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The Agricultural Research Service (ARS) is the United States Department of Agriculture's chief scientific research agency and one of the world's premiere scientific organizations.  ARS Postdoctoral Research Associates are hired to supplement a lead scientist's research on agricultural problems of high national priority affecting American agriculture.

Applications for this position will be accepted from both US Citizens and Foreign Nationals who meet both  Appropriations Law and Immigration Law requirements found under "Foreign Nationals Eligible for Federal Employment" at


This is a temporary appointment NTE 2 years (may be extended up to 4 years without further competition).


The incumbent will measure and characterize the temporal changes in rhizosphere microbial community composition of different cover crop species using molecular biology approaches. Additional techniques will also be employed to identify beneficial rhizosphere bacteria producing anti-fungal compounds. These techniques will also examine the rhizosphere communities of corn planted after each of the cover crop species and after no cover crops. The effect of the cover crop rhizosphere microbial community on the presence of Fusarium and Pythium in the corn rhizosphere and their pathogenicity on corn seedlings will be determined.   Research will be conducted in both laboratory and field settings.