Job Overview


"Serving Those Who Serve"

The Hale Koa Hotel's mission is to operate a first class hotel and recreation facility at affordable prices for military members and their families.

Serves as a steward for all Food and Beverage outlets at the Hale Koa Hotel.


Performs a variety of tasks having several steps or a sequence of tasks that requires attention to work operations in a kitchen or dining area following established procedures.  Sets up cafeteria lines, steam-tables, dining room tables, and side service stands with or and cold food items including meats, vegetables, salads, desserts, bread, butter, and beverages; replenishes as necessary.  Serves food by order and proper proportion.  Breaks down and cleans tables and area when meal is finished and returns dishes and food to the kitchen area.  Washes tables and counters.  Operates, breaks down, and cleans all equipment assigned to the area for food preparation.  Cleans kitchen equipment such as worktables, sinks and refrigerators.  Scrapes, soaks, scours, and scrubs heavy cooking utensils such as mixing bowls or pots.  Separates food waste and trash from dishes, glasses, and silverware.  Loads and operates dishwashers.  Stores cleaned dishes, glasses and silverware.  Vacuums and shampoos carpets; sweeps and mops kitchen floors.  Cleans exhaust vents, hoods, windows, ceilings, and walls.  Cleans and sanitizes trash cans; disposes of trash.  Unloads and stores food from delivery trucks.  Performs other duties as assigned.