Job Overview


The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) is responsible for ensuring safety of the Nation's passenger and freight rail operations and infrastructure by promoting safe, efficient and accessible rail transportation. The mission and focus of FRA has grown to include the design and management of an unprecedented investment in the creation of a nationwide passenger rail network. FRA is providing leadership for the creation of a more balanced transportation system, transforming the way Americans travel.

To meet this mission FRA promulgates and enforces rail safety regulations; consolidates government support of rail transportation activities; administers financial assistance programs; conducts research and development in support of improved railroad safety and efficiency, and national transportation policy, including improved intercity passenger service.

Do you like identifying problems, analyzing facts, and making recommendations; are you a good communicator; would you like to make a difference in the railroad industry, if so, then this job is for you! You will serve as a Railroad Safety Inspector (Track). As an inspector you will enforce Federal safety and health regulations that apply to railroad track and railroad workers. The objective of this position is to minimize the risk of human casualty and societal loss due to train accidents caused by defective conditions of railroad track and structures, or hazardous working conditions for railroad employees. The demands of the position require skills in evaluation, fact-finding, report writing; comprehension and application of technical and regulatory standards, as well as the ability to gain cooperation of individuals and organizations.

This position is perfect for a mid-level professional with a strong technical background in applying current Federal railroad safety track standards, as well as strong analytical and communication skills; and experience with conducting inspections pertaining to railroad track to identify defects; mission focused, and is looking for great health benefits and a stable work-life environment.

PLEASE NOTE: This position is eligible for full-time telework; and the duty station is the residence or other approved telework site within the geographic area(s) identified above. The duty station will be subject to approval by FRA management.  Salary will be adjusted based on the duty location.     


The Railroad Safety Inspector (Track):

  • Performs inspections and monitoring functions to assure compliance with Federal safety and health regulations among railroads, railroad employees, and contractors assigned to the geographical territory.
  • Investigates complaints from railroad employees, the general public, or Legislative or governmental representatives involving unsafe conditions of track or the other subject areas of responsibility, and interviews complainants, railroad officials, and any parties as required for proper investigation of the complaint.
  • Performs, either individually, or as a member or leader of a team, investigations of significant train accidents resulting in serious injury to persons or property damage and determines probable cause of accident or incident and whether any Federal regulations were violated.
  • Initiates and maintains contacts with employees in other Federal, State and local government agencies, as well as mid-level officials of the railroads and rail labor organizations in connection with issues relating to Federal railroad assistance and enforcement of Federal railroad safety regulations.