Job Overview


The U. S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) provides policy-neutral data, forecasts, and analyses to promote sound policy making, efficient markets, and public understanding regarding energy and its interaction with the economy and the environment.  EIA provides a wide range of information and data products covering energy production, stocks, demand, imports, exports, and prices; and prepares analyses and special reports on topics of current interest. For more information please visit EIA's website at: 

The Office of Energy Statistics (OES) conducts a wide range of survey, statistical methods, and integration activities related to: energy consumption and efficiency; electricity; nuclear and renewable energy; oil, gas and coal supply; and petroleum and biofuels. This Office also manages the EIA data collection program and the quality control for weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual and quadrennial statistical reports.

  • This position is to manages program and project activities relating to support service contracts through expert analysis and application of technical expertise. 
  • Ensures the organization's mission, values, strategic and financial plans, are integrated into goals, objectives, work plans, and services and communicated to everyone involved in OES work including Federal employees, and contractors.
  • Provides leadership and direction in appropriate problem solving methods and techniques. Monitors and reports on the status, progress, performance and financial condition of contract and Federal work performance. 
  • Reports to the supervisor/rating official periodically on contract and Federal work accomplishments and expenditures. 
  • Provides input to the performance evaluations of OES employees involved in the development and execution of support service contracts.


  • The incumbent is responsible for managing the day-to-day planning and administration of the OES procurement funds and the tasks/contracts. Responsible for gathering task requirements, preparing tasks, procurement documentation and government cost estimates; monitoring contract performance and expenditures; and managing all OES actions in DOE’s Strategic Integrated Procurement Enterprise System (STRIPES) and other Energy Information Administration (EIA) or Department of Energy (DOE) systems.
  • Coordinates current and out-year procurement and financial plans with the EIA’s Office of Planning, Budget, Procurement and Evaluation (PBPE). Contributes/coordinates the OES input to PBPE’s formulation of the agency’s current and out year budgets, its execution of the agency’s annual financial plan, and the multi-year process to replace the agency’s five year multi-award support services contract prior to the conclusion of each contract cycle.
  • Manages pre-award process. Determines the technical specifications and other documentation needed to support the statement of work, tasks the OES SMEs, and others as needed, to prepare the task-related materials including, but not limited to: statements of work, task order descriptions, labor categories, cost estimates, timelines, schedules, deliverables, and technical evaluation criteria.
  • Performs task planning and scheduling activities, including establishment of milestones and deliverables across tasks to avoid OES components having to compete against one another for the same contract resources. Packages the materials into a complete procurement request, reviews each package to assure clarity, adequacy, completeness, and consistency with the overall OES mission and current year program/budget resource commitment.
  • Develops and recommends the most suitable type of contract and incentive structure for use by the ACO. At the behest of the ACO, joins the ACO in meetings with the Department’s contracting officer to negotiate various aspects of the procurement process, especially the justifications for specific work statements, quality measurement criteria/contractor performance reporting and the timeline for task award.