Job Overview


The Department of Veterans Affairs is interested in attracting the best talent for our diverse cadre of SES members from all sources: within VA, the Federal government, and from the private sector. We have streamlined our recruitment process and now only require you to submit a 5 page resume to apply for this position.

This position serves as the Associate Deputy Assistant Secretary (ADAS) for Program Budgets and is the principal advisor to the Deputy Assistant Secretary (DAS) for Budget and other key officials within the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) on matters pertaining to the budget formulation, presentation, execution, and related budgetary and program analysis for medical, information technology, and benefits programs.  The incumbent has overall responsibility for leadership of the Administration's program budgets with a total budget of approximately $150 billion.  In carrying out the duties of this position, the ADAS for Program Budgets actively collaborates with executive level leadership within the Department to ensure that the work of the organization is strategically linked to the direction of the business of the Department and that VA is regarded in the Federal community both as a leader in performance and accountability and financial management.  The incumbent accomplishes directing the organization of thirteen through two direct reports. The Director, Medical and Information Technology Programs; and the Director, Benefits Programs.  


VA structures its SES positions into pay bands. This is a pay band 3 position and the salary range is $119,554 - $165,300. Exceptions to the salary cap may be considered in certain circumstances.



The Associate Deputy Assistant Secretary (ADAS) for Program Budgets, Office of Management, Office of Budget reports to the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Budget.  The ADAS for Program Budgets has primary responsibility for budget formulation, presentation, execution, and related budgetary and program analysis for medical, information technology (IT), and benefits programs.  Other duties include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Responsible for budgetary analysis, development of recommendations, and implementation of budgets supporting Departmental objectives. In this role, the incumbent advises the (DAS) for Budget on budgetary requirements, long and short-term analyses, and application of the Administration's budgetary policies governing descretionary and mandatory programs;
  • Works with VA's Office of Performance Management and other organizational elements to ensure the Department's budget submission to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and Congress, include performance measures and performance goals that help demonstrate what program performance levels VA will achieve in return for the resources requested;
  • Recommends to the DAS for budget basic plans and policy guidelines or changes to be established for the purpose of improving the budget and budgetary operations of the Department's medical, IT, and mandatory benefits programs;
  • Directs the coordination of a wide range of VA budgetary functions involving agency-administration relationships in the budget formulation and execution process.  Supports the presentation and defense of budget estimates before OMB and Congressional  authorities.  Represents VA with outside agencies such as OMB, Treasury, and the staffs of the appropriation committees of Congress, to ensure concerted action on all budget issues;
  • Directs the review and evaluation of the fiscal year operating plans, which support medical, IT, and mandatory benefits programs and their activities; and
  • Monitors and evaluates program budget execution by managing the analysis of spending trends, identifying key budget execution issues, and developing recommendations for course correction.