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USAID is an independent Federal Government agency that receives overall foreign policy guidance from the Secretary of State.  With headquarters in Washington, D.C., USAID fosters transformational development around the world.  Our work supports economic growth and trade; agriculture and the environment; education and training; democracy and governance; global health; global partnerships and humanitarian assistance.  

This position is located in the Bureau for Management's, The Chief Information Security Officer Staff (M/CIO/CISO). This office is responsible for overseeing and executing USAID’s information systems security program. M/CIO/CISO is responsible for Security policy and implementation oversight, developing IT security policy promoting enterprise security technologies and best practices, implementing and managing security and intrusion detection tools, and monitoring and evaluating security performance.

THIS IS AN OPEN CONTINIOUS ANNOUNCEMENT: A referral list will be issued after the following cut-off dates: March 15, 2013, April 15, 2013, May 15, 2013, June 15, 2013, July 15, 2013, August 15, 2013, September 15, 2013, October 15, 2013, November 15, 2013, December 15, 2013, and January 15, 2014.  This announcement may close at any time once all positions are filled.


Ensures or participates in esnuring, the confidentiality, intergity, and availability of systems, networks, and data through the planning, analysis, development, implementation, maintenance, and enhancement of information systems security programs, policies, procedures, and tools.

Evaluates, acquires, configures, and uses software intended to ensure that automated systems are secure from unauthorized use, viral infection, and other problems that would compromise sensitive information in terms of confidentiality, integrity, and availibiity, or would compromise other aspects of overall system security.

Performs surveys, studies, and evaluations to measure and improve program operations and results.

Provides advice and guidance, including interpretations, opinions, or decisions, regarding programs or policies.  Consultations involve assessment of program or policy conditions, phenomena, or anomalies.

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