Job Overview


The U.S. Department of Transportation, Pipeline and Hazardous Material Safety Administration's (PHMSA) mission is to protect people and the environment from the risk inherent in transportation of hazardous materials - by pipeline and other modes of transportation.

This position offers excellent benefits, including the potential for ongoing medical benefits after retirement.  Alternative work schedules and telework are strongly encouraged.

The primary purpose of this position is to perform Federal pipeline safety compliance inspections; evaluate intrastate and inerstate pipeline operations subject to Federal authority; investigate pipeline failures; and represent the Office of Pipeline Safety in all matters related to pipeline safety before Federal, state and industry authorities.  You will implement DOT policy on compliance and enforcement of pipeline safety for application by federal and state representatives.   You will work with Headquarters and regional staff assuring remedial actions to reduce the occurrence of threats to pipeline integrity.  You will analyze  compliance case files for technical and regulatory factors for presentation as a factor in the development of enforcement policies.

This position is perfect for a mid-level Engineer to senior-level General Engineer who is looking for challenging assignments providing technical expertise in analyzing issues underlying policy and regulatory development, accident investigations and follow-up on compliance actions.   



At the full performance level, the General Engineer (Inspector):

  • Conducts safety program reviews and provides engineering analyses and evaluations of potential pipeline safety regulatory deficiencies.  Performs field surveys and investigations to determine existing conditions of facilities.
  • Interprets and applies Federal regulations and monitors the design construction and maintenance of gas and liquid pipeline systems.  Evaluates projects to determine compliance with Federal safety regulations. 
  • Reviews the design and specifications for pipeline systems under construction or repair to assure conformance with safety regulations.  Makes field surveys of existing facilities to assure maintenance and repair schedules and procedures to conform to safety requirements.
  • Posesses the ability to recognize discrepancies or inconsistencies between information reported or made available to the office of Pipeline safety and the true nature of the activity under review.  Participates in on-site inspection as a team member of pipeline facilities involved in major accidents or failures.  Conducts studies and provides engineering analyses of pipeline issues in the development of Federal regulations and industry guidance.
  • Participates in technical conferences, symposia and meetings on safety issues related to Pipeline industry.  Represents Pipeline safety before Federal, state and industry authorizes.  Develops alternatives and present findings in written and verbal in meetings with affected parties.
  • Coordinates assignments with colleagues and supervisors to assure that compliance citations or advice is consistent with established policy.