Job Overview


Come join the Census Team, where everyone counts! The Census Bureau produces quality data that helps Americans better understand our country- its population, resources, economy, society and culture.

This announcement will close on September 30, 2013. This announcement will be used to establish a standing inventory. Qualified candidates will continue to receive consideration for vacancies as positions becomes available at the Census Bureau until March 31, 2014. Qualified candidates will receive consideration for vacancies until their eligibility expires. For information concerning the period of eligibility, please see the "What To Expect Next" section of this announcement.

In addition to the competitive hiring (open to all US Citizens), the U.S. Census Bureau has Direct-Hire Authority (DHA) to recruit and appoint qualified Information Technology Specialists (Information Security), GS-9 and above. Positions may be filled through either the DHA or competitive hiring. DHA will only be used for the Security specialty. Please see “How You Will Be Evaluated” section for more information.


The U.S. Census Bureau is seeking persons to fill Information Technology (IT) Specialist positions in the following specialties and grade levels:

Systems Administration Specialization, GS-5 through GS-9
Duties include system administration in a Windows or UNIX environment, writing shell scripts, user account creation, backup/restoring data, and providing general support to system users.

Network Services Specialization, GS-5 through GS-9
Duties include LAN support in a Windows or Linux/UNIX environment, assisting users with network, hardware and software issues, and configuring, installing, and troubleshooting applications on a server.

Security Specialization, GS-5 through GS-9
Duties include applying IT security principles, methods, and tools, evaluating and defining IT security requirements and maintaining IT systems security documentation.