Job Overview


The Division of Land Resources is responsible for policy development processes, program goals, and program development in the areas of land acquisition through direct purchase, exchange or donation; relocation under the Uniform Relocation Act of 1970; and budget development, execution and performance measures for the funds received from the Land and Water Conservation Fund.

The Land Resources Division is seeking a goal oriented and dynamic individual to serve as a realty specialist to aid with land acquisitions and real estate related projects.

This temporary promotion may be extended up to an additional year.


You will perform technical procedures required to vest valid title. Organize requests for title commitments and title insurance policies. Examine realty case records covering real estate transactions. Review and interpret curative laws and actions. Develop,prepare and generate appropriate legal documents and instruments such as warranty deeds, quitclaim deeds, donation deeds, easements, leases, disclaimers, satisfactions, tax releases, affidavits, and certificates of inspection and possession, necessary to transfer title/ownership rights to real property.