for the office-operating budget, reviews submissions for proper format and compliance with budget requirements, and consolidates material into an annual office budget.  Sets up controls to monitor expenses during the year; and recommends  budget adjustments including restructuring budget allocations or work plans to deal with changing situations such as varying costs for equipment parts, or services, and changes in the availability of funds.  Maintains and transfer funds between several unrelated appropriated fund accounts and several revolving fund accounts.  The accounts are subject to different regulations and procedures.
  • Serves as the Records Management Coordinator for the organization.  Ensures subordinate activities maintain official files in accordance with regulatory and published guidance.  Provides instructions to personnel to ensure that the records program is executed properly.  Provides for control of classified documents for the organization.  Insures that documents are properly logged and safeguarded.  Tracks virtually all financial, personnel, supply, and other administrative transactions as the documentation flows through the office in both electronic form and on paper.  Maintains and revises the office filing system.
  • Collects maintenance and/or logistics program information from personnel, enters it into electronic or manual information systems, and searches for it as requested; schedules use and maintenance of computer equipment; enters and retrieves information from a variety of systems; and helps field office employees to use the various computer systems.
  • Serves as the focal point for all personnel actions in the organization.  Initiates personnel actions as needed to include performance evaluations, standards, job announcements, and SF-52 actions.  Maintains a register of pending actions and suspense dates.  Completes requests for personnel actions; distributes forms and instructions for annual performance ratings; and ensures timely, proper completion of all personnel documents.  Reviews documents for accuracy, format, and compliance with applicable regulations.
  • Accomplishes travel arrangements for the office to include travel and hotel reservations, travel orders, and coordinates visits.  May serve as the travel account program manager.  Reconciles un-liquidated obligations to maximize funds utilization and may serve on the Program Budget Advisory Committee (PBAC).
  • Prepares and monitors appointment/delegation letters and other additional appointments for all subordinate activities.  Maintains an official file of all appointments and makes recommendations for changes or deletions based on personnel or policy changes.  Prepares and distributes appointments and other duty assignments.
  • Coordinates joint directorate inspections such as NGB, Army IG, and Army Audit Agencies, and other external agencies.  Assists in the development of inspection schedules, coordinates with managers, develops inspection areas through analysis of previous inspection results, and highlights known vulnerabilities and problem areas.  Maintains historical records on all previous external inspections.
  • Assists in the development of policy letters, which may require researching applicable directives from higher authority, to ensure that no conflict will result from issuance of new policy.  Coordinates draft policy with other staff directorates prior to submission for final review and approval.
  • Work requires general knowledge of the maintenance and/or logistics mission and functions of the office; and understanding of how the office's various administrative services relate to one another and to the office's mission.  Work also requires broad understanding and detailed procedural knowledge of budget, purchasing, personnel, and information processing functions of the office.
  • Contacts are with co-workers and managers in the organization for which services are performed, and staff specialists at higher echelons.  Advises other administrative personnel of latest directives regarding administrative procedures.  Develops and exchanges information, resolves operating problems and makes recommendations.  Contacts are usually cooperative, but there may be disagreements as to the facts in work, or disagreements on the interpretation or application of regulations and guidelines to specific situations. 
  • Knowledge of OA systems to use several types of software for various work needs. The employee must know the processing procedures and function keys for performing a substantial range of functions within each software type.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.
  • Incumbent may be required to prepare for and support the mission through the accomplishment of duties pertaining to military training, military readiness, force protection and other mission related assignments including, but not limited to, training of traditional Guard members, CWDE/NBC training, exercise participation (ORE/ORl/UCI/MEI/OCl/I G, etc.), mobility exercise, FSTA/ATSO exercise participation, SABC training, LOAC training, weapons qualification training, participation in military formations, and medical mobility processing within the guidelines of NGB/ARNG/ANG/State/TAG rules, regulations and laws. These tasks have no impact on the classification of this position and should NOT be addressed in any technician’s performance standards.