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Job Title:Supervisory Dental Officer (Director, Division of Oral Health)

Department:Department Of Health And Human Services

Agency:Indian Health Service

Job Announcement Number:IHS-13-HQ-836709-DE

This position is closed and no longer accepting online applications through USAJOBS.

The contents of the announcement can still be viewed.


$123,758.00 to $155,500.00 / Per Year


Thursday, March 21, 2013 to Wednesday, March 27, 2013




Full Time - Permanent


1 vacancy in the following location:
Rockville, MD United StatesView Map


US Citizens and Status Candidates


Become a part of the Department that touches the lives of every American!  At HHS you can give back to your community, state, and country by making a difference in the lives of Americans everywhere.  Join HHS and help make our world healthier, safer and better for all Americans.

The Indian Health Service is required by law to give absolute preference to qualified Indian applicants and employees who are qualified and suitable for Federal employment. The Indian Health Service (IHS) by law is committed to affording employment preference to American Indian and Alaska Native candidates who meet the Secretary of the Interior's definition of Indian for appointment to vacancies within the IHS in accordance with established IHS policy as outlined in the Indian Health Manual Part 7, Chapter 3. In other than the above, the Indian Health Service is an Equal Opportunity Employer. 

ORGANIZATIONAL LOCATION: Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Indian Health Service (IHS), Office of Clinical and Preventive Services in Rockville, MD United States 1 vacancy


Salary Range: $123,758.00 - $155,500.00 per annum

Travel Required: 1-5 nights per quarter

Supervisory/Managerial Position: Yes, a supervisory/managerial probationary period may apply

Relocation Expenses:  Travel, transportation, and relocation expenses associated with reporting for duty in this position will be the responsibility of the employee.

Is position covered by PL 101-630? No

Is drug testing required Is government housing available? No

Is this a bargaining unit position? No

Who May Apply Section

All U.S. Citizens. Applicants who are eligible for any other appointing authorities may also be considered under the IHS Merit Promotion Plan/Excepted Service Examining Plan. Visit for more information on Who May Apply.


  • Position subject to a pre-employment background check
  • As part of the pre-employment process, fingerprint checks are required
  • Males born after 12/31/59 must be registered with the Selective Service


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The Indian Health Service (IHS) provides leadership and direction to programs and activities designed to improve health services to over 1.9 million American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) people through a system of IHS, Tribal and Urban (I/T/U) operated facilities and programs. The position serves as the Director, Division of Oral Health (DOH), Office of Clinical and Preventive Services (OCPS), Indian Health Service (IHS), Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). The role of the DOH is to plan, develop, coordinate, evaluate and improve IHS dental health programs; establish standards for staff, facilities and contracts involving dental care; coordinate the recruitment and retention of dental professionals; obtain resources and formulate budgets for IHS dental programs; coordinate activities designed to promote dental health and prevent disease among the AI/AN population; and monitor the oral health status and treatment needs of AI/AN people. The Director, DOH independently leads, plans, manages, coordinates, supervises, and evaluates the DOH, with broad direction from the Director, OCPS.  Duties include:

1.    Incumbent plans, develops, coordinates and evaluates national, Area and Service Unit (SU) dental health programs.  Incumbent is responsible for prevention; surveillance; recruitment; Electronic Dental Record deployment; the Early Childhood Caries program; establishing clinical and facilities standards within the dental profession; development of policies and procedures; application of research and other trends within dentistry to the I/T/U system; and providing leadership for national oral health initiatives.

2.    Incumbent provides dental leadership, consultation, training and technical support on the wide range of oral health needs and issues for national, Area, SU and local programs including the Dental Support Centers,  risk management, and quality improvement.  Represents the IHS to Tribes, Federal and non-Federal partners, Congress, and other external organizations. Communicates and disseminates information related to oral health. 

3.    Directs and manages the DOH  budget, contracts, grants and other agreements; and projects.

4.    Workforce development,  performance management and administrative supervision of the DOH staff, including development of work plans and performance evaluation criteria; and ensuring subordinates achieve Agency goals.



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Individual Occupational Requirements Basic Requirements:

Education: Degree in dental surgery (D.D.S.) or dental medicine (D.M.D.) from a school approved by the Council on Dental Education, American Dental Association (ADA); or other dental school, provided the education and knowledge acquired was substantially equivalent to that of graduates from an ADA-approved school.
Licensure: Applicants must be currently licensed to practice dentistry in a State, the District of Columbia, or Puerto Rico.

Additional Requirements for Grades GS-12 and Above:

For purposes of this standard, the following terms are defined.

  • Approved internship; approved residency-Training in a hospital dental internship or residency approved by the Council on Dental Education of the American Dental Association.
  • Graduate-level study -- Either dental graduate study leading to an advanced degree such as Master of Science, or postgraduate (nondegree) dental school study involving a level of instruction comparable to that provided in a graduated degree program.
  • National certifying board -- An examining board in a special area of dental practice recognized by the Council on Dental Education of the American Dental Association.
  • Board eligibility -- Qualification for examination by a national certifying board as a result of having met the advanced training program requirements for a dental specialty.

Experience and/or training must be one of the following types:

  • Post-licensure professional experience in the general practice of dentistry.
  • Approved internship training.
  • Approved residency training.
  • Graduate-level study in an accredited dental school.
  • Post-licensure professional experience in a specialized area of practice.
  • Other advanced study or training (outside a dental school or hospital) creditable towards satisfaction of training program requirements for Board eligibility.

For GS-15:

One year of professional dentistry experience equivalent to at least the GS-14 level.  Examples include:  work that required a mastery of the theoretical and applied principles and concepts of clinical dentistry; experience in utilizing dental clinical information systems; experience in leading personnel towards successful performance outcomes; experience in developing, managing, and monitoring budgets, contracts, and grants for dental programs; and experience in leading or directing dental programs or organizations to improvements in dental care, dentist recruitment projects, and/or patient safety.

Medical Requirements

Applicants must be able to distinguish shades of color.

There is no substitution of education in lieu of experience at this level.

You must meet the requirements of the job by this date: Wednesday, March 27, 2013. You must provide the required information during the online application process; if any of the following are missing when the announcement closes we will deem your application incomplete:

- Resume complete in USAJOBS

- Responses to Questionnaire

- Applicable Supporting Documentation (see Required documents section in this announcement for more details)


The HHS Careers system simplifies the Federal application process by replacing the former KSA job-element statements with on-line self-assessment questions. Applicants who meet the minimum qualifications requirements will be invited to complete an on-line questionnaire assessing the following: 

Leadership, technical skill, performance management, data analysis, organizational impact, communications, and financial management in the field of oral health.  

We will review your resume to ensure you meet the basic qualification requirements. We will evaluate each applicant who meets the basic qualifications on the information provided and evaluate your relevant personal, educational, and work experiences.  If found qualified, your score will range from 70-100 points (not including points that may be assigned for Veterans' Preference). 

Based on the results of this evaluation, you will be placed in one of three quality categories:

Best Qualified Category -- Meet the minimum qualification requirements and excels in most requirements of the position 

Well Qualified  Category -- Meets the minimum qualifications requirements and meets most requirements of the position.

Qualified Category --   Meets the minimum qualification requirements, but does not possess the relevant competencies to a substantive degree.

Names of candidates in the Best Qualified Category will be sent to the Hiring Manager for employment consideration.

If you are entitled to veterans' preference, you should indicate the type of veteran's preference you are claiming on your resume, and ensure you submit the appropriate documentation prior to the closing date.  If you are entitled to veterans' preference and qualified for the position, your name will be placed above qualified non-preference eligibles in your assigned category.  For information on entitlement, see

For I/CTAP purposes, you will be deemed well-qualified if you are placed in at least the well-qualified category.


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The Federal Government offers a comprehensive benefits package.   Explore the major benefits offered to most Federal employees at


Additional selections of candidates may be possible within 90 days from the date the certificate of eligibles was issued for this announcement, for filling additional or similar positions.

If you are claiming I/CTAP eligibility, you must submit a copy of your most recent performance appraisal, proof of eligibility, and your most current SF-50 noting position, grade level, and duty location. For I/CTAP purposes, you will be deemed well-qualified if you are placed in at least the well-qualified category.

For information on I/CTAP, visit:

Candidates must meet time-after-competitive appointment, time-in-grade (if applicable), qualification requirements, licensure requirements, performance requirements, citizenship and suitability requirements, and any other eligibility requirements by the closing date of the vacancy announcement: Wednesday, March 27, 2013

IF you are a selected for this vacancy as a new appointee/hire, you MUST undergo a fingerprint check. Fingerprint results must be cleared prior to hire. You will receive instructions on how to obtain and submit fingerprints. After you begin your employment, your continued employment is contingent upon the outcome of a complete background investigation as determined by the sensitivity level of your position.  The investigation must find that you are suitable for Federal employment in your position.   If you are found not suitable, you will be terminated after you begin work.  If you make a false statement in any part of your application, you may not be hired; you may be fired after you begin work; or subject to possible criminal charges.

IHS - Operated Properties are tobacco free


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Option A:  Online application process:

Option B: If it is not possible for you to use Application Manager (you have a disability or do not have access to the internet), you can write your answers on paper. Follow these steps:

1.     View Occupational Questionnaire - View Occupational Questionnaire

2. or by calling USAJOBS by Phone at (703) 724-1850; after the introduction, press 1, and listen for instructions.

3.  Fax number is 1-478-757-3144.   

If you need a reasonable accommodation for any part of the application and hiring process, please notify the Human Resources Office at the contact number listed on this announcement. The decision on granting reasonable accommodation will be on a case-by-case basis.


You must provide the required documents listed below during the online application process either through the document upload process or fax using instructions outlined in Section B above. If any of the following are missing when the announcement closes we will deem your application incomplete:

·         ___Resume -You are encouraged to use the USAJobs online resume builder to ensure that all required information is in your resume. If you use your own résumé, curriculum vitae, or any other written form you choose then you must describe your job-related qualifications that include beginning and ending dates for paid and non-paid work experience, hours worked per week, month and year of employment for each job title listed.

·         ___Indian Preference applicants If claiming Indian preference for the first time, or if you have no previous documentation of preference, applicants must provide a completed copy of the current Form BIA-4432, Expiration Date: 11/30/2014, "Verification of Indian Preference for Employment in the BIA and IHS Only." The current form expiration date, 11/30/2014, does not need to be used if an older Form BIA-4432 is submitted with a signature that predates the expiration date on the form. Indian preference will not be given unless a properly signed and dated form is submitted with your application, including any verification by an authorized Tribal Representative or BIA official of tribal enrollment records, documentation of lineal descent, state or academic records that document you posses one-half degree Indian blood from a tribe indigenous to the United States, as well as official records that establish your degree of Indian blood, such as census records. You must also complete the family history chart if necessary. (See the form for detailed instructions for the completion of the BIA form 4432 located at: or please contact your tribal enrollment officer or your local BIA Office for your most current form.) Current IHS employees with a BIA form on file in their Official Personnel Folder are required to submit a copy of that form with their application.

·              Transcripts - Transcripts must be provided if substituting education for experience and/or if education is required for this position. Unofficial transcripts are acceptable but official transcripts will be required before entrance on duty.

·         ___Veteran's Preference-If claiming Veteran's Preference, include a copy of DD-214 Form, and SF-15 if claiming 10 point Veteran's Preference

·         ___Former or Current Federal Employee – include a copy of latest SF-50, Notification of Personnel Action, to show type of appointment that can be used to verify eligibility as a Merit Promotion Candidate.

·         Response to Assessment Questionnaire. 


Applicants may submit optional documents and place these under the Miscellaneous document type. Documents could include performance reviews, copies of job-related certifications, cover letter, and letters of recommendation. Suggest documents submitted are job-related and current.


Phone: (916)930-3981
TDD: 301-443-6394
Agency Information:
Indian Health Service HR Center
650 Capitol Mall Ste 7-100
Sacramento, CA


First notification: Once the online questionnaire and resume are received, you will receive an acknowledgement email that your submission was successfully received. Receipt of this email does not confirm receipt of the other required document(s).  We will then review your résumé and required supporting documents to ensure you meet the basic qualification & eligibility requirements.   

Second notification: You will be notified of your status when the list of candidates has been referred to the hiring manager for employment consideration.

Additional notifications: For those referred to the hiring manager. We will keep you updated on the status using the online alert system. When a tentative offer is made, the selectee must undergo a fingerprint check.  Fingerprint results must be cleared prior to hire.  The "tentative" new employee will receive instructions on how to obtain and submit fingerprints. 

You will no longer need to call the HR Office to determine your application status. USAJOBS has added an alert setting to their system to drive status updates notification for applicants.   You can elect to activate the proactive notification from your USAJOBS profile at any point during the application process to sign-up for automatic alerts when there are status changes for jobs to which you have applied. 

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