Job Overview


Be part of a dynamic, self-sustaining Federal agency with a nearly 80-year record of supporting U.S. export-related jobs and over $50 billion in export sales in 2012. Work in the heart of Washington, DC two blocks from the White House across from the McPherson Square metro station.


The Ex-Im Bank is the official export credit agency of the United States.  Ex-Im Bank's mission is to help to maintain and create U.S. jobs by supporting the financing of exports of U.S. goods and services to international markets.  Ex-Im Bank enables U.S. companies, large and small, to turn export opportunities into real sales.


This position is located in the Office of General Counsel of the Export-Import Bank of the United States. The incumbent serves as Counsel for Administration, reporting directly to the Assistant General Counsel for Administration, and providing legal counsel to employees throughout the Bank. The incumbent has primary responsibility for legal matters in the following areas: (i) EEO, labor relations, and personnel; (ii) ethics law and regulations affecting employees, (iii) information disclosure, including Congressional inquiries,  Freedom of Information Act, Trade Secrets Act and Privacy Act, (iv) appropriations and fiscal law; (v) Federal sanctions laws and regulations; (vi) analyzing legislation, including reauthorizations; (vii) procurement and contracting matters; and (viii) miscellaneous administrative law matters to include interpretation of federal laws and regulations; and for providing legal services relating to other statutes and programs affecting the Export-Import Bank.


• EEO, Labor Relations and Personnel - Responsible for providing legal guidance and litigation support in all aspects of personnel matters involving Ex-Im Bank employees.

• Ethics - Primary responsibility for supporting the General Counsel or Deputy General Counsel in carrying out the duties of the Designated Agency Ethics Official (DAEO) and serves as Agency Ethics Official.

• FOIA, Trade Secrets Act and Privacy Act. Provides legal oversight and technical guidance in connection with the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), Trade Secrets Act (TSA), Privacy Act (PA) and related statutes and regulations.

• Appropriations and Fiscal Law -  Provides legal counsel to Bank officials concerning appropriations and fiscal law matters to include use of reception and representation funds, anti-augmentation issues, and debt collection matters.

• Sanctions laws and regulations - Provides legal support to staff on issues relating to Federal sanctions laws and regulations, including legislative analysis and liaison with Departments of State and Treasury.

• Legislative analysis -Provides legal support to Bank officials concerning legislation, proposed legislation and executive orders, including reauthorization of Bank operations.

• Procurement and Contracting - Provides legal services to the Resource Management Group in connection with procurement and contracting.

• Miscellaneous Administrative Law Matters and other duties as assigned.