Job Overview


NOAA Wage Mariners operate and maintain research ships and conduct survey sampling and fishing operations in direct support of NOAA's diverse environmental information products, environmental stewardship services and applied scientific research.

Wage Mariners add a seaman's know-how to NOAA's scientific research by directly participating in the operations and handling of scientific gear in the tumultuous ocean environment. Having a career as a NOAA Wage Mariner is to be an integral part of understanding the condition of the ocean and atmosphere. Unlock secrets in deep oceans, track rapidly moving storms, operate state-of-the-art environmental satellites, chart the Nation's waterways, formulate models to forecast climate trends, protect and preserve our living marine's all in a day's work at NOAA! Join a dedicated workforce committed to a vital mission: safeguarding the public, protecting natural resources, strengthening the economy. A career that makes a world of difference!


Once selected, you may be sent to any vessel nationwide. Your duty location will be determined by your home of record. There is no guarantee that you will be assigned to any particular vessel or geographic location, however, your duty location will be determined by your home of record.  Duty locations are Norfolk, VA; Charleston, SC; Woods Hole, MA; Pascagoula, MS; Newport, OR; Kodiak, AK; Ketchikan, AK; San Diego, CA; Davisville, RI.

As a conditional of employment, your position will be a Mixed Tour position.  Mixed Tour of duty is a combination of full time, part time and intermittent work schedules which allows the best utilization of resources based on the work requirements of the organization.  You will be required to sign a Mixed Tour Agreement.

A one year Trial period may be required.


The incumbent will:

*Direct and perform maintenance and repair work on the Engineering Department's ship sytems in accordance with manufacturer's and shipbuilders technical manuals and NOAA policy.  

*Provide guidance and direction to other assistant engineers performing maintenance when called upon based on his/her knowledge and experience as the more senior engineer. 

*Make Shipboard Automated Maintenance Management (SAMM) system entries as required. 

*Have overall responsibility for knowing the maintenance and operational requirements that ensure safe and efficient operation of the engineering, electrical or electron systems that may be assigned to him/her. 

*Stand engine room watch at sea or in port when required by engineering system failures or mission requirements; may be on call, at sea or in port, during non-normal work days as required.  While on watch or performing maintenance, as the engineer-in-charge, directs the activities of licensed and unlicensed engineering personnel that are assigned. 

*Assist the Chief Engineer in all department administrative activities including work planning, inventory and ordering supplies. 

*Assume the duties of the Chief Engineer in his/her absence or preoccupation.  *Perform other mission-related duties as assigned, including duties related to the safety of the vessel and personnel.

  • Additional Duty Location Info

    Few vacancies in the following locations

    • Ketchikan, AK, US
    • Kodiak, AK, US
    • San Diego, CA, US
    • Honolulu, HI, US
    • Woods Hole, MA, US
    • Pascagoula, MS, US
    • Newport, OR, US
    • Davisville, RI, US
    • Charleston AFB, SC, US
    • Norfolk, VA, US