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Agency:Office of Personnel Management

Job Announcement Number:PMF 2013

This position is closed and no longer accepting online applications through USAJOBS.

The contents of the announcement can still be viewed.


$51,630.00 to $97,333.00 / Per Year


Monday, November 05, 2012 to Monday, November 26, 2012




Full Time - Presidential Management Fellows


Many vacancies in the following location:
Location Negotiable After Selection, United States


All Qualified Candidates



As the Federal Government strives to meet the challenges of managing and administering sound public policies and programs, the opportunities available to individuals selected for the Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) Program are like none other in the government. The PMF Program is a unique and rewarding beginning to a public service career. As a PMF you are among a select group of individuals who have the opportunity to shape the Federal government by working in many departments within the Executive Branch of the Federal government. However, it isn’t easy to become a PMF. The PMF Program is based on rigorous standards and the selection process is highly competitive. You will first need to apply and take the on-line assessment. If selected as a Semi-Finalist, you will then be invited to participate in-person at one of our nationwide assessment centers. From the Semi-Finalists, Finalists are selected to be considered for hiring by Federal agencies. To learn more about the PMF Program go to


Founded in 1977, the Presidential Management Fellows Program is one of the Federal government’s most prestigious programs for leadership development and public service. Presidential Management Fellowships offer exceptional men and women first-hand experience working in a variety of Federal agencies, tackling some of our toughest challenges in a broad range of areas, including public policy and administration, domestic/international affairs, information technology, acquisition, human resources, science, engineering, health and medical sciences, mathematics, and financial management. Selected individuals typically spend two years working as full-time, paid Fellow, to senior officials. Fellows also participate in an education program consisting of leadership development, rotation within key areas such as human resources and financial management, and throughout different Federal agencies. The selection process is rigorous and highly competitive. To learn more about becoming a Presidential Management Fellow go to


  • Ensure that you meet the Qualifications Required as described below
  • Complete the on-line application and on-line assessment by the closing date
  • Attach a resume to the application
  • Provide a transcript or proof of enrollment in a graduate degree program
  • Review “Become a PMF” section at and this announcement
  • Verify system requirements under “Become a PMF\Application Process”


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PMFs are assigned to work in a broad range of areas, including public policy and administration, domestic/international affairs, information technology, acquisition, human resources, engineering, health and medical sciences, financial management, and many other fields in support of public service programs.


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To be eligible to apply for the PMF Class of 2013, applicants must have completed an advanced degree (graduate or post-graduate professional degree) within the two years immediately before the opening of this announcement or must be pursuing a graduate or post-graduate degree that will be completed by August 31, 2013, including the successful defense/completion of any required thesis or dissertation. Individuals who previously applied for the program, but were not selected as Finalists, may reapply if they meet eligibility requirements. Current PMF Finalists who have not been appointed may apply; however, they will forfeit their status as current Finalists upon accessing the on-line assessment.



Applicants are evaluated based on their eligibility for the PMF Program, complete application, school accreditation, and the results of their on-line and in-person assessment scores. Eligible applicants must complete an on-line assessment and respond to three un-proctored essays as part of the application process. Based on meeting eligibility requirements, submitting a complete application, and achieving a successful on-line assessment score, selected applicants will become Semi-Finalists. Semi-Finalists will be invited to participate in the in-person assessment at one of six locations. Scores of the in-person assessment are considered in the selection of Finalists. Finalists are then eligible for PMF appointments for up to one year.


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Explore the major benefits offered to most Federal employees at:  NOTE: Salary range listed in this announcement is for the Washington, DC, metropolitan area only. Salary range will vary based on the duty location of the PMF position.


The PMF Program attracts over 10,000 applicants annually. Please ensure you have read and follow all instructions in this announcement and have reviewed the “Become a PMF” section at (including the FAQs). If you encounter technical problems during the application process, select the Help link at the top of the application screen. Most answers to questions can be found on the FAQ section of the PMF website or via the Help link in the blue banner at the top of the application. To ensure timely responses, all other questions should be sent to  Please use the Help Desk and pmfapplication email address, as dedicated personnel will be available to assist you through these tools. Your inquiry will be processed faster than if you contact the PMF Program Office directly.


All required documents must be submitted before the application is accepted as complete. Applicants failing to submit the required documents or who do not complete the essays and on-line assessment will lose further consideration.


Note: All program communications are conducted via email. Please ensure the email address provided is current and accessible throughout the application, assessment, and selection process. Also, please add the following email addresses to your allowed email list and/or email address book:,,, and


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Applicants will use the PMF Program's Talent Acquisition System (TAS) to apply to the program and should allow up to 3 hours to complete the entire application. All sections of the application must be completed, certified, and submitted by 11:59:59pm (ET) on the closing date of this announcement.

In the PMF TAS, applicants submit their resume, transcript and supporting documents for veterans' preference and reasonable accommodation request (if any). Applicants must also complete the on-line assessment and respond to three un-proctored essay questions to be considered for the program.

Follow these steps to complete the application and on-line assessment process:

1. Instructions – Applicants should review the following before beginning the process:

  • Print and read this announcement and use as a reference when completing your application package
  • Thoroughly review the "Become a PMF" section at, including the Frequently Asked Questions and the 2013 Assessment Preparation Guide
  • Review and adhere to the system requirements specified under the "Become a PMF" section at, to prevent inconsistencies or technical issues.

    After thoroughly reviewing the application procedures outlined below, click APPLY HERE, or copy and paste into your browser.

    When prompted to submit documents during the application process, you can associate only one document with each attachment category. Applicants should submit the latest version of the specified document. To upload/attach documents, follow the instructions below:

A. Under the "Documents" section of the application, click the "Upload" button associated with the specific attachment. Fill in the "Description" field with your Last Name and type of document, e.g. Smith Resume. Use the browser to find the document to attach.   Select the document and click “Upload document”. Note that only these types of the documents can be uploaded: gif image(.gif), jpeg image(.jpg), png image(.png), rich text format(.rtf), Microsoft Word(.doc or .docx), Adobe pdf(.pdf), Word Perfect (.wpd). The maximum document size is 3MB (megabytes) per document.

B. Applicants wishing to fax their documentation, instead of uploading, should follow these steps: (Please note that it may take up to 4 hours for a faxed document to be associated with the application.) Click on the "Fax" button associated with the appropriate document. Before beginning the fax process, review the instructions by clicking on the "Fax Instructions" link.   Click on "Generate Cover Sheet" to print the Fax Cover Sheet and follow instructions to submit the fax.   Ensure that the fax sheet is associated with the corresponding type of document.   NOTE:   The fax cover sheet will be personalized for you ONLY and include a bar code so the system can associate your submission to your application AND to the document type you selected.

2. Resume – Applicants MUST submit a resume as part of this application. Applicants will not be able to make changes to their resumes after the closing date of this vacancy announcement. Type your Last Name and document type in the description field, e.g., Smith_Resume.

3. Transcript – Applicants MUST submit a transcript as part of this application process.  The transcript should be documentation of the degree used to qualify for the program. Current students who do not yet have a transcript or whose school does not issue a transcript should provide evidence of enrollment in a graduate program (e.g., documentation of enrollment or letter from the registrar, showing the graduate program and graduate school name and address) in lieu of a transcript. Transcripts may be official or unofficial copies; however, they must be legible. Type your Last Name and document type in the description field, e.g., Smith_Transcript.

4. Claiming Veterans' Preference (if applicable) - Applicants claiming veterans' preference must submit a DD214 OR if you currently on active duty; a certification of expected discharge or release from active duty under honorable conditions dated within the last 120 days. Applicants claiming 10 pt. preference must also submit a completed SF-15; and a letter from the VA or military service which verifies a disability and specifies the percentage of disablity. Supporting documentation must be provided within 30 days of the closing of the announcement. Type your Last Name and document type in the description field, e.g., Smith_DD214.

5. Reasonable Accommodations – Applicants requesting a reasonable accommodation for either the on-line or in-person assessment must indicate their request and provide supporting documentation. Type your Last Name and document type in the description field, e.g., Smith_Reasonable_Accommodation. Applicants making a request should thoroughly review the instructions presented during the application process.

6. On-line Assessment – During the application process, applicants will be prompted to complete the on-line assessment.   A separate browser window will open for the on-line assessment that consists of two sections: situational videos and behavioral questionnaire.   The system will check the applicant's computer for compatibility and provides an alert if system adjustments are required to complete the on-line assessment. Applicants should allow up to 2 hours for completing this portion.

7. Essays – Applicants MUST respond to the three essay questions.   Answers should be between 200 and 300 words or 2,000 to 3,000 characters. There is a counter to assist applicants in tracking the number of words. Responses may be prepared outside the system and pasted in the answer boxes provided.   This section is not timed.

8. Submit Application – Applicants MUST certify and submit the application prior to the closing date of the application. An applicant's status page will appear after clicking the "Finish" button.   Information submitted may be changed (with the exception of the on-line assessment) up to the closing date of the application.

To begin the application process, click APPLY HERE, or copy and paste into your browser.


Applicants must submit a resume and transcript, or evidence of enrollment in a graduate degree program, to be considered for the program.  If applicable, veterans and those requesting reasonable accommodations must submit supporting documentation.  For more information, see the “Become a PMF” section at”


PMF Program Office
Phone: (202)606-5277
Agency Information:
Multiple Hiring Agencies
Throughout the Nation and
Washington, DC


Applicants will receive notice of Semi-Finalist/Finalist selections via email.   Updates will be available on the applicant's status page at

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