Job Overview


The U.S. Department of Transportation, Pipeline and Hazardous Material Safety Administration's (PHMSA) mission is to protect people and the environment from the risk inherent in transportation of hazardous materials - by pipeline and other modes of transportation.

This position serves as Director of the Office of Program Development, Office of Pipeline Safety. You will guide the office of Pipeline Safety’s communication and outreach activities for key safety programs. You will play a leadership role in forming partnerships among federal and state agencies and the regulated industry to cooperatively develop, implement and evaluate risk management applications for pipeline safety, reliability and environmental stewardship.

The ideal candidate is an experienced professional with knowledge in planning, management, and implementation of the activities of the Program Development Office, including public education, communication and outreach programs, mapping risk based approaches to safety, forming partnerships, procedures, programs, and goals.


As a, Supervisory Program Director, you will:

  • Manage partnership with the Common Ground Alliance, the National Association to State Fire Marshals, and other public awareness and damage prevention initiatives including technology grants program and community information grants program.
  • Identify and help to institutionalize pipeline best practice including API 1162 and PIPA that meet the established standards and promotes safety and environmental performance.
  • Supervise staff and creates teams from within and outside of the organization to accomplish Office of Pipeline Safety goals.
  • Organize public meetings and workshops to ensure the clarity of understanding of the oversight process.
  • Facilitate industry collaboration and cooperation in management reviews and information exchange.
  • Manage key programs including the National Pipeline mapping systems, emergency awareness outreach program and damage prevention activities.