Job Overview


DoDEA, through its Community Strategic Plan, has made a commitment to be among the world's leaders in education, enriching the lives of military-connected students and the communities in which they live.  The mission to educate, engage and empower each student to succeed in a dynamic world is achieved through its five strategic goals of Student, School, Talent, Organization, and Outreach Excellence.

DoDEA employs more than 12,500 individuals responsible for the education of more than 86,000 students in schools located in 12 foreign countries, seven states, Guam and Puerto Rico.  DoDEA is responsible for the oversight of two distinct educational systems, the Department of Defense Dependents Schools (DoDDS), DoDEA's overseas schools, and the DoD Domestic Dependent Elementary and Secondary Schools (DDESS), DoDEA's domestic school system. DoDEA is responsible for providing a quality education from pre-kindergarten through grade twelve for the eligible minor family members of DoD military and civilian personnel on official assignments.   

The Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) is seeking candidates for Assistant District Superintendent positions.

This continuous Open Announcement (COA) allows acceptance of applications throughout the announcement period.  Eligible applicants will be placed on a standing register and referred for consideration as vacancies occur within DoDDS locations.  The first Cut-off date for receipt/referral of applications will be July 6, 2012.  Other Cut-off dates will be established as future vacancies occur. 

Opportunities may not be available at all locations listed on this announcement.


The Assistant District Superintendent will have a proven track record in Pre K-12 instructional leadership experience and expertise in leading a district towards accelerated academic improvement.  Incumbent is responsible for assisting the District Superintendent in the administration, organization, operation, assessment, and support of the schools within a complex and geographically dispersed school district.  This leader will foster excellence in instruction, meaningful planning and student performance improvement.  The student-centered candidate will demonstrate leadership qualities marked by superior communication, problem-solving, and decision-making abilities along with collaborative skills, and organizational expertise to manage the complexities of assigned district.  Additionally, incumbent will demonstrate ability to maintain trust and good judgment in planning and decision-making.  Candidate will demonstrate excellent communication skills, current understanding of assessment and accountability, and a passion for helping all students learn.  The Assistant District Superintendent will establish positive relationships with schools, students, faculty, staff, parents, military commanders and military communities to develop goals that are focused on high achievement for all students.

Candidates for Assistant District Superintendent positions should possess the skills and qualities to successfully achieve the following duties:

Visionary Leadership
Translate the overall mission of DoDEA and its Community Strategic Plan into a set of critical, consistent, success actions that lead to measurable results for DoDEA’s diverse student groups.  Reflect high expectations for administrators, teachers, and students and exercise a high degree of initiative, judgment, and insight in the planning, design and execution of district-wide improvement efforts. Create and sustain a high performing culture where the administrators, faculty, and district staff, are highly engaged and focused on student outcomes, education excellence, and full accreditation. 

Instructional Leadership
Be innovative in integrating research-based best practices in technologies, instructional strategies, quality curriculum standards, and emerging skills that enable all students to reach their full potential in a globally competitive environment.  Lead and monitor district-wide student-centered programs within available resources that are designed to meet or exceed the performance, content, and character of high quality school systems in the United States.  Conduct comprehensive evaluations of schools to identify problem areas and test the validity of policies and procedures. Coordinate and analyze the collection of meaningful data to accelerate academic achievement and ensure operational efficiency and accountability. Provide every student with enlightened, highly effective school leaders, teachers, and support staff using focused, varied, and sustained professional development opportunities that enhance student outcomes. 

Organizational Leadership
Maintain strong supervisory and operational controls that demonstrate prudent use of the financial, human, material, and technology resources to support the district’s teaching and learning goals. Direct the implementation of appropriate precautionary and control measures to minimize vulnerability and optimize operational efficiency.  Demonstrate expertise in budget, finance and capital improvements and manage and execute funds allocated by DoDEA Headquarters to support district staff and schools. 

Collaborative Leadership
Raise academic achievement by motivating, developing and supporting a high-performing, diverse and caring team, holding all accountable for improved achievement.  Make decisions valuing an inclusive decision making process.  Use effective oral and written communication skills and media relations programs to reach out to all community groups, and develop productive and beneficial relationships.  Be a visible presence in the schools and serve as an ambassador to the public for the district, schools, and military community. Model relationship building; partner with the military community, family services, community groups, and district to strengthen teaching and learning goals.   

Professional Leadership
Build sound relationships with district and school based personnel and inspire staff to become highly effective. Embrace and promote diversity and work well in diverse ethnic, racial, cultural and socio-economic communities and environment.  Welcome dissenting opinions and value all segments of the community with opposing points of views and priorities. Be transparent and honest while working within a political environment at the community, district, and system level, achieving organizational goals.

  • Additional Duty Location Info

    • Few vacancies - Ansbach Germany
    • Few vacancies - Lakenheath United Kingdom
    • Few vacancies - Vicenza Italy
    • Few vacancies - Yokota Air Base Japan
    • Few vacancies - Okinawa Island Japan
    • Few vacancies - Kaiserslautern Germany
    • Few vacancies - Heidelberg Germany
    • Few vacancies - Seoul South Korea