Job Overview


Having a career as a Wage Marine employee in NOAA is to be an integral part of understanding the condition of the ocean and atmosphere. NOAA Wage Marine personnel add a seaman's know-how to NOAA's scientific research by directly participating in the operation and handling of scientific gear in the tumultuous ocean environment. NOAA's fleet of 19 research ships operate world-wide in direct support of NOAA's diverse environmental information programs, environmental stewardship services and applied scientific research.

The highly-skilled and technical workforce provides NOAA the ability to achieve success in the conduct of nautical charting, bathymetric mapping, fisheries research, ecosystem assessments, marine environment baseline assessments, coastal-ocean circulation, and oceanic and atmospheric research. Enjoy an exciting career while gaining experience and training to advance your mariner or personal credentials.

As a condition of employment, your position will be a Mixed Tour. Mixed Tour is a combination of full time, part time and intermittent work schedules which allows the best utilization of resources based on the work requirements of the organization. There is no guarantee that you will be assigned to any particular vessel or general geographic location, however, your duty location will be determined by your home of records. Duty locations are Norfolk, VA; Charleston, SC; Woods Hole, MA; Pascagoula, MS; Newport, OR; Kodiak, AK; Ketchikan, AK; Honolulu, HI; San Diego, CA; Davisville, RI. Once selected, you may be sent to any vessel nationwide. Your duty location will be determined by your home of record. Salary will be determined by duty location and vessel classification. NOTE: Applicants who previously applied for this position under any earlier announcements for General Vessel Assistant MUST reapply.


FIRST cut-off date is May 1, 2013.

SECOND cut-off date is June 1, 2013.

THIRD cut-off date is July 1, 2013.

FOURTH cut-off date is August 1, 2013.

FIFTH cut-off date is August 31, 2013.

*Multiple selections may be made from this job opportunity announcement.

*A one year trial period may be required.


The General Vessel Assistant (GVA) is an entry rating.  The GVA may be utilized in the Deck, Engine and Steward Departments.  When utilized in the Deck Department, the GVA performs work described in the position for Ordinary Seaman or Ordinary Fisherman.  When utilized in the Engine Department, the GVA performs work described in the position description for the Wiper.  When utilized in the Steward Department, the GVA performs work as follows:  Prepares tables for meals and cleans up after meals. Serves meals and assists with the daily meal count logs. Washes dishes, silver, pots, pans and glassware. Maintains mess in a clean, orderly and sanitary condition. Cleans galley, pantry, refrigerators and storage areas as required; disposes of galley and mess garbage. Performs laundry duties as required. Assists in the handling and storage of mess provisions and other Steward Department supplies.  As required, assists in the galley, not to include cooking. When assigned to any department, the GVA performs other mission-related as assigned, including duties relating to the safety of the vessel and personnel.

  • Additional Duty Location Info

    FEW vacancies in the following locations

    • Ketchikan, AK, US
    • Kodiak, AK, US
    • San Diego, CA, US
    • Honolulu, HI, US
    • Woods Hole, MA, US
    • Pascagoula, MS, US
    • Newport, OR, US
    • Davisville, RI, US
    • Charleston AFB, SC, US
    • Norfolk, VA, US