Job Overview


The Bureau of Land Management is looking for temporary employees to work as Fire Logistics Dispatchers in Nevada.

All locations may not be hiring for all grades; check with each location individually to find out the grades they are hiring for.

FIRST CONSIDERATION DATE:  All locations will begin to consider applicants prior to the closing date of the announcement. You must apply on or before 1/8/2013 to receive first consideration. Thereafter, applications may be considered as needed by location; during the open period of the announcement.

For information on the Bureau of Land Management(BLM), please visit their website

For contacts and information regarding housing availability visit Fire Contacts on the DOI Fire Jobs website and select Nevada.


A Fire Logistics Dispatcher (GS-04) provides a wide range of fire dispatch support functions, such as: receives fire location information and notifies supervisor, processes resource orders, informs supervisor of logistical support activities, inputs data into a number of fire-related computer applications, and records and maintains communication logs.

A Fire Logistics Dispatcher (GS-05) Serves as a dispatcher, receiving, filling, and tracking resource order requests for fire and other emergency incidents. Collects, processes, collates and submits incident information to support fire operations. Inputs data into a number of fire-related computer applications. Organizes and reviews completed records of all orders placed. Processes and interprets weather information.

A Fire Logistics Dispatcher (GS-07) Performs and directs others in completing and processing resource order requests for personnel, equipment, supplies, and/or aircraaft for all types of incidents. Provides assistance on problems encountered by lower level dispatch personnel. Coordinates with other dispatch organizations on mobilization, reassignment, and demobilization of resources. Inputs data into a number of fire-related computer applications. Operates and/or directs the operation of various dispatch telecommunications systems. Provides technical guidance, orientation, and training to other dispatchers.