Job Overview


The Department of Energy, Office of Legacy Management, Office of Site Operations is responsible for implementing long-term surveillance and maintenance at sites transferred to the Office of Legacy Management to ensure sustainable protection of human health and the environment. The Office of Site Operations is seeking an entry level Interdisciplinary General Engineer/Physical Scientist to assist with the performance of these responsibilities.

This position is being filled under the Department of Energy Recent Graduate Program.  The Recent Graduate Program is a 1 year developmental program designed to promote careers in Federal Service who have recently graduated from a qualifying institution or program. 


As a General Engineer/Physcial Scientist, you will:

  • Assist Principal site managers and team leaders in the overall planning and execution of professional scientific, technical, administrative and fiscal activities associated with long-term surveillance and maintenance within these groups.
  • Develop information and technical data which is used in resolving programmatic issues and integration of cost, schedule and technical objectives.
  • Participates in negotiations for agreements such as right-of-way, right-of-entry, and leases necessary with property owners in coordination with and under direction of Office of Legacy Management's real property specialists.
  • Assists lead Engineer in the development of transition plans transferring sites to Office of Legacy Management.
  • Reviews assigned portions of environmental compliance actions for technical adequacy and compliance with environmental laws, regulations, and policies.
  • Assists lead Engineer in the development and evaluation of interim action techniques to avoid further contamination or reduce exposure opportunities.