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Job Title:Legal Assistant (Court) Office Automation

Department:Department Of Justice

Agency:Executive Office for Immigration Review

Job Announcement Number:PH-13-CLW-766575

This position is closed and no longer accepting online applications through USAJOBS.

The contents of the announcement can still be viewed.


$30,020.00 to $61,195.00 / Per Year


Monday, November 19, 2012 to Monday, November 26, 2012




Full Time - Permanent




27 vacancies in the following location(s):
Chicago, IL United States
Baltimore, MD United States
San Juan, PR United States
Eloy, AZ United States
Honolulu, HI United States
More Locations  (23)


United States Citizens



This position is located in the Executive Office for Immigration Review, Office of the Chief Immigration Judge, Immigration Court. The Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) is responsible for adjudicating immigration cases. Specifically, under delegated authority from the Attorney General, EOIR interprets and administers the Federal immigration laws by conducting immigration Court proceedings, appellate reviews, and administrative hearings. EOIR consists of three components: The Office of the Chief Immigration Judge, which is responsible for managing the numerous Immigration Courts located throughout the United States where Immigration Judges adjudicate individual cases; the Board of Immigration Appeals, which primarily conducts appellate reviews of the Immigration Judges' decisions; and the Office of the Chief Administrative Hearing Officer, which adjudicates immigration-related cases. EOIR is committed to providing the fair, expeditious, and uniform application of our Nation's immigration laws in all cases.

Additional positions may be filled from this announcement within 90 days of certificate issuance.  

Who May Apply:   Applications will be accepted from All Qualified US Citizens plus well qualified displaced and surplus federal employees in the Local Commuting Area.   Veterans who are preference eligibles or who have been separated from the armed forces under honorable conditions after three years or more of continuous active service may apply.

NOTE: There are 27 geopgraphic locations. There is one opening in each location. 



  • You must be a U.S. Citizen or National.
  • Pre-employment background investigation, credit check, and drug testing.
  • Males born after 12-31-59 must be registered for Selective Service.
  • Must be able to type 40 words or more per minute.
  • Moving and Relocation Expenses are not authorized.
  • This is a Competitive Service position.


The incumbent serves as a Legal Assistant responsible for directly and independently providing a wide variety of technical legal assistance services.   The wide variety of technical legal assistance services are performed before, during and after immigration proceedings, in and out of the courtroom. Travel may be required.

The major duties of Legal Assistant (Court) OA GS-0986-05 include:

  • Receiving visitors and telephone callers;
  • Reviewing documents;
  • Establishing and maintaining case files; and
  • Preparing and processing legal correspondence.

The major duties of Legal Assistant (Court) OA GS-0986-06 include the above mentioned and:

  • Responding to  Freedom of Information Act request;
  • Conducting research related to legal cases;
  • Maintaining statistical data on cases; and
  • Examining a variety of technical legal documents.
  • The major duties of Legal Assistant (Court) OA GS-0986-07 include the above mentioned and:
  • Searching files for material to assemble data into the proper format for reports;
  • Checking and retiring files to the Federal Record Center;
  • Composing original letters and memoranda not requiring legal interpretation; and
  • Running and distributing reports.
  • The major duties of Legal Assistant (Court) OA GS-0986-08 include the above mentioned and:
  • Assisting in planning case processing strategies;
  • Responding to inquiries and requests for case-related information from judges, court administrators, attorneys;
  • Determining the need to create or reassemble case files;
  • Applying comprehensive legal regulations, techniques and procedures to perform work; and
  • Serving as the system administrator for all legal records and documents.


In order to qualify for the Legal Assistant (Court) Office Automation you must meet the following minimum qualification AND the Office Automation Proficiency Requirement:


Minimum Qualification Legal Assistant (Court) Office Automation, GS-05

A. Have at least one year of specialized experience equivalent to the GS-04 level in the Federal government applying knowledge of rules and procedures to perform a variety of legal support work. This type of work includes 1) preparing and processing standard, routine legal correspondence; 2) providing information to visitors and telephone callers; 3) using word processing software and printing devices to produce a variety of standardized documents such as letters and reports; and 4) maintaining legal files. OR
B.  Have successfully completed 4 years of education above the high school level in any field for which high school graduation or the equivalent is the normal prerequisite is creditable. This education was obtained in an accredited business, secretarial or technical school, junior college, college or university. One year of full-time academic study is defined as 30 semester hours, 45 quarter hours, or the equivalent in a college or university, or at least 20 hours of classroom instruction per week for approximately 36 weeks in a business, secretarial, or technical school.
C. Have a combination of specialized experience described in letter A above and post high school education described in letter B above in excess of the first 60 semester hours (i.e., beyond the second year) that totals at least one year. One full academic year of study (30 semester hours) beyond the second year is equivalent to 6 months of specialized experience.

Minimum Qualification Legal Assistant (Court) Office Automation, GS-06

A. Have at least one year of specialized experience equivalent to the GS-05 level in the Federal government applying knowledge of an extensive body of rules and procedures to perform interrelated and nonstandard legal support work. This type of work includes 1) processing motions, petitions and other legal documents; 2) responding to written, telephonic, electronic, and personal inquiries regarding legal proceedings and records; 3) assist in the preparation of legal case file materials; and 4) maintaining and analyzing statistical data.

Minimum Qualification Legal Assistant (Court) Office Automation, GS-07

A. Have at least one year of specialized experience equivalent to the GS-06 level in the Federal government applying knowledge of legal regulations, techniques, and procedures to perform a variety of legal assistance work. This type of work includes 1) scheduling hearings, meetings and engagements; 2) examining case files to determine sufficiency of documentation and to identify material that may be pertinent to issues or cases; 3) conducting research for case information through records, reference and historical material; 4) assisting in retiring files; and 5) generating, modifying, and interpreting computer-generated reports. 

Minimum Qualification Legal Assistant (Court) Office Automation, GS-08

A. Have at least one year of specialized experience equivalent to the GS-07 level in the Federal government applying knowledge of applying comprehensive legal regulations, techniques, and procedures to perform a variety of legal assistance work. This type of work includes 1) applying comprehensive legal regulations, techniques and procedures in conducting searches and composing documents; 2) running, analyzing and distributing automated reports; 3) responding to inquiries and complex requests for case-related information); 4) maintaining automated legal case management systems.  AND


A. Have experience using office automation systems, such as word processing software or personal computers AND can type 40 words or more per minute three or fewer errors in a five-minute sample.

USING EDUCATION TO QUALIFY: Education must be accredited by an accredited institution recognized by the U.S. Department of Education in order for it to be credited towards qualifications (particularly positions with a positive education requirement).  You MUST provide transcripts or other documentation to support your educational claims.   Applicants can verify accreditation at the following website: .  All education claimed by applicants will be verified by the appointing agency accordingly.   (Note: If you are selected for this position based on education, an official transcript will be required, prior to your first day.)

Special Instructions For Foreign Education:  If you are using education completed in foreign colleges or universities to meet the qualification requirements, you must show that the education credentials have been evaluated by a private organization that specializes in interpretation of foreign education programs and such education has been deemed equivalent to that gained in an accredited U.S. education program; or full credit has been given for the courses at a U.S. accredited college or university.  For further information, visit:

You must meet all qualification requirements by Monday, November 26, 2012, the closing date of this announcement.


If you meet the qualifications based on your responses to the Occupational Questionnaire, you will be rated and ranked using DOJ's Category Rating and Selection Procedures. Candidates will be ranked into 3 categories: Best-Qualified; Highly-Qualified; or Qualified. The category assignment is a measure of the degree in which your background matches the competencies required for this position.  Your resume and supporting documentation will be used to determine whether you meet the job qualifications listed on this announcement for Best-Qualified candidates.  If you rate yourself higher than is supported by your application materials, your responses may be adjusted and/or you may be excluded from consideration for this job. 

Preference eligibles who meet the minimum qualification requirements and who have a compensable service-connected disability of at least 10 percent must be listed in the highest quality category (except in the case of scientific or professional positions at the GS-9 level or higher).  

All applicants' qualifications will be evaluated on the following competencies (knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics):







The Department of Justice offers a comprehensive benefits package that includes, in part, paid vacation; sick leave; holidays; Alternate work schedule; life insurance; health benefits; public transportation subsidy, and participation in the Federal Employees Retirement System. This link provides an overview of the benefits currently offered to Federal employees: .


Conditions of Employment:   Only U.S. Citizens are eligible for employment with the Executive Office for Immigration Review.   Dual citizens of the U.S. and another country will be considered on a case-by-cases basis.   All DOJ applicants, both U.S. citizens and non-U.S. citizens, whose job location is with the U.S., must meet the residency requirement.   For a total of three (not necessarily consecutive years) of the five years immediately prior to applying for a position, the applicant must have:   1) resided in the U.S.; 2) worked for the U.S. oversees in a Federal or military capacity; or 3) been a dependent of a Federal or military employee serving oversees.

  • Entrance on duty is contingent upon completion of a pre-employment security investigation, credit check, and drug test.


  • DIRECT DEPOSIT: All Federal employees are required to have Federal salary payments made by direct deposit to a financial institution of their choosing.


  • All male applicants born after December 31, 1959, must have registered for the selective service (see ). If selected for this position, the applicant must sign a statement certifying his registration, or the applicant must demonstrate exempt status under the Selective Service Law.

Career Transition Assistance Plan (CTAP)/Interagency Career Transition Assistance Plan (ICTAP):   If you are an eligible Career Transition Assistance Program (CTAP) or Interagency Career Transition Assistance Program (ICTAP) applicant, you may apply for special selection over other applicants for this position. Individuals who have special priority selection rights under CTAP or ICTAP must be well qualified for the position. To be well qualified, applicants must satisfy all qualification requirements for the vacant position and score 85 or better on established ranking criteria, not including veterans' preference points. CTAP and/or ICTAP eligibles must submit one of the following as proof of eligibility for the special selection priority: a separation notice; a recent (or last) performance appraisal; a "Notice of Personnel Action" (SF-50) documenting separation; or, if applicable, an agency certification that you cannot be placed after injury compensation has been terminated; an OPM notification that your disability annuity has been terminated; OR a Military Department or National Guard Bureau notification that you are retired under 5 U.S.C. 8337(h) or 8456. ( .) 


Veterans' Preference:   If you are entitled to Veterans' Preference, you must indicate the type of preference you are claiming in your application and submit the appropriate documentation:   A copy of the Member Copy 4 of your DD-214 (Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty); official statement of service from your command if you are currently on active duty; or other official documentation (e.g., documentation of receipt of a campaign badge or expeditionary medal) that shows your military service was performed under honorable conditions; or if you are a disabled veteran, a Purple Heart recipient, or widow/widower if a veteran, the spouse of a disabled veteran or the natural mother of a disabled or deceased veteran, you must submit a signed and dated Standard Form (SF) 15, "Application for 10-Point Veteran Preference," and the other required documentation identified on the reverse side of the SF-15 to support your preference claim.   For more information, see

Selective Service: If you are a male applicant born after December 31, 1959, you must certify that you have registered with the Selective Service System, or are exempt from having to do so under the Selective Service Law. For more information, see .            

Reasonable Accommodation Statement: The Department provides reasonable accommodation to applicants with disabilities. If you need a reasonable accommodation for any part of the application and hiring process, please notify the servicing specialist listed in the vacancy announcement. The decision on granting reasonable accommodation will be made on a case-by-case basis.   In addition to applying through competitive procedures certain applicants with disabilities may be considered non-competitively under a Schedule A hiring authority. To qualify for employment under Schedule A, an applicant must provide proof of disability and certification of job readiness. As proof of disability and certification of job readiness, applicants may provide records, statement, or other appropriate information issued from a licensed medical professional (e.g., a physician or other medical professional duly certified by a State, the District of Columbia, or a U.S. territory to practice medicine); a licensed vocational rehabilitation specialist (i.e., State or private); or an Federal agency, State agency, or an agency of the District of Columbia or a U.S. territory that issues or provides disability benefits. Proof of disability and certification of job readiness must be included in the application package. For more information and proof required see

EEO Statement: The Department of Justice is an Equal Opportunity Employer.   Except where otherwise provided by law, there will be no discrimination because of color, race, religion, national origin, politics, marital status, disability, age, sex, sexual orientation, membership or non-membership in an employee organization, or on the basis of personal favoritism.   The Department of Justice welcomes and encourages applications from persons with disabilities and is firmly committed to satisfying its affirmative obligations under the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 to ensure that persons with disabilities have every opportunity to be hired and advanced on the basis of merit within the Department. 


You must submit a complete Application Package by 11:59 PM (EST) on Monday, November 26, 2012.

You may apply online or fax in your documents.   Applying online is the quickest and most convenient way to process your application and track your status.

To begin the online process, follow these steps:

1.   Click the Apply Online button to create an account or log in to your existing USAJOBS account. Follow the prompts to complete the Occupational Questionnaire. You must click the Submit My Answers button at the end of this process.

2.   To fax supporting documents that you are unable to upload, complete this cover page, and use the following Vacancy ID  #      766575, fax your documents to 1-(478)-757-3144. You can verify that your uploaded documents are attached to your application by checking the Details tab of your Application Manager account for this vacancy announcement. Your documents will display under the Details tab in the Document area. Faxed documents will take 2-3 business days to process. Documents submitted with missing information may not be processed.   NOTE:   To return to a previously Saved or Incomplete application you may use the following link: .           

If you cannot apply online, follow these steps:

1.     Print a copy of this vacancy announcement.

2.     Click the following link to view and print the Assessment questionnaire       View Occupational Questionnaire , and

3.     Print the OPM Form 1203-FX form, in order to provide your responses to the Assessment Questionnaire. You may obtain the form by using this URL link, . You may omit any optional information; however, you must provide responses to all required questions.

4.     Fax the completed 1203-FX form, resume, and supporting documents to 1-(478)-757-3144.   Your 1203-FX form will serve as a cover page for your fax transmission. Faxed documents will take 2-3 business days to process. Documents submitted with missing information may not be processed.



You must provide a complete Application Package, which includes:

1.Your responses to the Occupational/Assessment Questionnaire. (Online or 1203-FX).


2. Your resume showing relevant experience (cover letter optional) to include paid or non-paid experience, jobs and titles, dates held (month, day, year), number of hours worked per week, duties, and salary. Your resume MUST contain all information required for Federal employment. Your resume MUST include full employment information such as periods of employment, month and year position(s) started and ended, title of position(s), employer's name and address, hours worked, description of duties, etc.


3.If you are qualifying based on education, you must submit an unofficial college transcript. (Note: If you are selected; for this position, an official transcript will be required prior to your first day of work).


4. If applicable:: Veterans' Preference documentation. (See Other Information section for details).


5.If applicable:: CTAP/ICTAP documentation is required (a copy of a separation notice or other proof of eligibility for priority selection; a copy of an SF-50 showing current position, grade, promotion potential, and duty location; AND a copy of your most recent performance appraisal.)


Catherine L. Weisbrod
Phone: (215)861-3074
Agency Information:
Philadelphia Services Branch
US Office of Personnel Management
600 Arch Street
Philadelphia, PA


Once the online questionnaire is received you will receive an acknowledgement email that your submission was successful. Based upon your score, you may be referred to the hiring official. If your name is referred to the hiring official, you may be contacted directly by that office for a possible interview. You will receive notice via email or by mail, if no email address was provided by you during the application process, once this process is completed (generally 4-6 weeks).


The Salary for each position will be specific to the duty location, within the range listed.

Additional Duty Location Info

27 vacancies in the following locations:
Chicago, IL United States
Baltimore, MD United States
San Juan, PR United States
Eloy, AZ United States
Honolulu, HI United States
Port Isabel, TX United States
Houston, TX United States
Denver, CO United States
Memphis, TN United States
Bloomington, MN United States
Pearsall, TX United States
Arlington, VA United States
Bloomington, IN United States
Portland, OR United States
Tucson, AZ United States
Elizabeth, NJ United States
Adelanto, CA United States
Harlingen, TX United States
Oakdale, LA United States
Salt Lake City, UT United States
El Paso, TX United States
Batavia, NY United States
Newark, NJ United States
Orlando, FL United States
Hartford, CT United States
Los Angeles, CA United States
Kansas City, MO United States
San Diego, CA United States

Control Number: 328872600
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