Job Overview


The North Pacific Fishery Management Council is one of eight regional Councils established by the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act of 1976. The Council has authority over the management of fisheries in the Bering Sea/Aleutian Islands and Gulf of Alaska in the Exclusive Economic Zone off Alaska. The states of Washington, Oregon, and Alaska are represented on the Council.

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LOCATION:   The Council office is located in Anchorage, Alaska. Limited moving expenses are authorized. Travel will be required to attend meetings in other Alaska and Pacific Northwest locations. 


The North Pacific Fishery Management Council (Council) is seeking a Fishery Economist to work with other economists/analysts in the identification and analysis of economic issues pertaining to fisheries management off Alaska. This person will participate as part of a team of social, economic, and biological analysts from Council staff and from the staffs of other agencies. Position may be filled at the Senior Economist level depending upon experience of applicants.

Primary responsibilities will be to participate as part of an analytical team in support of Council initiatives to develop and modify management programs for the multi-billion dollar, federally managed groundfish and crab fisheries off Alaska. Economic and social impact analyses, including benefit-cost and economic impact and distributional analyses of several different management approaches will be required.

Specific duties will include:

- Preparation of regulatory, economic, statistical, and policy analyses and reports for use in the amendment of fishery management plans. Conducting critical reviews of other analyses developed in support of plans.

- Contributing to the development of discussion papers to assist the Council in the development of management alternatives for analysis and consideration.

- Acting, upon assignment, as a liaison between the North Pacific Fishery Management Council and other agencies with which it cooperates, including the National Marine Fisheries Service, the Alaska Fisheries Science Center, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, other Council staffs, and the International Pacific Halibut Commission.

- Acting, upon request, in an advisory capacity in discussions with the Council or the Council's committees on matters relating to the impacts of proposed fishery management regulations.

- Attending Council meetings, public hearings, and other meetings as required.

- Other duties as assigned.