Job Overview


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You will lead EERE’s Human Capital Reform Initiative, on all matters and issues associated with EERE’s diversity and inclusion initiatives and organizational development programs. Supervise the development and implementation of EERE’s diversity and inclusion policy, training development, employee recognition, performance management, and workforce strategic planning.  Serve as senior advisor to the Chief Operations Officer (COO) and Director, Workforce Management Office on executive recruitment and special hiring authorities, i.e., Senior Executive Service, Intergovernmental Personnel Assignments. 


As Supervisor, Diversity and Workforce Strategy Program, you will:

  • Program Management – Workforce Strategy and Analysis Develop, implement, and manage a proactive diversity inclusion program, including human capital strategic planning, and organizational development. Oversight of broad and in-depth workforce planning analyses, projects and studies associated with EERE’s workforce scope, distribution and utilization, current and projected staffing levels, skill-set mix, workforce training and development culture and workforce diversity.
  • Workforce Project Planning and Implementation  Participate with top HR management in the development of the EERE’s human capital multi-year workforce strategic plans involving establishing workforce planning phases, milestones and final project reviews and the overall monitoring of quality assurance workforce strategic planning processes to bring about desired objectives. 
  • Recruitment and Outreach Program  Serve  as EERE’s authoritative expert and senior advisor to the Chief Operations Officer (COO) on executive recruitment (e.g., Senior Executive Service) and the use of special hiring authorities to attract top talent (DOE’s special hiring authority, Intergovernmental Personnel Assignments, etc.).  Develop EERE-wide workforce succession plans, studies and projects designed to attract, retain and develop the most capable and diverse talent for staffing current and future EERE program initiatives.  Coordinate EERE’s partnership and outreach efforts with the Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) undergraduate and graduate program.  Increase EERE’s outreach to underrepresented constituencies and lead EERE’s engagement on diversity issue with external organizations, colleges, institutions.