Job Overview





NATIONAL GUARD MEMBERSHIP IS REQUIRED: This is an excepted position that requires membership in a compatible military assignment in the National Guard. Selectee will be required to wear the military uniform. Acceptance of an excepted position constitutes concurrence with these requirements as a condition of employment.



This position is located in the Human Resources Office (HRO). The primary purpose of the position is to provide technical, procedural, and evaluative assistance in the area of employee benefits, performance management, and/or compensation for both Army and Air National Guard organizations. Performs work in one or more of the above human resources specialties. Accomplishes work through the use of an automated personnel system.


Open Areas of Consideration: 1


Area 1 = Officer (O-3 and below), Warrant Officer, and Enlisted members of the Louisiana National Guard.




--Provides technical guidance and procedural assistance to managers, supervisors, and employees in executing a variety of employee benefits’ programs, which may include workers’ compensation, health and life benefits, Thrift Savings Program (TSP), awards, performance management, retirement, etc. Develops and carries out specific projects to accomplish the technical support mission of the Human Resources Office. Advises supervisors and employees on regulatory requirements of the programs and develops instructions.  Reviews and interprets policies, directives, and other issuances by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), National Guard (NGB), Department of Labor (DOL), and outside control agencies for applicability to activities serviced. Takes appropriate action to comply with such directives and guidance or refers the matters to the proper functional staff for action. Coordinates publication of local policies and regulations.

Injury Compensation:

--Serves as a technical expert in matters regarding employees’ claims for Workers Compensation. Serves as the Injury Compensation Program Administrator and primary point of contact for the Federal Employee’s Compensation Act (FECA) program for facilities at numerous statewide locations. Investigates facts and develops cases relative to on-the-job injuries, illnesses, processes non-routine and routine claims which require identifying and substantiating information; and compiles pertinent information for use in filing, as well as controverting claims. Coordinates case details between employees, supervisors, medical personnel, and claims offices. Reviews claims and medical documents. Reviews CA-1, CA-2, and other program forms submitted by/for employees concerning occupational injury, illness or disease for accuracy and completeness. Solicits required information from employee and supervisor, as necessary, to complete documents. Obtains facts to reconcile any noted conflicts or discrepancies in description of injury or accident site. Assesses and analyzes situations to ensure minimum compensation costs are expended and light duty policies are implemented. When appropriate, coordinates with management and other HRO Specialists to ensure light duty is afforded the employee.

--Works through appropriate channels with the DOL, Civilian Personnel Management Service (CPMS) Injury and Unemployment Compensation Division (IUCD), and supervisors to determine that payment of legitimate claims is made, fraud is reported, and questionable claims are reviewed. Researches and presents any questionable cases to DOL for further action. Provides information and assistance to claimants and supervisors concerning processing procedures. Tracks claim status and follow-up requirements, monitors and coordinates eligibility for continuation of pay for eligible claimants. Provides counseling to employees and supervisors on matters relating to workers’ compensation, such as potential job reassignment are light duty, options regarding leave for time off the job, and potential compensation. Obtains facts to reconcile apparent conflicts regarding payment of benefits, medical bills, etc. Researches, writes, and composes draft local instructions, directives, and reporting requirements for the FECA Program.

--Manages and monitors Office of Workers Compensation Program (OWCP) cost for the state, and develops programs and processes to help reduce OWCP costs by coordinating with employees, Department of Labor, medical professionals, and supervisors to return employees to work as soon as medically possible. Provides background information or answers congressional inquiries related to injured employees claims. Makes initial contact with all compensation recipients and subsequent contacts as necessary. Works with rehabilitation counselors and field nurses on return to duty under the Nurse Intervention Program. Utilizes the Injury Compensation/ Unemployment Compensation (IC/UC) computer system to make inquiries and monitor claim status. Analyzes claims to determine appropriateness of payment. Responsible for processing and maintaining the various IC claims forms and providing additional information as required in the completion/ submission of such forms. May initiate appeals of unwarranted claims and attends the IC appeals hearings. Maintains automated data system and produces required reports. Prepares program publicity and local instructions implementing specific portions of the Worker’s Compensation program. Develops, modifies, and conducts FECA and Worker’s Compensation training to supervisors, managers, and conducts briefing for technicians.

Employee Benefits:

--Assists in administering the retirement programs for technicians desiring to retire under any of the retirement systems. Processes retirement actions, which are moderately complex, non-controversial, and/or recurring cases related to both the Federal Employees Retirement System and the Civil Services Retirement Systems. Provides counseling to management, employees, retirees, and family members on the complex retirement insurance benefits, entitlements/options. Interprets, applies, and explains to employees retirement and insurance laws, regulations, and policies. Interprets appropriate regulations to provide advice to employees concerning reinstatement of insurance, conversion of life insurance, and features of the programs and options associated with retirement. Analyzes information to establish the length and type of creditable service e.g. service computation dates, and prepares annuity computations for employees. Researches regulations and records to advise employees on the buy back of creditable time for retirement. Determines the amount of retirement contributions, refunds of contributions, payments, and repayments needed for service credit to include military deposits, and whether all special requirements and conditions applicable to the type of case have been met; and whether the requirements for payment of a survivor annuity or lump sum are satisfied. Assists employees in the preparation of retirement applications and related documents.

--Provides technical guidance and assistance to management and employees on benefit programs such as Federal Employee Health Benefits, Federal Employees Group Life Insurance, Thrift Savings Program, Long Term Care Program, Mass Transportation Program, etc. Reviews, interprets, and distributes informative material on new, changed, and pending policy changes that impact existing benefit program entitlements.  Provides counseling to management, employees, and beneficiaries regarding program coverage, options, variances in coverage, and advantages and disadvantages of benefits. Conducts new employee orientations covering numerous aspects of the technician program. Advises individuals’ taking AGR tours of their restoration rights during out-processing. Serves as authority within the HRO for TSP, counsels and advises employees throughout their employment concerning participation in the plan. Advises employees on all facets of TSP, such as loan provisions, calculation of benefits and contributions, investment options and the pros and cons of each fund, withdrawal of contributions, transfer of fund contributions to qualified pension plans. Assists with the development of technical guidance and in the implementation of benefit program changes. Conducts open seasons for TSP, health benefits, and life insurance in the appropriate timeframe.

Performance Management:

--Assists in administering the performance management program within the state to include state level procedures and appraisal system.  Provides advice and assistance to supervisors and managers on preparation of performance standards and appraisals. Explains employee options if dissatisfied with performance rating. Provides technical guidance to Review and Appeals Boards, managers, and supervisors relative to the appraisal system. Reviews performance standards and appraisals for regulatory compliance. Monitors the timely submission of performance appraisals and records delinquencies.

--Serves as Executive Secretary for the employee recognition awards program. Assists in developing and providing managers and supervisors with guidance on program procedures. Maintains a tracking system to evaluate and provide management with reports of statistical information pertaining to status, financial impact, types and numbers of awards. Provides guidance on required criteria. Assists in explaining options to employees when they are dissatisfied with performance ratings. Reviews award nominations requests to assure ratings and justification for recommendations meet regulatory requirements. Prepares correspondence relating to the awards program, and ensures all administrative details are complete. Publicizes the Suggestion Program and coordinates management of the program with NGB.


--Provides technical guidance and procedural advice on flexibility’s and appropriate uses of leave issues such as sick leave for family care and bereavement, compensatory, advanced leave, leave without pay, absence without leave, and military leave. Provides guidance on the use of the Family and Medical Leave Act and Voluntary Leave Transfer Program. Counsels managers and employees on rights and obligations under the leave programs and various work schedules. Researches regulations, guidance, and laws to resolve leave issues. Interprets guidance and regulations to provide procedural advice to management and employees on pay schedule adjustments, severance pay, back pay, debts and compensation. Reviews actions and ensures submission to payroll offices is correct and accurate. Coordinates with United State Property and Fiscal Office and Defense Finance and Accounting Service on a large variety of personnel actions affecting employee’s pay.

--Composes letters or summaries relating to a variety of employee benefits/performance management matters. Recommend changes to operating policies and procedures.

--Develops, modifies, and conducts presentation of basic and/or refresher training in employee benefits and compensation procedures such as injury compensation, incentive awards, retirement, TSP, etc.

--Serves in the absence of the higher graded specialist.

--Performs other duties as assigned.