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Who May Apply:  This vacancy is open to current Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Office of Regulatory Affairs (ORA) employees with competitive status only.  Competitive status refers to employees who are serving on a career or career conditional appointment.



Salary range listed does include locality pay.

This position is located in the Food & Drug Administration, Office of Regulatory Affairs, Office of Regional Operations, Division of Federal-State Relations, Contracts and Grants Staff.

The FDA’s Office of Regulatory Affairs is the lead office for all FDA Field activities as well as providing FDA leadership on imports, inspections, and enforcement policy.  ORA supports FDA Product Centers by inspecting regulated products and manufacturers, conducting sample analysis on regulated products, and reviewing imported products offered for entry into the United States.  ORA also develops FDA-wide policy on compliance and enforcement.

This announcement may be used to fill multiple positions.


This trainee position of Contract Project Specialist is located in the Division of Federal-State Relations of the Office of Regional Operations, ORA, Contracts and Grants Staff.  Functions of the Division are described in the Staff Manual Guide.  

The incumbent serves as a Division contact on matters pertaining to contracting with state and local food and drug control agencies for inspections of specified firms and industries and laboratory examinations of consumer products subject to FDA's jurisdiction.  Contract management involves contracts with state and local agencies in most states and Puerto Rico and requires extension in-depth knowledge of the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act and related Acts, as well as state food, feed and drug laws, resources, operational procedures and organizational structures.  The incumbent has responsibility for recommending FDA policy on contract programs with state agencies that will assist FDA in carrying out its mission and consumer operations.  As an authority on intergovernmental relations, the incumbent insures that the contract program operations are properly interfaced with FDA programs and compliance activities.  This responsibility requires management consideration of the intricate legal, programmatical, financial and political interrelationships between the several hundred Federal, state and local jurisdictions involved with food and drug control work.  in executing his/her responsibilities, the incumbent may serve as a spokesperson to state executive officials, cabinet members, department heads and program directors on matters concerning contracts and their role in Federal State consumer protection programs.  Similarly, the incumbent keeps FDA management apprised of the effectiveness of state contracts in fulfilling FDA's needs and, when necessary, develops recommendations for high level decisions relating to directional changes in policy, the need for different programs and mechanisms for implementing the contract programs.  The incumbent will also assist in providing nationwide technical directions and counsel FDA field personnel involved in the contracts program. 



The position is a senior trainee level position in a GS-12/13 career ladder. Promotion to the GS-13 is dependent upon meeting all promotion requirements.

The incumbent performs a variety of work assignments from the full performance GS-13 position description.  Assignments are selected and tailored by the supervisor with attention to their complexity and level of responsibility as compared to the employee's readiness. 

1. Exercises responsibility for developing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating state contracts on a nationwide basis.  This overall contract management responsibility includes proposing courses of action on contract policy matters, preparation of contract specifications detailing the scope of work to be performed, obtaining appropriate concurrence from other Agency units, formulating criteria for acceptance or rejection of state proposals and evaluating the performance of state contract work.  The incumbent is designated as project officer of one or more state contract programs.

2. Provides guidance, consultation and interpretation of the Agency's policies and overall program with high-level executives in multiple state agencies to ensure complete coordination between the contract and all other cooperative Federal State programs.  Promotes a thorough understanding of the work requirements and establishes an optimum working relationship with the contractor.  Provides technical direction to the contractor through written and oral communications etc.

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