This Position Is No Longer Available

Job Title:  Public Affairs Specialist
Department:  Department Of The Treasury
Agency:  Bureau of Engraving and Printing
Job Announcement Number:  2013-026D

This position is closed and no longer accepting online applications through USAJOBS.

The contents of the announcement can still be viewed.
$51,630.00 to $67,114.00 / Per Year
Friday, November 30, 2012 to Monday, December 17, 2012
Full-Time - Permanent
1 vacancy in the following location:
Washington, DC, US
All U.S. Citizens, No prior federal experience is required.


The Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP) develops and produces United States currency notes, trusted worldwide. As a primary function, the BEP prints billions of dollars each year for delivery to the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System operates as the nation's central bank and serves to ensure that adequate amounts of currency and coin are in circulation. With production facilities in Washington, D.C. and Fort Worth, Texas, the BEP is the largest producer of federal government security documents in the United States.

This position is located within the Division of Public Service, Office of External Relations. The incumbent serves as a Public Affairs Specialist and coordinates the outreach activities associated with the Bureau Tour Program, Visitor Center, exhibit and sales promotional activities associated with the Bureau Tour Program, Visitor Center, exhibit and sales promotional activities and provide assistance and/or guidance to ensure that the Bureau is serving the public interest. 

This vacancy is being concurrently advertised under merit promotion procedures for status (current, or former permanent, Federal employees in competitive positions or individuals who are eligible to apply under special appointing authorities) applicants under announcement 2012-026M. APPLICANTS WISHING TO BE CONSIDERED UNDER BOTH DELEGATED EXAMINING AND MERIT PROMOTION PROCEDURES MUST APPLY TO BOTH VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENTS.


  • A full-field background and/or Security Investigation may be required.
  • This position may require employee to serve a 1-year probationary period.
  • Successfully completes urinalysis test prior to your appointment.


The following are the duties of this position:

  • Coordinates the BEP Tour Program by providing direction to the tour staff and other Bureau components that need to be informed about the functions associated with the BEP Tour Program.
  • Maintains all the physical, technical, and aesthetic elements associated with the tour areas both inside and outside of the Bureau.
  • Recommends and coordinates all outreach activities associated with the Bureau tours with a special emphasis on the congressional tour outreach program and other visitor destinations in the DC area.
  • Works with a cross section of Bureau components to develop relevant data in support of program initiatives.
  • Responds to numerous queries via telephone, mail, and coordinates replies regarding the Bureau's products, program policies, and corresponds as applicable.
  • Conducts research and submit survey results to senior management for implementation when necessary.


Applicants must meet one of the following to qualify for the GS-09 level: * Have one year of specialized experience equivalent to at least the GS-07 grade level in the Federal Service that includes experience such as: coordinating and leading public tours; project management; maintaining effective working relationships with colleagues, the public, congressional staff and representatives of the tour and travel industry; operating a visitors center; communicating effectively both orally and in writing; communicating policy and procedures to the public; participating at expos, forums with the purpose of educating stakeholders about the program; writing and reporting results; crisis communication; and understanding of basic contract regulations; OR have a Master's or equivalent graduate degree or 2 years of progressively higher-level graduate education leading to such a degree or LL.B. or J.D. if related; OR have a combination of graduate education and experience.

Please note that if you do not provide all required information, as specified in this announcement, you will not be considered for this position or will not receive the special consideration for which you may be eligible.


We use a multi-step process to evaluate and refer applicants:
1. Resume

2. Your responses to the online questionnaire

3. Minimum Requirements: Your application must show that you meet all requirements, including the education and/or experience required for this position. You may be found "not qualified" if you do not possess the minimum competencies required for the position.  If your application is incomplete, we will rate you as ineligible.

4. Rating: Your application will be evaluated in the following areas: 

Tour Maintenance, Computer Skills, Written Communication, Oral Communication and Contract Regulations.


Category Rating will be used to rank and select eligible candidates. If qualified, you will be assigned to one of three categories, Gold, Silver, or Bronze depending on your experience related to this position.  Veterans' preference is applied after applicants are assessed.  Preference eligible will be listed at the top of their assigned category and considered before non-preference eligible in that category.  Qualified preference eligible with a compensable service-connected disability of 10% or more will be listed at the top of the highest category.

5. Referral:  If you are among the top qualified candidates, your application may be referred to a selecting official for consideration and possible interview.  First consideration will be given to CTAP/ICTAP eligible in the commuting area.  

In addition to meeting the minimum qualification requirements, CTAP/ICTAP eligible must be ranked in the Gold category.   
For more information on the Career Transition Assistance Plan (CTAP)/Interagency Career Transition Assistance Plan (ICTAP)), please click here Career Transition Assistance Plan (CTAP)/Interagency Career Transition Assistance Plan (ICTAP))

We recommend that you preview the online questions for this announcement before you start the application process.

To preview questions please click here.


We offer a workplace that is respectful, fair, and values diversity.  Our comprehensive benefits are very generous - helping you to reach your personal goals by supporting your professional growth, health, well-being, and your family needs.

Our benefits package includes:
*   Transit Subsidies
*   On-site Fitness Center
*   Opportunities for Alternate Work Schedules (AWS)

Learn more about Federal benefits programs at: BENEFITS


SUITABILITY, CLEARANCE & REQUIREMENTS:  A background investigation will be required for all new hires.  Appointment will be subject to the applicant’s successful completion of a background investigation and favorable adjudication.  Failure to successfully meet these requirements will be grounds for disqualification in the hiring process.   The background investigation process conducted by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing is very thorough.  Therefore  it is imperative that applicants exercise candor and honesty when answering background questionnaires, especially as it relates to arrest, employment, education, finances, illegal drug use, and/or other criminal history.  Falsification discovered in security documents or during the background investigation process may result in an immediate negative suitability determination or immediate revocation of your interim clearance (if applicable). 

For operational efficiency, The Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP) shuts down operations for all non-emergency personnel during the December January Holiday Season for one week (approximately 40 work hours).  BEP employees should plan to take annual leave during this period.  The shutdown period for the 2012 Holiday Season is December 22nd through January 1st.

  • We may select from this announcement or any other source to fill one or more vacancies.
  • We will not pay relocation expenses.
  • This announcement can be used to fill like positions within 180 days of closing date.

CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT:  If selected for this position, you will be required to:
- Complete a one-year probationary period (unless already completed).
- Complete a Declaration for Federal Employment to determine your suitability for Federal employment.
- Submit to a drug test prior to your appointment.
- If you are a male applicant born after December 31, 1959, certify that you have registered with the Selective Service System or are exempt from having to do so.
- Have your salary sent to a financial institution of your choice by Direct Deposit/Electronic Funds Transfer.
- Go through a Personal Identity Verification (PIV) process that requires two forms of identification from the Form I-9.  Federal law requires verification of the identity and employment eligiblity of all new hires in the U.S.

-Undergo income tax verification.

-Successfully complete a background investigation.


The following instructions outline our application process. You must complete this application process and submit any required documents by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time (ET) on the closing date of this announcement. We are available to assist you during business hours (normally 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday - Friday). If applying online poses a hardship, please contact us by noon ET on the announcement's closing date.

Step 1 - Create or Upload a resume with USAJOBS at USAJOBS - You may need to customize your resume to ensure that it supports your responses to these questions. - You may create a resume in USAJOBS or upload one of your own choosing. Although you must enter your Social Security Number (SSN) for USAJOBS, we will only see the last four digits for identification purposes. For more resume tips click here.
- You may create a resume in USAJOBS or upload one of your own choosing.

Step 2 - Apply Online Click the "Apply Online" button on this announcement and then select the resume you wish to submit with your application. You will be redirected to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing's CareerConnector website to complete the application process.

Step 3 - Answer the Online Questions and Submit Your Online Application If this is your first time on Treasury's CareerConnector website, you will be prompted to register by answering questions related to your eligibility for Federal employment. The system will save these responses and take you back to the main screen so that you can answer the job-specific questions. Select "Take me to the assessment" and click on the "Continue" button to answer the job-specific questions. You must answer all the questions and click the "Finish" button.

Step 4 - Review and Confirm Your Submission You will now have the option to upload a document or print fax cover-sheets for your required documents (see step 5 for details). Once you click "Done," you will see a summary of your application for your review. You may also print a copy for your records. When you click "Finish" at the bottom of the page, you will then be directed back to USAJOBS where you can confirm that your application has been submitted and track your application status. Step 5 - Submit Required Documents You can submit any required documents (discussed below) by document upload or fax. Whichever method you choose, please include the job announcement number with your documents. To protect your privacy, we encourage you to remove your SSN from any documents that you submit. Document Upload: You may upload supporting documents in one of two ways:

1. Once you finish answering the questions in the job announcement, you will be prompted to upload your document(s) to your application. You will be given the choice to either upload the document as part of the application process or you can select a document that you've already loaded on USAJOBS.


2. You can upload a document to an existing application by logging into your USAJOBS account profile. Click on "My Applications" and search for the vacancy. Once you've located the vacancy, click on the vacancy and select "Apply Online." Move through your existing application to the Documents page and select Upload in order to add a document to your application. Be certain to review your complete application for confirmation that the document uploaded. In the Application Review section, you may verify acceptance of your documents in CareerConnector if you see them listed on the "Vacancy Documents" screen. Then, click on "Finished" to be returned to USAJOBS.


Please note that if you do not provide all required information, as specified in this announcement, you will not be considered for this position (or will not receive the special consideration for which you may be eligible).

Applicants must submit all of the following documents to be considered. Non-receipt in Human Resources of the required documents by the closing date will invalidate your application or adversely affect your rating. The responsibility for demonstrating eligibility and qualifications by the closing date rests with the applicant.

The applicant must submit:

  • Resume
  • Veterans' Preference Documentation
    -If you are claiming veterans' preference, you must submit a copy of your Certificate of Release or Discharge From Active Duty, DD-214 (Member 4 copy), or other official documentation from a branch of the Armed Forces or the Department of Veterans Affairs showing dates of service and type of discharge.  

    -10 point preference eligibles must also submit an Application for 10-point Veteran Preference, SF-15, along with the required documentation listed on the back of the SF-15 form. An SF-15 may be found at:  For more information regarding Veterans' Preference, please click here:Veterans' Preference
    If you are a displaced or surplus Federal employee (eligible for the Career Transition Assistance Plan (CTAP)/Interagency Career Transition Assistance Plan (ICTAP). For a detailed list of documents, please click here: Career Transition Assistance Plan (CTAP)/Interagency Career Transition Assistance Plan (ICTAP))


HR Specialist
Phone: 202-874-1996
Fax: 111-111-1111
TDD: 202-874-2415
Agency Information:
Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP)
14th and C St., S.W.
Room 202-A
Attn: Human Resources
Washington, DC
Fax: 111-111-1111


You may check the status of your application for this position at any time by logging onto the USAJOBS 'My Account" tab and clicking on "Application Status." We will also send you notification of your application status. Please notify us if your contact information changes after the closing date of the announcement. Also, note that if you provide an e-mail address that is inaccurate or if your mailbox is full or blocked (e.g., spam-blocker), you may not receive important communication that could affect your consideration for this position.

Control Number: 332497400
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