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This Position Is No Longer Available

Job Title:  Communication Director
Department:  Department Of Energy
Agency:  Department of Energy
Job Announcement Number:  EEGO-13-CR-42-IT- 00375

This position is closed and no longer accepting online applications through USAJOBS.

The contents of the announcement can still be viewed.
$123,758.00 to $155,500.00 / Per Year
Thursday, January 17, 2013 to Monday, February 04, 2013
Full-Time - Permanent
1 vacancy - Washington DC Metro Area, DC, US

Any US Citizen


The Department of Energy's overarching mission is to advance the national, economic, and energy security of the U.S. through scientific and technological innovation and the environmental cleanup of the national nuclear weapons complex. With DOE you'll have the flexibility and freedom to explore a world of possibilities through a wealth of exciting and challenging career opportunities. You'll also hone your career skills while helping to secure the U.S. future and make a real difference in the lives of Americans and people around the world. To learn more about the DOE, please visit the following link DOE

This vacancy is being concurrently advertised with EEGO-13-MP-41-IT-00375 (Status candidates).  You must apply to the vacancy for which you wish to receive consideration. Applicants who wish to be considered for both must apply to both.

The mission of EERE is to strengthen America's energy security, environmental quality, and economic vitality through public-private partnerships that (1) promote energy efficiency and productivity, (2) bring clean, reliable, and affordable energy technologies to the marketplace; and (3) make a difference in the everyday lives of Americans by enhancing their energy choices and their quality of life.  The Office formulates and directs programs designed to increase the production and utilization of renewable energy and improve energy efficiency through support of research, development, and technology transfer.  It also has responsibility for administering statutorily mandated assistance programs.  Additionally, EERE brings an outside focus to bear in renewable energy and energy efficiency issues by involving external constituencies.


  • U.S. Citizenship is required.
  • Background and/or Security Investigation is required
  • This position requires some overnight travel (3 or more nights per month)
  • One year probationary period may be required


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Program Management (50%)

a.  Leads a large team in developing and executing work plans for accomplishing cross-cutting EERE strategic communications objectives.  Directs program execution, including Office operations and assigned staff, and ensures activities are measured with appropriate performance indicators and employ sound resource management.  Prepares, justifies, administers and oversees associated budgetary and financial program requirements to include preparation of documents, requests and plans required in support of and to fulfill program needs.  Assures appropriate quarterly and annual program assessment; makes necessary adjustments; and recommends further adjustments to senior EERE management, as appropriate.

b.  Continuously determines means by which to adopt new or revised existing EERE-wide communication program strategies, primarily traditional and social media, on-line we presence and digital tools, multi-media, written publications, and consumer research campaigns.  Promotes, creates, and develops further channels to showcase EERE.  Manages, orchestrates, and facilitates the development of targeted materials for specific stakeholder groups, including Congress, stakeholders, special interest groups, and other external customers.  Assures that  communications program operations are cohesive, connected and interrelated across all EERE program areas, while leveraging opportunities to “spread the word” about EERE projects, portfolios, objectives, and goals and obtain public and media support and buy-in.

c.  Provides overall direction on how EERE, as an organization, synthesizes, distills, organizes, and distributes large volumes of layered informational content in a manner that reflects how consumers use multiple means of obtaining and processing information in today’s society.  Ensures timely relay of information regarding EERE initiatives and successes to facilitate maximum media relations effect and enhance public understanding of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies.

EERE Communications Spokesperson (10%)

Serves as a lead communications spokesperson for EERE.  When appropriate, represents and serves as spokesperson for EERE in press conferences, interviews, and other media events and at conferences, seminars, and similar gatherings attended by representatives of EERE’s publics to explain, clarify, and answer questions regarding EERE’s programs and operation

Personnel Management (25%)

Supervises a staff of communications specialists and other technical and administrative employees in grades ranging from GS-09 through GS-15.  Builds and promotes a work-culture that is inclusive, collaborative, and maximizes the talent of unit members.  Performs the supervisory tasks to include but not limited to:

-assigns work to subordinates;

-evaluates the work performance of subordinates;

-gives advice, counsel, or instruction to employees on both work and administrative matters (e.g., professional development plans, goal-setting, training needs);

-addresses and negotiates resolutions to group grievances or serious employee complaints using appropriate alternative dispute resolution and other techniques;

-effects disciplinary measures, such as warnings, reprimands, and suspensions;

-identifies, provides or arranges for and training and developmental experience for assigned employees; makes decisions on employee requests for cost and non-cost training;

-develops performance standards;

-devises ways to improve production or increase the quality of the work directed; and

-determines adequacy of and authorizes payment for contractor-performed work.

Studies of Communications Methods and Technologies (15%)

Leads and directs special, multidisciplinary studies and analyses of EERE communications practices and new methods and technologies for possible application to the EERE communications program.  Directs team efforts in such activities as determining study objectives, eliciting stakeholder input, benchmarking with other communications organizations, determining best practices, performing data collection and analysis, developing and consolidating findings and recommendations into a final report, and briefing findings and recommendations to senior EERE management.


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Please review the OPM page for information on qualifications: 0301 series

SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE: You must demonstrate in your resume at least one (1) year of specialized experience equivalent to the next lower-grade level:

(GS-15 Level)  Considerable experience working with energy efficiency and renewable energy topics, including emerging technologies. Experience in a leadership position responsible for communicating the mission, visions, and accomplishments of a medium to large private, public or non-profit organization, to various audiences and the public through a range of different communications channels. 

Examples Include:

Developing, managing, and overseeing the organization’s “brand,” including ensuring consistency of message.

Directing the internal and external activities of a professional  team, as well as a larger communications community throughout your organization.

Overseeing a high volume of internal and external communications across the organization and to the media, stakeholder communicators, legislative communicators, and other external organizations.

Providing strategic communications guidance, procedures, and guidelines to multiple senior officials at a rapid pace, including gathering pertinent information, and directing or overseeing the preparation and coordination of large educational or event-based media campaigns as well as media responses and interviews.

Overseeing written content development and execution (e.g., senior leader speeches, statements, a high volume of news releases, media advisories, and responses to inquiries from the public, video scripts, fact sheets, considerable web and social media content and/or presence, and articles) for publication.

Supervising communications staff to include performance management, staff development, evaluation, and monitoring; and oversight, formulation, and execution of budgets.

The following Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Other characteristics (KSAOs) are required for this position) (NOTE: Applicants need not prepare a written responses to these KSAs/competencies, unless asked in the online application):

1. Ability to manage a communication program.

2. Knowledge and skill sufficient to develop, implement, manage and assess effective communication strategies in support of multiple energy technology deployment and implementation programs.

3. Knowledge of and experience with energy efficiency and renewable energy topics.

4. Knowledge of budget and financial administration methods sufficient to manage the financial responsibilities of a program or office.

5. Knowledge and skill to oversee the development of a broad range of technological programs.

7. Oral Communication.

8. Supervisory skills.

9.Written communication for a range of audiences.

There is no educational substitution for specialized experience at the GS-15 level.

You must meet all qualification and eligibility requirements by the closing date of the announcements.

As a member of the Council on Veterans Program the Department of Energy supports our nation’s veterans through various veteran hiring initiatives and authorities. CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT FOR THIS VACANCY: If selected for this vacancy, you may be required to file the OGE Form 450 (Financial Disclosure Statement) prior to your appointment to this position. For additional information and to obtain the form, please visit OFFICE OF GOVERNMENT ETHICS


Your application will be rated by the system using Category Rating. A quality review will be conducted by the HR Office and/or Subject Matter Expert (SME) based on the extent and quality of your experience, education, and training described in your online resume/questionnaire as related to the duties of this position. The quality categories are defined as "Best Qualified", "Well Qualified" and Qualified". Within each category, veteran preference eligible’s will be listed at the top of the category. If your resume is incomplete, or does not support the responses in your online questionnaire you may be rated ineligible, not qualified, or your score may be adjusted.

To preview questions please click here.


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Federal employees are eligible for retirement, health insurance, life insurance, and long term care insurance benefits, along with paid annual and sick leave and holidays. A summary of benefits and family friendly flexibilities may be found at: EMPLOYEE BENEFITS


A one-year probation period may be required.


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We accept USAJOBS resume builder resume only. If you are unable to apply online, call the Human resources Specialist listed in the announcement between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Mountain Time at least two business days before the closing date.

All required documents MUST BE submitted before 11:59p.m. Eastern Time on or before the closing date of the announcement in order to receive consideration.



2. Veterans: If you are eligible for veteran's preference, you must indicate the type of preference you are claiming. All veterans MUST submit a DD-214, member 4 copy. If claiming 10-pointpreference you must also submit a SF-15 and any other proof that you are eligible for 10-point preference. If you are currently on active duty, you must submit an official statement of service from your command or other official documentation that proves your military service was performed under honorable conditions. You can find additional information on veteran's preference at VET GUIDE.

3. If you believe that you are Career Transition Assistance Program (CTAP) eligible, please visit: ICTAP/CTAP for additional information. CTAP applicants are considered well qualified who score 85 or better. Applicant must submit current performance appraisal and certificate/letter of Expected Separation, specific reduction-in-force separation notice, or the separation Notification of Personnel Action (SF-50).

4. If you are eligible for any Special Appointing Authority, you must submit the documentation supporting your eligibility. For additional information, visit DISABILITY RESOURCES

5. The documentation identified above must be attached to your application using one of the following actions:

1) "Upload" to upload documents directly from your computer.

2) "USAJOBS" to upload documents stored in your "USAJOBS" accounts

3) "Fax" to generate a fax cover sheet and fax the documents (system generated cover sheet must be used)

Applicants will be prompted at the "Vacancy Documents" section of the application to add their required documents. Please review and follow the instructions listed to successfully submit your documents.


Cynthia Wilder
Phone: 720-356-1813
Fax: 571-258-4052
Agency Information:
Department of Energy
1000 Independence Ave
Washington, DC
Fax: 571-258-4052


After each step in the recruitment process, your status will be updated in USAJOBS. You can review your status in USAJOBS at any time. You may also elect to receive status updates via e-mail by changing the notification settings in your USAJOBS profile.

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