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Agency:Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Job Announcement Number:2013-HQ-0276

This position is closed and no longer accepting online applications through USAJOBS.

The contents of the announcement can still be viewed.


$131,356.00 to $217,335.00 / Per Year


Friday, January 18, 2013 to Friday, February 08, 2013




Excepted Service, - Temporary Assignment limited to two years, may be extended for an additional two years, Full-Time




1 vacancy - Washington, DCView Map


All current permanent FDIC employees.

Applicants who are not current permanent FDIC employees should apply under FDIC announcement 2013-HQ-0273.



This position is located in the Legal Division, Corporate, Consumer, Insurance and Legislation Branch, Assessments and Legislation Section, Assessments and Legislation Unit, of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Washington, DC and provides support in the areas of the regulation and supervision of insured financial institutions.

The candidate selected will be offered a temporary assignment not-to-exceed two years which may be extended to a maximum of four years based on workload requirements and organizational staffing authorizations. Eligible candidates who are selected will be given temporary promotions. A temporary promotion may be terminated early or extended based on management's needs; it cannot exceed 5 years nor can it be made permanent. If the duration of the temporary promotion is one year or less, the employee will be returned to a position that is comparable to his/her permanent position (i.e., same series, grade, and duty location) in the same or successor division/office. If, however, the temporary promotion is to a position in a different division or office from the employee's permanent organization, and exceeds one year (including extensions beyond one year of initial temporary promotion appointments of one year or less), the employee will not be returned to his/her permanent position of record, but will be placed in a comparable permanent position (at the same grade, pay and duty station) in the organization where the temporary assignment is located. Since an extension of a temporary promotion beyond one (1) year will directly impact the employee's return rights to his/her permanent organization in such instances, the employee must concur in advance if the temporary promotion is extended beyond one (1) year.

At the end of the temporary promotion, the employee's basic pay will be set at the rate received prior to being temporarily promoted, regardless of length of the temporary promotion. Pay rate shall be increased to reflect pay increases (if any) received while temporarily promoted, as long as the resulting rate does not exceed the new range maximum.


  • This position requires occasional overnight travel.


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-Manages, performs, and supervises highly specialized and technical legal services pertaining to the regulation and supervision of insured depository institutions and is responsible for the management and direction of all substantive and administrative matters arising from such legal services, with particular emphasis on the development and analysis of legislation, regulations, FDIC policy and the interpretation and application of the laws and regulations governing the activities, operations and structure of insured depository institutions, the Financial Stability Oversight Council, and other matters affecting the agency.

- Acts in an advisory capacity to, and prepares or supervises the preparation of legal opinions for, members of the Board of Directors, the Director of the Division of Risk Management Supervision (“RMS”), the Director of the Division of Resolutions and Receiverships ("DRR") the Director of the Office of Complex Financial Institutions ("OCFI"), Director of the Division of Depositor and Consumer Protection (“DCP”), the Director of the Division of Insurance and Research (“DIR”), and the Office of Legislative Affairs (“OLA”), and the directors of other divisions and offices and their staffs nationwide on the laws and regulations governing the activities, operations and structure of insured depository institutions and in connection with the supervision and examination for compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

- Takes a lead role within the Legal Division in formulating policy and ensuring FDIC uniformity nationwide in the interpretation and application of laws, regulations and policy governing the activities, operations and structure of insured depository institutions, by providing advice, guidance, and assistance to Division management, legal staff in the Regional and Area offices, and to other branches and sections of the Legal Division.

- Manages legislative and regulatory projects involving complex, novel legal and policy issues with significant impact on insured depository institutions, depositors, and consumers to ensure FDIC policy balances effective supervision with other important concerns and interests.


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Candidates must have one year of specialized experience equivalent to the grade 13 level or higher in the Federal service.  Specialized experience is experience providing legal counsel to a Board of Directors or other senior agency management and policy makers on the Federal Deposit Insurance Act or other federal banking laws and regulations.

There is no substitution of education for the experience for this position.  

Applicants eligible for CTAP (Career Transition Assistance Program) or ICTAP (Interagency Career Transition Assistance Program) must achieve a score of 85 or higher in the online assessment to be determined "well qualified" for this position. For more information, click here.       

Applicants must have met the qualification requirements (including selective placement factors - if any) for this position by the closing date OR within 30 calendar days of the closing date to be eligible for this position.

Bar membership required.   

Completion of Confidential Financial Disclosure may be required.  

High Risk Position - Background Investigation (BI) required.


Your resume will be reviewed, including the online assessment questionnaire, to assess your ability to perform this job.  Top ranked candidates will be referred to the selecting official for further review and consideration. Candidates who are eligible for veterans' preference will receive consideration.  If you rated yourself higher than what is supported by your resume, your overall qualifications assessment may be adversely affected.

The assessment questionnaire is designed to measure your ability in the following competencies/knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs):

1.  Knowledge of the Federal Deposit Insurance Act and implementing regulations, including assessments and deposit insurance.

2.  Knowledge of administrative law, Constitutional law, legislative process, the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, including the Financial Stability Oversight Council, consumer protection laws, commercial law, and Federal and State banking laws.

3. Ability to serve as the Legal Division’s principal point of contact on legislative, regulatory and supervisory issues related to the activities, operations and structure of insured depository institutions.

4.  Knowledge of FDIC policies, practices and procedures, and ability to recognize related issues and coordinate appropriately throughout the Corporation on the resolution of those types of issues.

5.  Ability to understand the complexities of, and to take the lead in formulating policy in support of, the Corporation’s legislative, regulatory, supervisory, information security, and deposit insurance functions related to the activities, operations and structure of insured depository institutions.

6.  Ability to lead a group of professional and  support staff in highly technical work that has a major effect on the Corporation's legislative, regulatory, supervisory, information security, and deposit insurance functions. 

You do not need to respond separately to these KSAs.  Your answers to the online questionnaire and resume will serve as responses to the KSAs.  

To preview questions please click here.


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In addition to the regular benefits offered by Federal agencies, the FDIC offers additional benefits to its employees.  These benefits, some at minimal cost, are some of the best and most competitive in both the private and public sectors.
To find out more, click here.

Relocation benefits may be provided in accordance with FDIC's General Travel Regulations.


Additional selections may be made from this vacancy announcement to fill identical vacancies that occur subsequent to this announcement. 

To read about your rights and responsibilities as an applicant for Federal employment, click here.

If selected, you may be required to serve a trial period.    

If selected, you may be required to serve a supervisory/managerial probationary period.


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To begin, click the "Apply Online" button and follow the prompts to register and establish a USAJOBS account, complete the online assessment questionnaire, and submit all required documents.  Please be sure to click "FINISH" to complete the application process.

You must apply online.  Applicants requesting an exception from the online process must contact the Human Resources Specialist or contact point listed in this announcement prior to 12:00 noon local time on the closing date.

To return to your saved application, log in to your USAJOBS account and click on "Application Status."  Click on the "Position Title," and then select "Apply Online" to continue.

You have until 11:59 p.m. EST (Eastern Standard Time) on the closing date of this announcement to complete the application process.


Please review the following to determine your eligibility and which document(s) is required to complete your application:

FDIC EMPLOYEES:  Submit a final signed copy of your most recent Performance Appraisal and Evaluation form.

FDIC Career Transition Assistance Program (CTAP):  If you are a displaced or surplus FDIC employee eligible for consideration under the CTAP, you must submit proof of eligibility.  For more information, click here.


Sharon Pearson
Phone: 703-562-2162
Fax: 000-000-0000
TDD: 1-800-925-4618
Agency Information:
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Human Resources Service Center
3501 Fairfax Drive
HRB (PA-1730-5007)
Arlington, VA
Fax: 000-000-0000


Thank you for your interest in working for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. You may check the status of your application on-line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through USAJOBS by signing in and selecting "Application Status."

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