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This Position Is No Longer Available

Job Title:  Electrician Leader (High Voltage)
Department:  Department Of Agriculture
Agency:  Agricultural Research Service
Job Announcement Number:  ARS-A13E-0012

This position is closed and no longer accepting online applications through USAJOBS.

The contents of the announcement can still be viewed.
$27.87 to $32.52 / Per Hour
Monday, November 26, 2012 to Thursday, December 06, 2012
Full Time - Permanent
2 vacancies in the following location:
Beltsville, MD United StatesView Map
Applications will be accepted from current Agricultural Research Services, Beltsville Area Research Center employees within the local commuting area,


Find Solutions to Agricultural Problems that Affect Americans Every Day, From Field to Table

The positions available are with the Facilities Services, Building Maintenance Branch, Service Request Team 2.  The primary purpose of the positions is to perform new construction, alterations, renovations, maintenance and repair on electrical systems and equipment supporting the Beltsville Area (BA).


  • You must be a U.S. Citizen to apply for this position


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Major Duties:
You will perform the full range of journeyman work involved in installing, modifying, repairing, troubleshooting, loading and testing new and existing electrical lines, circuits, systems, fixtures, controls and equipment including secondary distribution lines and circuits.  Will determine properly balanced circuits, size and routing of circuits, types of switches, relays and other materials and initiates requests for materials needed from stock supply.  Services, repairs, maintains and installs many types of electrical appliances, motors, ovens, furnances, air compressors, generators, etc., and as required makes periodic inspection and services all types of electrically-operated equipment and machinery, light and power circuits, components and accessories in accordance with factory furnished maintenance instructions.  Clears right of way for power lines, lays out line, operates auger to dig pole and anchor holes, sets poles using truck derrick to raise and position the poles, sets cross arms and supprts, strings wire, installs transformers, lightning arrestors, insulators, metering equipment, primary fuse cutout etc.  Inspects, modifies, repairs, troubleshoots, loads and tests new and existing electrical lines, circuits, systems, fixtures, controls and equipment.  Persons selected will serve as Working Leader to teams comprised of an Electrician, a Maintenance Mechanic, a Plumber and Maintenance Workers.  As the Leader, you will assign work and work with other team members setting the pace, providing technical guidance, demonstrating proper work methods, serving as the liaison between the team and the supervisor regarding any problems that surface during the course of the work.  You will check work in progress and upon completion; ensures safety rules are followed, reporting work status and any possible delays to the supervisor and approving/disapproving leave.

Working Conditions and Other Considerations:

You will be subject to danger of shock, cuts, burns, bruises, falls, exposure to dirt, fumes and temperature changes.  You may be required to make installations outside in bad weather and in work areas that are noisy or dirty.  You will be required to wear eye goggles, insulated gloves and safety shoes.


Hours of Work:  In general this position is scheduled to work Monday through Friday on a day-time schedule.  You may be required to report for duty during emergencies, critical periods, or when the government is closed due to inclement weather or other reasons.


Physical Effort:  You will be required to work from ladders, scaffolds, belts and platforms which will require you to work in cramped, stretched or awkward positions. Will frequently lift articles weighing up to 20 pounds and occasionally over that amount.


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Basic Requirements:
Applicants must have experience and/or training of sufficient scope and quality to perform the duties required.  Applicants will be rated in accordance with their knowledge and skill in the job elements listed below.

1. Ability to lead.  (This is the screen-out element.  Applicants who are not rated satisfactory on the screen-out element will not be rated on the remaining elements.)
2. Knowledge of electrical equipment.
3. Theory and instruments (electrical, electronic) used in shop and trade practices.
4. Technical practices (theoretical, precise, artistic).

5.  Ability to use electrical drawings.

6.  Ability to use and maintain hand tools (electrical work).

7.  Troubleshooting (electrical).

Additional Requirements:

Certification/License Requirements:

Must possess and maintain a valid State driver's license in order to operate a Government-owned vehicle.

SUPPLEMENTAL QUESTIONNAIRE:  All applicants are required to complete the supplemental questionnaire found below.  Applicants who fail to complete and return the questionnaire with their other application materials will not receive further consideration.




Electrician Leader (High Voltage), WL-2805-10



1.  Ability to lead.  (This is the screen-out element.  Applicants who are not rated satisfactory on the screen-out element will not be rated on the remaining elements.)

Definition:  Ability to lead a team. 

1a.  Please indicate the types of leadership experience you have had in trades work.  Check all that apply.


___ Have had no leadership experience.

___ Provided technical leadership (for example, in work methods, procedures, etc.)

___ Have lead task or project teams in work lasting up to 1 month.

___ Have lead teams in work lasting longer than 1 month.

___ Have held a lead position as leader of a landscape installation and/or maintenance team.

___ Other leadership experience not covered above (Please describe): 


2.  Knowledge of electrical equipment.

Definition:  Ability to work with electrical equipment such as wiring, motors, control equipment, communications equipment, etc.

2a.  List the types of electrical equipment you have worked with, and the type of machinery on which you’ve used this equipment.



2b.  Describe your experience performing a difficult electrical installation, repair and/or replacement.




3.  Theory and instruments (electrical, electronic) used in shop and trade practices.

Definition:  Knowledge of electrical and electronic theory and instruments used in shop and trade practices.

3a.  Give an example of laying out, setting up and performing a job dependent on electrical and/or electronic theory and instruments.  Describe the objective, your role and independence, obstacles (if any) and the end result.




3b.  Choose the alphabet that best describes your knowledge of each of the following electrical theories.


A.  Able to train others

B.  Some knowledge

C.  No knowledge


__ current

__ voltage

__ resistance

__ Ohm's Law

__ magnetism

__ alternating current

__ power factor

__ line loading

__ dielectric properties

__ conductive properties

__ National Electrical Safety Code


3c.  Choose the alphabet the best describes your experience using each type of equipment listed below.


A.  Able to use under close supervision

B.  Able to use under general supervision

C.  Able to use independently, only needing assistance for unusual problems

D.  Able to use independently

E.  Able to provide guidance to others

F.  None


__ ammeters

__ electron tubes

__ transistors

__ rectifiers

__ amplifiers

__ test lights

__ ohmmeter

__ beckets

__ voltmeter

__ frequency meter

__ polarity testers

__ power factor meters

__ voltage testers

__ wattmeters

__ meggers

__ oscillator

__ tone detector

__ multimeter


4.  Technical practices (theoretical, precise, artistic).

Defintion:  Knowledge of technical practices in order to select tools, and to decide on the methods and techniques to use to carry out the work.

4a.   Describe a situation in which you have had to modify equipment or systems in order to complete the job.




4b.  In the situations described above, did you perfom the duties:


__contributes ideas based on knowledge

__puts new ideas into practice

4c.  Check the statement that best describes your overall ability. 

__follows standard shop practices

__contributes ideas based on knowledge.

__puts new ideas into practice.

5.  Ability to use electrical drawings. 

Definition:  Ability to use electrical drawings and wiring diagrams.

5a.  List the most complex job you had to perform to interpret circuit diagrams and electrical blueprints.




5b.  Using the guide below, choose the alphabet that best describes your level of independence using the following instructions:


A.  Not able to read and interpret; unable to use

B.  Able to read and interpret under close supervisory guidance

C.  Able to read and interpret, however may require some assistance

D.  Able to read and interpret on my own, independently, without supervision


__ blueprints

__ building codes

__ electrical components and symbols

__ simple circuit diagrams

__ building plans

__ assemble drawings showing how parts fit together

__ drawings with different trade symbols

__ engineering drawings

__ circuit diagrams for internal and external connections of complicated electrical equipment

__ work orders

__ schematics and block diagrams

__ wiring diagrams

__ technical manuals

__ manufacturers' specifications


5c.  Check the statement that best reflects your training and experience. (Please check only one)

__ plan and layout electrical systems from building plans, blueprints, and schematics

__ plan and layout less complex repair work from work orders or sketches

__ check design and layout sketches of others

6.  Ability to use and maintain handtools (electrical work).

Definition:  Ability to use and maintain handtools in electrical work.

6a.  List the most complex tools and equipment that you use and maintain.



6b.  Check the statement that best describes your level of independence.

__ instructs others in the use and maintenance of tools and equipment.

___ability to use and maintain tools and equipment common to electrical work using own judgment and


___ability to use tools common to electrical work under close supervision.

7.  Troubleshooting (electrical).

Defintion:  Skill in troubleshooting (electrical) to locate defects or problems.

7a.  Describe troubles you have diagnosed in your job as an electrician and explain how you were able to solve those problems.




7b.  Check the statement that best describes your training and experience.

__ troubleshooting with the assistance of a supervisor.

__ troubleshooting using own knowledge, skills and abilities to locate malfunctions.

__ consulted by others in difficult troubleshooting situations.



I certify that all of the preceding statements on this SUPPLEMENTAL QUESTIONNAIRE are correct and true to the best of my knowledge.






                  Signature & Date



All qualification requirements must be met by the closing date of this vacancy announcement.

Applicants must be available to report for duty at the time a selection is made.  Selections are typically made within 30 days of the closing date of the announcement.



The Agricultural Research Service uses a category rating process.  Based on evaluation of all written materials submitted in application for the position, you will be determined to be Ineligible if you do not meet eligibility and/or minimum qualifications criteria; Eligible if you meet all eligibility and minimum qualifications criteria; OR Quality if you meet quality criteria in addition to eligibility and minimum qualifications criteria.


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The Federal government offers a number of exceptional benefits to its employees.  The following link provides an overview of the benefits currently offered to Federal employees:



Qualified candidates eligible under the Veterans Employment Opportunities Act (VEOA) will be considered.  VEOA eligibles are preference eligibles or veterans who have been separated from the armed forces under honorable conditions after 3 years or more of active service.  Veterans who are released under honorable conditions shortly before completing a 3-year tour are also eligible.

Displaced/Surplus Employees:  Individuals eligible under the USDA Career Transition Assistance Program (CTAP) or the Interagency Career Transition Assistance Program (ICTAP) must be well qualified for the position to receive consideration for special priority selection.  CTAP and ICTAP eligibles within the local commuting area will be considered well qualified if they meet basic eligibility requirements and all selective factors, and are rated in the Quality Category as described in the How You Will Be Evaluated section.  Employees seeking CTAP/ICTAP eligibility must submit a copy of the agency notice, a copy of their most recent performance rating and a copy of their most recent SF-50 noting current position, grade level and duty location.  
Click here for additional information on CTAP and ICTAP.

Financial Disclosure Requirement:  Federal employees are subject to prohibitions against officially dealing with outside organizations in which they have a financial interest.  If hired for this position, you may be required to submit a financial disclosure report within 30 days of the effective date of your appointment and annually thereafter.

Reasonable Accommodation:  If you need a reasonable accommodation for any part of the application and hiring process, or have questions regarding reasonable accommodation and/or accessibility for any part of the application and hiring process, please contact the Disability Program Manager on 202-720-6161 or through the DC Relay Service on 202-855-1234 (TDD).

False statements:  If you make a false statement in any part of your application, you may not be hired; may be fired after beginning work; or may be fined or jailed.


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Applications may be mailed, faxed, or e-mailed to the appropriate address and/or facsimile number listed below, but they must be received by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on Thursday, December 06, 2012.

Department of Agriculture
5601 Sunnyside Avenue, Stop 5104
Beltsville, MD  20705-5104



If sending your application as an attachment to an email, do not send zipped files.  They will be removed in accordance with standard electronic security procedures.  If hand delivered, be sure your application is received in the Human Resources Division on or before closing date.


To ensure your application fully outlines your qualifications and eligibility for this position, please review the application package checklist at:

NOTE:  Applications received in postage paid government envelopes will not be considered.


Susan Mooring
Phone: (301)504-1360
TDD: 202-855-1234
Agency Information:
Agricultural Research Service
5601 Sunnyside Avenue
Beltsville, MD


You will be notified by mail once your application is received.  After a review of your complete application is made, you will be notified or your rating and/or referral to the hiring official.  If further evaluation or interviews are required you will be contacted.   

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