Job Overview



Only current members of the Wyoming Army National Guard
will be considered for this vacancy

WYOMING ARMY NATIONAL GUARD MEMEBERSHIP IS REQUIRED: This is an excepted position that requires membership in a compatible military assignment in the Wyoming Army National Guard. Selectee will be required to wear the military uniform. Acceptance of an excepted position constitutes concurrence with these requirements as a condition of employment. Applicants must currently be members in the Wyoming Army National Guard in order to be considered for employment.

Open Area of Consideration:

Area 2: Job Opportunity (Technician) - Merit Promotion: All current military members of the Wyoming Army National Guard may apply.

Technician Info:

Paragraph #: 1622

Line #: 760

Position Title: Ammunition and Explosives Handler

Position Series/Grade: WG-6501-06/07

Position Location: Ammunition Supply Point (ASP), Camp Guernsey, WY



This position is located in Joint Force Headquarters—State, USPFO, Supply and Services, Ammunition Supply Point (ASP).  The primary purpose of this position is to perform the handling, examining, and identifying of ammunition and explosives to detect defects, serviceability, deterioration, compliance, etc.  Secondary duties involve the receipt, storage, packing, issue, and transfer of ammunition and explosive items.  Work requires a primary knowledge of handling, examining, and identifying ammunition and explosives; and a secondary knowledge of the receipt, storage, packing, issue, and transfer of ammunition and explosive items. 


(1) Handles, identifies, and examines ammunition and explosives items, components, storage areas, and transportation conveyances to detect defects, serviceability, and deterioration; and assures compliance with directions and regulations.  Uses a variety of test gauges and equipment, such as, multi-meters, galvanometers, ring gauges, pull a part test tables, etc.

(2) Handles, identifies and examines stored ammunition and explosives to determine true condition, deterioration trends, and non-standard and hazardous methods of storage.  Assures that associated reports are completed.  Visually examines and tests lightening protection systems by performing electrical tests and records findings to assure proper documentation.  Properly condition codes ammunition and completes appropriate documentation of ammunition transfer records, condition reports, etc.

(3) Handles, identifies, and examines the live turn-in of ammunition to determine the condition and packaging of ammunition. Takes appropriate action to return ammunition to a serviceable condition and properly packages unserviceable ammunition for storage.  Determines causes of ammunition un-serviceability and takes appropriate action when ammunition deterioration is found to be other than “fair wear and tear”. 

(4) Performs damage-in-transit, periodic, receipt, and visual examination of ammunition received by ASP to determine the true condition.  Assigns condition codes.   Completes the proper and required documentation of ammunition transfer records, surveillance records, ammunition condition reports, quality deficiency reports, magazine data cards and numerous other documentation and/or reports. 

(5) Visually examines vehicles prior to loading to determine if the vehicle is suitable for transportation of hazardous materials and ensure that the correct ammunition has been issued and is properly packaged, marked and labeled, and in compliance with directives and regulations.  Assures the load is compatible and properly blocked and braced for transportation and that all hazardous material manifests, fire fighting instructions, vehicle inspection reports, and issue documentation has been properly prepared.  Briefs ammunition drivers on proper route plans, fire fighting procedures and safety concerns prior to release of the vehicle.

(6) Advises using units on the proper procedures for completion of documentation for issue and turn-in of ammunition and residue.  This requires an in-depth knowledge of ammunition administrative procedures as outlined in Department of the Army (DA) regulations, pamphlets, and other applicable regulations.

(7) Operates forklifts, stake bed trucks, pallet jacks, and various hand tools, as needed.