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This Position Is No Longer Available

Job Title:  Recent Graduate Trainee (Criminal Investigator )
Department:  Department Of Commerce
Agency:  Bureau of Industry and Security
Job Announcement Number:  BIS-OEE-2013-0007

This position is closed and no longer accepting online applications through USAJOBS.

The contents of the announcement can still be viewed.
$40,156.00 to $68,118.00 / Per Year
Tuesday, February 12, 2013 to Thursday, June 20, 2013
Pathways Internship (Recent Graduate Trainee); Excepted Service Appointment - Full Time
FEW vacancies in the following location(s):
New York - Richmond, NY, USView Map
Dallas, TX, USView Map

Applicants who within the previous two years have earned a degree or certificate after December 27, 2010. Veterans called to active duty or military service following completion of their qualifying educational program will have the remainder of their two-year window to apply when they return, provided no more than six years have passed.


The Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) advances U.S. national security, foreign policy, and economics objectives by ensuring an effective export control and treaty compliance system and promoting continued U.S. strategic technology leadership. BIS's activities include regulating the export of sensitive goods and technologies; enforcing export control, and public safety laws; cooperating with and assisting other countries on export control and strategic trade issues; assisting U.S. industry to comply with international arms control agreements; and monitoring the viability of the U.S. defense industrial base.

This position is located in the Department of Commerce (DOC), Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS), Office of the Assistant Secretary for Export Enforcement (EE), Office of Export Enforcement (OEE), investigation Division (ID), Dallas and New York Field Offices.


The purpose of this position is to assist senior criminal investigators in enforcing the Export Administration Act of 1979, as amended, and the Regulations issued there under and to investigate actual or alleged violations of the Act and Regulations from the point of suspicion or receipt of substantive allegation of violation to the conclusion of any resulting criminal judicial process or administrative proceedings.  Serious violations of teh Act are defined as criminal acts, i.e., felonies. 


  • Must be a United States Citizen
  • Must suitable for federal employment
  • Must be registered for Selective Service if applicable (
  • Annual Confidential Financial Disclosure Report is required.
  • A Mobility Agreement and Health Physical is a condition of employment


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Pathways Criminal Investigator Trainee(s) duties include but are not limited to:

  • Trains to review and appraise original requests complaints and allegations, develops and uses informants, trade and government sources. 
  • Assists in determining the nature, scope, timing and direction of the investigation.
  • Assists with the planning for the separate phases (investigative areas) of the investigation.  Develops outline for plan of inquiry designed to obtain essential facts.
  • Makes contacts with other U.S. and/or foreign investigative agencies with the view to  
  • obtaining, when appropriate or necessary, technical and/or other assistance from such agencies. 
  • Performs fact-finding to establish existence of essential elements of proof. 
    Conducts personally and/or obtains approrpriate instructions and guidance for inerviews, interrogations, and examination/procurement of pertinent records both in the U.S. and abroad.


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Applicants qualify based on level of education, specialized experience or a combination of both.



 GS-7:  1 full year of graduate level education OR superior academic achievement

 GS-9:  Completion of all requirements for a master's degree or equivalent degree OR LL.B. or J.D., if related.


 Specialized Experience: Applicants qualifying based on specialized experience must have one year of specialized experience at the next lower grade level by the closing date of the announcement.


 GS-7 level:  You must possess at least one year of specialized experience at a level of difficulty and responsibility equivalent to the GS-05 that has equipped you with the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities to perform successfully the duties of the position. Specialized experience is defined as knowledge of criminal statutes involving evidentiary matters, constitutional rights, search and seizures and appropriate criminal and administrative sanctions and their use.


 GS-9 level: You must possess at least one year of specialized experience at a level of difficulty and responsibility equivalent to the GS-07 that has equipped you with the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities to perform successfully the duties of the position. Specialized experience is defined as knowledge of the effect of national security, foreign policy, and counter-terrorism on export controls and/or related issues. 


  Applicants may qualify based on a combination of education and experience.

MEDICAL/PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS.  The duties of this position require moderate to arduous physical exertion.  Any physical conditional that would cause the applicant to be a hazard to himself/herself, or others is disqualifying. Please view the following OPM Individual Occupational Requirements (Medical) for this position:

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS FOR ALL APPLICANTS: MAXIMUM ENTRY AGE. Applicants who have not previously held a law enforcement position as defined in 5 USC 8331 are subject to a maximum age restriction in filling this position. Individuals who will reach the age of 37 years before entry or duty will be found ineligible for this position. LAW ENFORCEMENT RETIREMENT. Extra retirement contributions are withheld and employees who reach age 50 or over with at least twenty years of creditable service as a law enforcement officer are qualified for law enforcement retirement. Employees who reach age 55 with at least twenty years of creditable service as a law enforcement officer are subject to mandatory retirement from that position. BACKGROUND INVESTIGATION. This is a sensitive position and the tentative selectee must undergo and successfully complete a background investigation for a Top Secret clearance as a condition of employment/retention in the position. MANDATORY COMPLETION OF BASIC TRAINING. Selectee must successfully complete or have completed the eight-week basic criminal investigator course at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Glynco, GA  or an equivalent law enforcement training, as determined by the Director, OEE and must be available to attend this training within 60 days from the date of appointment. Retention in the position and payment of the special rate is subject to successful completion of this training. DRUG TESTING. This position has been identified as Testing Designated Position under the Department of Commerce's, Drug-Free Workplace Program. Satisfactory completion of the drug test is a condition of placement and/or employment. Except as prohibited by law, all applicants tentatively selected for this position will be required to submit to a urinalysis to screen for illegal drug use prior to appointment and, if appointed, the incumbent will be subjected to random drug testing procedures. LAW ENFORCEMENT AVAILABILITY PAY (LEAP). Selectee is entitled to the LEAP 25% of base pay for availability to work substantial amounts of "unscheduled duty" after successful completion of training. FIREARMS. Selectee will be required to carry and use firearms in the performance of the duties of the position and must maintain firearm proficiency. DRIVER'S LICENSE. Selectee must possess or be able to obtain a valid state driver's license. MOBILITY AGREEMENT. The selectee for this position must be willing to relocate (change of official duty station) at the direction of management. Applicants must meet ALL application requirements, to include a complete online resume, by MIDNIGHT EASTERN STANDARD TIME on the closing date of this announcement. The duration of this Pathways appointment will serve as a trial period.  






We will review your resume, optional cover letter and supporting documentation to determine if you meet the minimum qualifications for the position. If you meet the minimum qualifications stated in the vacancy announcement, we will compare your resume, optional cover letter and supporting documentation to your responses on the scored occupational questionnaire (True/False, Yes/ No, Multiple Choice questions) and place you in one of three pre-defined categories. These categories are "gold," "silver," and "bronze." However, your resume and/or optional cover letter must support your responses to the self-assessment questions, or your score may be lowered. The best-qualified candidates will be identified for referral to the hiring manager and may be invited for an interview. How you will be evaluated for preference eligibility: Within each category, those entitled to veterans' preference will be listed at the top of the pre-defined category for which they are placed. Preference eligibles with a service-connected disability of 10% or more will be listed at the top of the highest quality category (gold) depending on the position and grade level of the job.

The scored occupational questionnaire will evaluate you on the following competencies; please do not provide a separate written response:

1. Knowledge of investigative priniciples, techniques and methods and procedures. 

2. Skill in conducting interrogations and determining the reliability and credibility of witnesses.

3. Knowledge of Constitutional rights; federal law of search and seizure, testimony, and evidence; fraud, conspiracies; the conduct of grand jury investigations; and appropriate criminal and administrative sanctions and their use.

4. Ability to communicate Export Enforcement objectives to the private sector and to the general public.

5. Ability to effectively communicate orally and in writing.


Preference will be given to applicants with the ability to read and translate Spanish    and/or other languages.

Your answers to the questions in the online application process serve as the basis for your initial rating and will determine who is best qualified for this position; only the best qualified candidates will be referred to the selecting official for further consideration. Your responses will be validated by a human resource specialist and/or a subject matter expert against the information you provide in your online resume and/or by reference checks. Falsifying your background, education, and/or experience is cause for non-employment. For more information on category rating, please go to:

To preview questions please click here.


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 The Department of Commerce offers its employees a comprehensive benefits package.  To explore the major benefits offered to most Federal employees, see Benefits.


 Pathways Recent Graduate Program (Recent GraduateTrainee)




 This position is being filled under the Pathways Recent Graduate Program which is one year training program designed to provide recent graduates with paid work opportunities in agencies to explore Federal careers while still in school.  The Internship provides manager's a ready source potential permanent employees upon completion of the program requirements.  It also provides the trainee with work experience directly related to the curriculum studies or career goals while offering eligibility for non-competitive conversion to permanent employment  (in some circumstances, temporary or term employment) upon completion.


 This appointment must continue for one full year, at which time the individual may, at agency's discretion, be converted to a term or permanent appointment.  Pathways Recent Graduate Trainees are not conferred any rights nor guarantees for conversion and/or promotion during or at the end of the appointment.


 Additional Pathways Recent Graduate Program information can be found at:  

 --Travel, transportation, and relocation expenses are not authorized for payment by the Bureau of Reclamation. Any cost incurred in reporting for duty are the responsibility of the individual selected for the position.

 --Equal Employment Opportunity: The United States Government does not discriminate in employment on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, political affiliation, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, disability and genetic information, age, membership in an employee organization, or other non-merit factor.


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This vacancy is limited to a certain number of applicants and may close before the close date listed here if that limit is reached.  Your complete application, including ALL required documents, must be received by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time (ET) on the closing date of this announcement, or before the applicant limit is reached, whichever occurs first. To apply on-line, you must complete and submit an application by accessing the USAJOBS website at To begin, click the Apply Online button near the bottom of this screen and follow the prompts to register into your USAJOBS account, answer the questions, and submit all required documents. To return to your saved application, log in to your USAJOBS account at and click on "Application Status." Click on the position title, and then select Apply Online to continue.


Technical Issues?


If you have problems completing your on-line application, including problems submitting your supporting documents, please contact the Help Desk by phone at 866-656-6831. The help desk is available Monday-Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. ET. To submit application via FAX 571-258-4092.  For questions regarding the vacancy, please contact: Sean Crump, Human Resources Specialist at 202-482-1424 or email at


To be considered for this position, applicants are required to submit a RESUME showing relevant experience; cover letter optional. Your resume must indicate your citizenship and if you are registered for Selective Service if you are a male born after 12/31/59. Your resume should also list your educational and work experience including the dates (mm/dd/yy) of each employment along with the number of hours worked per week. Your resume may be used to validate your responses to the assessment tool(s).a resume (with dates of employment, i.e. years and months and hours worked per week), and the following supporting documents, as appropriate.

Proof of an earned degree/certificate from a qualifying academic program.

 --TRANSCRIPT(S): All applicants MUST furnish a copy of their unofficial academic transcript(s), unofficial copies are acceptable. If selected, you will need to provide official transcripts to verify your educational qualifications prior to reporting for work.

-- Each student who is unable to provide a transcript will be required to submit a letter of verification from his/her educational institution showing proof of graduation (diploma, degree, etc.)

--Veterans' Preference: If you are entitled to veterans' preference, you should indicate the type of veterans' preference you are claiming on your resume. Your veterans' preference entitlement will be verified by the employing agency.

-- For 5-point veterans' preference, please provide your DD-214 (Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty, Member 4), or other official documentation (e.g., documentation of receipt of a campaign badge or expeditionary medal) that proves your military service was performed under honorable conditions.

-- For 10-point veterans' preference, please submit a Standard Form(SF) 15, Application for 10-Point Veteran Preference along with a DD-214 (Member 4), and all other required documentation to support your claim.

-- For information on veteran's eligibility visit:


 You are not required to submit official documents at this time; copies are sufficient.  FAILURE TO SUBMIT (VIA FAX OR UPLOAD) THE APPLICABLE DOCUMENTS MAY EXCLUDE YOU FROM FURTHER CONSIDERATION.


Sean Crump
Phone: 202-482-1424
Fax: 571-258-4092
Agency Information:
1401 Constitution Ave. NW
Rm 7412
Attn: Human Resources
Washington, DC
Fax: 571-258-4092


You will be notified of the application status through USAJOBS at four points during the hiring process, as applicable. You can check the status of your application by accessing the USAJOBS website at and clicking on "Track Your Online Application." The four points of notification are: 1. Application Received or Application Incomplete; 2. Minimum Qualification Requirement Met or Minimum Qualification Requirement Not Met; 3. Eligible(Application Referred to the Selecting Official) or Eligible (Application Not Referred to the Selecting Official); and 4. Selected or Not Selected By submitting your application, you are certifying the accuracy of the information contained in your application. If you make a false statement in any part of your application, you may not be hired; you may be terminated after you begin work; or, you may be fined or jailed. After making a tentative job offer, we will conduct a suitability/security background investigation. You will be required to submit official documentation prior to appointment. The agency will then verify the information provided on your application (i.e., degree, veterans' preference, disability, etc.).

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