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The Open Period of this announcement has been updated (opening and closing dates have been changed). If you have already applied to 671667, you do not need to reapply to this announcement. 

As the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) looks to transition through modernization and implementation of the New Poultry Slaughter Inspection System, the Agency is announcing temporary Food Inspector positions to facilitate the transition and to help ensure seamless implementation should the Agency decide to proceed with implementation of the new system.  These temporary Food Inspector positions are being announced in addition to our permanent and intermittent positions.  Although there is no guarantee of future employment with FSIS once the temporary employment ends, your experience as a Food Inspector may help you to qualify for a permanent position in FSIS.

FSIS is the public health regulatory agency in the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).  Our mission is to protect consumers by ensuring that the commercial supply of meat, poultry, and egg products moving in interstate commerce or exported to other countries is safe, wholesome, and correctly labeled and package.This is is a Temporary Food Inspector job, you need to know the following:

  • This is an open continuous announcement.
  • The job is for a period not to exceed (NTE) one year.  You may work for one year with the possibility for an extension up to one additional year, your appointment may end sooner depending on the staffing needs of the Agency.
  • It will have either a full time or part time work schedule.
  • Temporary employees are not eligible for promotion, reassignment, transfer or Within Grade Step Increases.  If you are hired at the GS-5, you are not eligible to be promoted to the GS-7.     
  • Overtime and/or rotating shift work may be required. 
  • Employees in temporary positions are not members of the bargaining unit.
  • Travel may be required for orientation
  • Temporary employees are not competing employees under Reduction in Force procedures. We are not able to predict if or when vacancies will be filled in specific geographic areas.  You may select up to five (5) geographic codes, you will not be referred for multiple locations simultaneously. Temporary Geographic codes - 671667 You may also view our other Food Inspector job announcements by clicking on this link: Careers in FSIS


Entry-level Food Inspector positions filled through this job announcement generally work in slaughter plants. Our Food Inspectors:

        • Examine food animals in privately-owned meat or poultry plants
        • Perform their duties before and after slaughter, guaranteeing that the product is not contaminated
        • Maintain sanitation procedures
        • Are a valued member of a dynamic team that ensures the product is fit to eat and compliant with Federal laws
Food Inspectors and Consumer Safety Inspectors (slaughter) are involved in ante-mortem inspection of livestock or poultry and post-mortem inspection of red meat or poultry.  This inspection activity is performed in a noisy industrial environment with large moving machinery that cannot be stopped instantly.  Workstations and walkway can be extremely narrow and slippery.  Excellent stability and balance is required.  Frequent physical activities such as walking, climbing, standing, and kneeling are required, including climbing and walking on catwalks.  Various environmental conditions, ranging from sub-freezing temperatures to frequent summertime temperatures at 80 to 90 degrees are common, with extreme humidity.  Inspection activity requires rapid, constant repetitive motion with both hands and wrists.  Red meat viscera inspection requires palpitation of organs and slicing with extremely sharp knives.  Accurate color vision is essential to notice subtle shades of product color in the detection of abnormalities that make a product unfit for human consumption.  To view examples of the types of work performed, please click on: Inside Look

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