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This Position Is No Longer Available

Job Title:  Pharmacist 0660-9/11/12 (Direct Hire)
Department:  Department Of Health And Human Services
Agency:  Indian Health Service
Job Announcement Number:  IHS-13-PX-817845-DHA

This position is closed and no longer accepting online applications through USAJOBS.

The contents of the announcement can still be viewed.
$67,878.00 to $114,517.00 / Per Year
Monday, January 14, 2013 to Sunday, March 31, 2013
Multiple Schedules - Multiple Appointment Types
Few vacancies in the following location(s):
Phoenix, AZ United StatesView Map
Polacca, AZ United StatesView Map
Parker, AZ United StatesView Map
San Xavier, AZ United StatesView Map
Sells, AZ United StatesView Map
More Locations  (13)
United States Citizens



Title 38 Salary and Hiring Incentives Available and Federal Benefits Package

Become a part of the Department that touches the lives of Indigenous Americans!  At IHS you can make a difference in the lives of Native Americans and Alaska Natives around the Country.  

Preference in filling vacancies is given to qualified Native American Indian Candidates or Alaska Natives in accordance with the INDIAN PREFERENCE ACT. Title 25, US Code, Section 472 & 473.  In other than the above, the Indian Health Service is an Equal Opportunity Employee.


Organizational Locations: Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Indian Health Service (IHS), Southwest Region, Phoenix Area Office, Human Resources Department, Two Renaissance, 40 North Central Ave, Suite 510, Phoenix, Arizona.


*Vacancy amended to change the closing date of this announcement from 12/31/2013. 

Positions will be filled as vacancies occur. There MAY NOT be immediate vacancies at all locations under the Southwest Region and in Federal, Intergovernmental Personnel Agreement (IPA); or by Memorandum of Agreement (MOA).  You are encouraged to identify the locations you want to be considered for.  Eligible locations under the Southwest Region, Phoenix Area include:  Fort Yuma, Parker, Peach Springs, Phoenix, Polacca, San Carlos, San Simon, San Xavier, Sells, Tucson, Whiteriver, AZ; Elko, Schurz, NV; Roosevelt, *Uintah & Ouray, Fort Duchesne, UT; and other Tribal locations in Nevada.


  • Position subject to background investigation.
  • As part of the pre-employment process, fingerprint checks are required.
  • If applicable-Selective Service registration (Males born after 12/31/59)
  • Must be a US Citizen to apply.
  • Copy of current license required during the hiring process


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DUTY LOCATIONS: Positions are filled as vacancies occur and may be located at any of the 15 hospitals/health centers located in a three state area covered under the Phoenix Area and Tucson Area Indian Health Service.  You are encouraged to identify the locations you want to be considered for during the application process:

Arizona-Phoenix Area:

·         Phoenix Indian Medical Center in Phoenix, AZ

·         Whiteriver Indian Hospital in Whiteriver, AZ & Cibecue Health Center in Cibecue, AZ

·         Parker Indian Hospital in Parker, AZ & Peach Springs Health Center in Peach Springs, AZ

·         Hopi Health Care Center in Polacca, AZ

·         San Carlos Indian Hospital in San Carlos, AZ & Bylas Health Center in Bylas, AZ

·         Fort Yuma Indian Hospital in Yuma, AZ

Arizona-Tucson Area:

·         Sells Indian Hospital in Sells, AZ; this location also includes the Santa Rosa, San Xavier, and San Simon Health Centers


·         Elko Service Unit in Elko, NV; this location may also include Owyhee, NV

·         Schurz Service Unit in Schurz, NV (may also include Fallon, Pyramid Lake) & McDermitt Health Center in McDermitt, NV.


·         *Uintah-Ouray Service Unit in Fort Duchesne; Roosevelt, UT

Duties: Please ensure you answer all questions and follow all instructions carefully. Errors or omissions may result in losing consideration for the job.


·       Performs the processing and distribution of pharmaceutical products to ambulatory patients and inpatients; clinics, inpatient wards and field health activities per requisitions.

·       Establishes drug use policy and monitors the handling and use of pharmaceutical products for compliance with regulations.

·       Provides consultation, drug information and in-service education; counsels patients on home use, precautions and storage of pharmaceutical products.

·       Provides assessment and treatment to patients with minor problems and maintenance care to patients with chronic diseases on long term drug therapy according to the standards of care as outlined in medical staff approved protocols.


Salary Range:

GS-09, $67,878 - $80,343 per annum

GS-11, $80,455 - $95,539 per annum

GS-12, $96,436 - $114,517 per annum


Appointment Types: Positions to be filled as vacancies occur as permanent, term (maximum 4 years), or temporary appointments.  

Work Schedules: Multiple schedules may be filled as vacancies occur, you are encouraged to identify the schedules you are willing to accept.  Eligible schedules include: full-time, part-time, rotational, or intermittent schedule.

Relocation Expenses: Travel may not be paid in accordance with Federal Travel Regulations.

Housing: Government quarters or tribal housing may or may not be available, depending on occupancy; otherwise private housing only.

Promotion Potential: Promotion potential will vary by position.


If a position is filled at a lower grade, an incumbent may be promoted to the full performance grade level once all legal and regulatory requirements are met; however, such promotion is neither automatic nor guaranteed.


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If selected, all applicants must meet the qualification requirements at the time of appointment.


Basic Requirements - All pharmacist applicants must meet both of the following requirements:

Education: Four-year bachelor's degree in pharmacy recognized by the American Council on Pharmaceutical Education.


Licensure: All applicants must be licensed to practice pharmacy in a State, territory of the United States, or the District of Columbia.


Specialized Experience:


GS-9: 1 year specialized experience of professional pharmacy experience equivalent to at least GS-7.


GS-11: One year specialized experience of professional pharmacy experience equivalent to at least GS-9; or, for research positions, completion of all of the requirements for a master's or equivalent degree in a related scientific field.

GS-12:  One year specialized experience of professional pharmacy experience equivalent to at least GS-11; or, for research positions, completion of all the requirements for a Ph.D. or equivalent degree in a related scientific field.

Specialized Experience: Experience that equipped the applicant with the particular knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform successfully the duties of the position, and that is typically in or related to the work of the position to be filled.


To be creditable, specialized experience must have been equivalent to at least the next lower grade level in the normal line of progression based on qualification standards regulated by Office of Personnel Management for the occupation in the organization.



Applicants must be able to distinguish basic color.


Your education and work experience may be combined to meet the qualification requirements of this position.


GS-9:  Successful completion of a 5-year course of study leading to a bachelor's or higher degree in pharmacy from an approved pharmacy school.


GS-11:  Successful completion of a 6-year course of study leading to a Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) degree.

GS-12:  Education normally not applicable, but must meet the basic requirements and one (1) year of specialized experience equivalent to at least the next lower grade level in the Federal service performing work that equipped me with the particular knowledge, skills and abilities to successfully perform the duties of this position as described in the vacancy announcement.

You must provide the required information during the online application process;


Resume complete in USAJOBS

Responses to Questionnaire

Applicable Supporting Documentation (see Required documents section in this announcement for more details) including OF 306 Addendum


This position is covered by the provisions of P.L. 101-630, the Indian Child Protection and Family Violence Act.  You must complete the 'Addendum to the OF-306' (see 'How to Apply' section for link to form).


You must be a U.S. Citizen or National to apply for this position.


Males born after December 31, 1959 are required to be registered with the Selective Service System in order to be eligible for employment with the Federal Government.  You may register or check the status of your registration by visiting the Selective Service website at:


These vacancies are filled as vacancies occur through the Office of Personnel Management's delegated Direct Hire Authority.  The following is applicable: all applicants who meet the basic qualification requirements will be made available to the Selecting Official for consideration. Hiring preference will be given to qualified Native American and Alaska Native applicants, but Veterans' preference and traditional rating and ranking of applications do not apply to these vacancies.

The HHS Careers system simplifies the Federal application process by replacing the former KSA job-element statements with on-line self-assessment questions. Applicants who meet the minimum qualifications requirements will be invited to complete an on-line questionnaire assessing the following: 


Interpersonal Skills: Show understanding, friendliness, courtesy, tact, empathy, concern, and politeness to others; develops and maintains effective relationships with others; may include effectively dealing with individuals who are difficult, hostile, or distressed; relates well to people from varied backgrounds and different situations; is sensitive to cultural diversity, race, gender, disabilities, and other individual differences.


Decision Making:  Makes sound, well-informed, and objective decisions; perceives the impact and implications of decisions; commits to action, even in uncertain situations, to accomplish organizational goals; causes change.


Attention to Details:  Is thorough when performing work and conscientious about attending to details.


Technical Competence:  Uses knowledge that is acquired through formal training or extensive on-the-job experience to perform one’s job; works with, understands, and evaluates technical information related to the job; advises others on technical issues.


Teaching Others:  Helps others learn through formal or informal methods; identifies training needs; provides constructive feedback; coaches others on how to perform tasks; acts as a mentor.


If found qualified, your score will range from 70-100 points (not including points that may be assigned for Veterans' Preference).  We will compare your resume and supporting documentation to your responses on the assessment questionnaire.  If you rate yourself higher than is supported by your application materials, your responses may be adjusted and/or you may be excluded from consideration for this job.  You will be deemed well qualified if you score 85 and above.


For I/CTAP purposes, you will be deemed well-qualified if you are placed in at least the well-qualified category.


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The Federal Government offers a comprehensive benefits package.   Explore the major benefits offered to most Federal employees at  




Individuals who have special priority selection rights under the Agency Career Transition Assistance Program (CTAP) or the Interagency Career Transition Assistance Program (ICTAP) must be well qualified for the position to receive consideration for special priority selection.  Basis of rating for a definition of well-qualified is 'meets the minimum qualification requirements and meets most requirements of the position' (see the 'How You Will Be Evaluated' section). 


Federal employees seeking CTAP/ICTAP eligibility must submit proof that they meet the requirements of 5 CFR 330.605(a) for CTAP and 5 CFR 330.704 for ICTAP.  This includes a copy of the agency notice, a copy of your most recent Performance Rating, and a copy of your most recent SF-50 noting current position, grade level, and duty location.  Please annotate your application to reflect that you are applying as a CTAP or ICTAP eligible. 


Candidates must meet qualification requirements, licensure requirements (possess and maintain a current, valid, active State license/registration as a Pharmacist), performance requirements, citizenship and suitability requirements, and any other eligibility requirements by the time of appointment.  Inquiries and questions regarding Pharmacy positions for the Southwest Region, CAPT Lisa Tonrey by email at


Selectee may be required to serve a one year probationary period.


Pre-Employment Clearance:


If you are selected, you must undergo a fingerprint check.  Fingerprint results must be cleared prior to hire.  You will receive instructions on how to obtain and submit fingerprints.  After you begin your employment, your continued employment is contingent upon the outcome of a complete background investigation as determined by the sensitivity level of your position.


The investigation must find that you are suitable for Federal employment in your position.  If you are found not suitable, you will be terminated after you begin work.  If you make a false statement in any part of your application, you may be terminated after you begin work; or subject to possible criminal charges.


IHS - Operated Properties are tobacco free




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To apply for this position, you must provide a complete Application Package, which includes the following parts:

  1. Assessment Questionnaire
  2. Résumé
  3. Required Documents (Specified in the Required Documents section of this job announcement. An applicant may not be considered if proper documentation is not received.)


Option A: Online application process (USAJOBS to Application Manager) the preferred method to receive automatic updates on your application status.


To begin the process, click the Apply Online button on this page to create an account or log in to your existing USAJOBS account. Follow the prompts to complete the assessment questionnaire. Please ensure you click the Submit My Answers button at the end of the process.


Note: To return to a previously Saved or Incomplete application you may use the following link: .


Your Application Package status must be Complete in order to be considered and referred.


Option B:  Fax

If it is not possible for you to use the USAJOBS Account to Application Manager Account online application process (you have a disability or do not have access to the internet), you can apply for this announcement by completing the OPM 1203-FX form instead. Please use the following step-by-step instructions as a guide to filling out the required questionnaire. You will need to print the vacancy announcement and refer to it as you answer the questions. You may omit any optional information; however, you must provide responses to all required questions. Be sure to double check your application before submission.


Follow these steps:

  1. Print a copy of this job announcement so that you can read the questions offline. View Occupational Questionnaire.  You can obtain the OPM1203fx form at this URL .
  2. You may submit the OPM Form 1203-FX (hard copy questionnaire), résumé, and/or any supporting documents by fax.
  • If you are faxing a Form 1203-FX, do not use a separate cover sheet. Simply make sure the Form 1203-FX is on top of any other documents you are faxing.
  • If you are faxing any documents without the Form 1203-FX on top, always use the official cover sheet which is here -- -- and be sure to fill it out completely and clearly.  The fax number is 1-478-757-3144.  Feed all documents into your fax machine top first so that we receive them right-side up.


Faxed documents will take 2-3 business days to process. Faxed documents submitted with missing information will not be processed. The following will prevent your documents from being processed:

  • Not using the special cover page mentioned above.
  • Missing, incomplete, or invalid Vacancy Identification Number 817845
  • Missing or incomplete Social Security Number or name


Note: If you have documents in your Application Manager account from a previous vacancy announcement they can be opened, copied and saved then reused as an upload file for this vacancy. Uploading your documents will speed the processing of your application for this announcement.


If you need a reasonable accommodation for any part of the application and hiring process, please notify the Human Resources Office, Trudy Begay, (602)364-5219, TRUDY.BEGAY@IHS.GOV.  "The decision on granting reasonable accommodation will be on a case-by-case basis."


Please ensure you answer all questions and follow all instructions carefully. Errors or omissions may result in you losing consideration for a position.

You must provide the required information during the application process; if any of the following are missing your application may be considered incomplete:

1. Completed Resume

2. Copy of current License (Unrestricted)

3. Responses to Questionnaire

4. Completed OF-306 (available to download at:

5. Completed Childcare Addendum (available to download at:

6. Copy BIA 4432 (if claiming Indian Preference), must see your Tribal Agency to verify/claim preference.

7. If you have a Bachelor degree with a GPA of 3.00 or better, it is highly recommended that you submit a copy of your college transcripts for consideration of the scholastic superior academic appointment.

Your resume or other application format must contain the following information to allow for qualification determination.


·    Announcement number, title and grade(s)

·    Full Name (first, middle, last - include other names used, i.e., maiden name)

·    Mailing Address and email address

·    Phone Number where you can be reached

·    Country of citizenship

·    Education:  Colleges attended, type of degree (list major) received, date of degrees conferred.

·    Work Experience:  (include non-paid work as well as paid)


1.   Job Title (if Federal employment, indicate series and grade)

2.   Duties and Accomplishments

3.   Employer’s name and Address, phone number

4.   Starting and ending dates of employment (month/year)

5.   Hours of work per week (i.e., full-time/part-time/intermittent, etc.)

6.   Salary

7.   Indicate if you do not want us to contact your current supervisor (if not specified, it will be assumed that we may do so)


·    List job related training (title, year obtained, hours of training)

·    Honors or awards received

·    License or certificates obtained (submit with application)

·    Special accomplishments (i.e., publications, memberships, leadership and community recognition, etc.)


Trudy Begay
Phone: (602)364-5219
TDD: (301)443-6394
Agency Information:
Indian Health Service HR Center


First notification : Once the online questionnaire and resume are received, you will receive an acknowledgement email that your submission was successfully received. Receipt of this email does not confirm receipt of the other required document(s): copy of your license or completed OF-306 Addendum form.


We will review your résumé and required supporting documents to ensure you meet the basic qualification & eligibility requirements.  This position is covered under Public Law 101-630 Indian Child Protection and Family Violence Prevention Act.   As part of our review we will adjudicate your completed OF-306 Addendum form (see Required Documents Section).


You will no longer need to call the HR Office to determine your application status. USAJOBS has added an alert setting to their system to drive status updates notification for applicants.  You can elect to activate the proactive notification from your USAJOBS profile at any point during the application process to sign-up for automatic alerts when there are status changes for jobs to which you have applied. 


This is an OPEN CONTINUOUS announcement.  Multiple positions may be filled from this announcement during the term of the open period.  A list of qualified applicants will be compiled and referred at the request of the selecting official upon a vacancy.  Those candidates who have complete applications on file at the time of the request will receive full consideration for the vacant position.

Your application will remain active for 90-days after date of receipt by this office.  If you want further consideration after this period, you must re-apply and update any application document as needed.

Additional Duty Location Info

Few vacancies in the following locations:
Phoenix, AZ United StatesView Map
Polacca, AZ United StatesView Map
Parker, AZ United StatesView Map
San Xavier, AZ United StatesView Map
Sells, AZ United StatesView Map
Yuma, AZ United StatesView Map
Whiteriver, AZ United StatesView Map
Peach Springs, AZ United StatesView Map
San Simon, AZ United StatesView Map
Fort Duchesne, UT United StatesView Map
San Carlos, AZ United StatesView Map
Tucson, AZ United StatesView Map
Elko, NV United StatesView Map
Fallon, NV United StatesView Map
McDermitt, NV United StatesView Map
Owyhee, NV United StatesView Map
Schurz, NV United StatesView Map
Roosevelt, UT United StatesView Map

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