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Job Title:Attorney-Adviser (General)

Department:Department of the Army

Agency:Army Installation Management Command

Job Announcement Number:NCFR13346750826089

This position is closed and no longer accepting online applications through USAJOBS.

The contents of the announcement can still be viewed.


$81,823.00 to $106,369.00 / Per Year


Thursday, January 17, 2013 to Friday, February 15, 2013




Full Time - Permanent


1 vacancy in the following location:
San Antonio, TX United StatesView Map


All U.S. Citizens


Serves as an Attorney-Adviser in the Office of Counsel, U.S. Army Environmental Command (AEC).  Responsibilities include the planning and accomplishment of legal work pertaining to environmental matters throughout the command. Work involves complex legal and factual issues in developing areas of law that relate to the protection of environmental, legal, contractual, financial, and nationwide policy interests of the Army.

About the Position:

As a command Attorney, you will provide oral/written advice and technical legal guidance to key AEC officials and to subordinate AEC legal offices and installation command/staff. You will be relied upon to provide advice to AEC legal offices and other supporting installation legal offices around the world relative to Environmental law. These cases or issues require extraordinary legal research skills and a high order of creative interpretation and legal reasoning to formulate advice and recommend legal courses of action to accomplish the mission and comply with applicable laws and regulations.



 Who May Apply:

 All U. S. citizens.


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You will serve as an Environmental Attorney in the Office of Counsel, U.S. Army Environmental Command (AEC). Responsibilities include the planning and accomplishment of diversified legal work pertaining to environmental matters arising out of Army, AEC, MACOM, and Army installation activities. Research and determine the requirements for compliance with Federal and state laws and regulations. Advise and assist program managers in the development of Army-wide policies, programs, and procedures to implement environmental laws, regulations, and directives. Review environmental documents for legal sufficiency and draft legal language for agreements, environmental assessments, environmental impact statements, and decision documents. Recommend, coordinate, and conduct legal environmental training for AEC staff, environmental attorneys and specialists, and other interested parties to help create greater understanding of environmental laws, compliance, and regulatory processes. Serve as a legal advisor in administrative law matters not within the province of more clearly defined fields of law. Provide required annual ethics training.



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Applicants will be evaluated to determine if they meet the minimum qualification requirements and on the extent to which their application shows possession of the following knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) associated with the position.  KSAs: 


1. Knowledge of and ability to apply knowledge of federal laws, regulations, Department of Defense (DoD) and Department of the Army (DA) policies and procedures related to environmental law to support the mission of the HQ U.S. Army Environmental Command .
2. Ability to exercise independent judgment and to research, analyze and interpret complex legal issues, laws, regulations and policies, and to prepare legal opinions that are concise, well reasoned, legally sound, and consistent with relevant precedent.   
3. Ability to communicate orally, to brief, explain, advocate, represent, train, instruct, in an effective manner, logically and concisely, to a client, supervisor, opposing counsel, and the general public.

4. Ability to write clear, accurate and legally sound memoranda, opinions, and correspondence, for clients, commanders, and other management officials, using office automation hardware.

VETERANS PREFERENCE INFORMATION: There is no formal rating system for applying veteran's preference to attorney appointments in the excepted service; however, the Department of the Army considers veteran's preference eligibility a positive factor for attorney hiring. Applicants eligible for veteran's preference must include that information in their cover letter or resume and attach supporting documents (e.g., DD Form 214, Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active duty) to their submissions. Although the point-preference system is not used, applicants eligible to claim a 10-point preference must submit a Standard Form (SF) 15, Application for 10-Point Veteran Preference, and supporting documentation required for the specific type of preference claimed. (SF 15, which lists the types of 10-point preference and the required supporting documents, is available from the Office of Personnel Management Website at


TIME IN GRADE REQUIREMENT: If currently employed as an attorney by the federal government you must have completed one year of time-in-grade at the next lower grade level within 30 days of the closing date of the announcement, or previously served at the same or higher grade as the position being filled.


The following minimum qualification requirements must be met before applicants are eligible for further consideration.
•  Education: An applicant must have successfully completed a full course of study in a school of law accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA) and have the first professional law degree (LLB or JD).
•  Bar Membership: An applicant must currently be a member in good standing of the bar of a state, territory of the United States, District of Columbia, or Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.
•  Experience: For GS-12/13 or equivalent:  Applicant must have two or more years of professional legal experience, acquired after being admitted to the bar, commensurate with the duties and responsibilities of the position. Graduation from an ABA-Accredited Law School in the top 25% of the class or an advanced law degree such as an LLM may substitute for one year of the required professional legal experience.


Other Requirements:

Male applicants born after December 31, 1959 must complete a Pre-Employment Certification Statement for Selective Service Registration.

You will be required to provide proof of U.S. Citizenship.

One year trial/probationary period may be required.

Direct Deposit of Pay is Required.

You may claim Military Spouse Preference.

Documentation to support Military Spouse Preference needs to be submitted at time of application.

Personnel security investigation required.

Permanent Change of Station (PCS) allowances may be authorized.

Applicants claiming veteran's preference must clearly show an entitlement to such preference on the resume/supplemental data submitted.



Resumes will be evaluated for basic qualification requirements and for the skills needed to perform the duties of the position, as described in this vacancy announcement and identified by the Selecting Official.


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The Department of Defense offers excellent benefits programs some of which may include:

  • Comprehensive health and life insurance
  • Competitive salaries
  • Generous retirement programs
  • Paid holidays, sick leave, and vacation time
  • Flexible work environment and alternate work schedules
  • Paid employment related training and education
  • Possible student loan repayment
  • Payment of licenses, certification, and academic degrees as applicable
  • Bonuses, incentives, and awards as appropriate for the job.


    The Department of Defense (DoD) policy on employment of annuitants will be used in determining eligibility of annuitants.

    • In accordance with section 9902(h) of title 5, United States Code, annuitants reemployed in the Department of Defense shall receive full annuity and salary upon appointment. They shall not be eligible for retirement contributions, participation in the Thrift Savings Plan, or a supplemental or redetermined annuity for the reemployment period. Discontinued service retirement annuitants (i.e. retired under section 8336(d)(1) or 8416(b)(1)(A) of title 5, United States Code) appointed to the Department of Defense may elect to be subject to retirement provisions of the new appointment as appropriate. (See DoD instructions 1400.25, Volume 300, at

    • Salary includes applicable locality pay or Local Market Supplement.

    • To successfully claim veteran's preference, your resume/supplemental data must clearly show your entitlement.


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    To apply for this position, you must provide a complete Application Package which includes:

    1. Your resume: If you submit a resume with inappropriate material e.g. photos, you will not be considered for this vacancy. Your resume may be submitted in any format. For qualifications determinations your resume must contain hours worked per week and the dates of employment (i.e., HRS per week and month/year to month/year or month/year to present). Resumes that do not contain this information will be marked as insufficient and applicants may not receive consideration for this position.
    2. Your responses to the questionnaire
    3. Additional required documents (see Required Documents section below)

    The complete Application Package must be submitted by 11:59 PM (EST) on Friday, February 15, 2013.

    To begin the process, click the Apply Online button to create an account or log in to your existing USAJOBS account.  Follow the prompts to complete the questionnaire. Please ensure you click the Submit My Answers button at the end of the process. 
    To fax supporting documents you are unable to upload, complete this cover page using the following Vacancy ID826089.  Fax your documents to 1-478-757-3144.

    If you cannot apply online, you will need to provide the same information obtained in the online process.  You will need  two documents to complete this process:  the Occupational Questionnaire and the scan response form, U.S. Office of Personnel Management Occupational Questionnaire (OPM Form 1203-FX). 

    1. Download the scan response form, OPM Form 1203-FX, from

    2. View Occupational Questionnaire.  Use this information to guide you in completing the OPM Form 1203-FX.  Note that you may be instructed to leave some responses blank on the scan response form.

    3. Fax the completed OPM Form 1203-FX, along with your required and supporting documents, to 1-478-757-3144. Your OPM Form 1203-FX will serve as a cover page for your fax transmission.

    It is your responsibility to verify that information entered, uploaded, or faxed (i.e., resume) is complete, accurate, and submitted by the closing date.  Uploaded documents may take up to one hour to clear the virus scan.  Faxed documents must be completely transmitted by 11:59p.m. Eastern Standard Time on the closing date of the announcement.

    The Department of the Army provides reasonable accommodations to applicants with disabilities. If you need a reasonable accommodation for any part of the application and hiring process, please notify the servicing civilian personnel unit. Requests for reasonable accommodation are made on a case-by-case basis.


    The following documents are required:

    • Resume: If you submit a resume with inappropriate material e.g. photos, you will not be considered for this vacancy. Your resume may be submitted in any format. For qualifications determinations your resume must contain hours worked per week and the dates of employment (i.e., HRS per week and month/year to month/year or month/year to present). Resumes that do not contain this information will be marked as insufficient and applicants may not receive consideration for this position.
    • Official Law School Transcripts & official statement of relative standing in class. A copy is acceptable when applying but certified documents must be furnished before entering duty.
    • Official certificate showing the applicant is a member in good standing of the bar of a state, territory of the U.S., the District of Columbia or the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, together with a sworn statement by the candidate that his or her fitness to practice law or conduct as an attorney has never been challenged in any jurisdiction to the best of the applicants knowledge, OR if either has been challenged, a sworn statement concerning the facts and circumstances, and any other explanation which the applicant may deem appropriate may be submitted.  As an alternative to a sworn statement, a declaration under penalty of perjury may be submitted in the following format:  "I declare (or certify, verify, or state) under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States of America that the foregoing is true and correct...executed on (Date), (Signature of Applicant)".  (28 U.S.C. 1746).  The statement and certificate must be dated within three months of the date the application is submitted.  The statement and certification must be submitted by all applicants to include attorneys currently appointed to positions under the qualifying authority of The Judge Advocate General, Army (including active duty Army Judge Advocates). 
    • Examples of writing skills should be demonstrated by legal briefs, articles, memoranda, and/or letters.  These examples should total no more than ten pages in length.  Extracts of selected sections of larger documents are acceptable.  
    • If you are claiming Veterans Preference or Military Spouse preference (MSP), to verify your preference claim you MUST submit supporting documents with your application package. These documents may include, but are not limited to: for MSP claims, PCS orders and marriage certificate; for verification of Veteran Preference, DD214 (which indicates character of service) SF-15, VA Letter and/or Activation/Deactivation orders.

    PLEASE NOTE: Documents submitted as part of the application package, to include supplemental documents, may be shared beyond the Human Resources Office. Some supplemental documents like military orders and marriage certificates may contain personal information for other than the applicant.These documents may be sanitized to remove such personal information before submission with the application. Applicants may be asked to provide an un-sanitized version of the documents upon selection to confirm eligibility.


    Central Resume Processing Center
    Phone: (410)306-0137
    Agency Information:
    DA NCR Fort Sam Houston
    Fort Sam Houston
    Civilian Personnel Advisory Center
    2438 Stanley Rd Bldg 144
    Fort Sam Houston, TX


    Once this announcement closes, your application/resume package will be reviewed to determine if you meet the experience and/or education requirements found in the vacancy announcement.  If you are found to be qualified, your application/resume may be referred to the selecting official for selection.  If your application/resume is referred to the selectiing official, you may be contacted for an interview, however, this is optional.  If you are selected, you will receive a tentative job offer. 


    To check the status of your application or return to a previous or incomplete application, log into your USAJOBS account, select My Applications, and click on the more information link under the application status for this position. 


    For questions regarding the status of your application, eligibility or qualifications determination contact:

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