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Department:Department Of The Treasury

Agency:Internal Revenue Service

Job Announcement Number:12CN3-APB0032-0930-15-BK

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$113,735.00 to $155,500.00 / Per Year


Monday, March 19, 2012 to Monday, April 2, 2012








7 vacancies in the following location(s):
East Hartford, CT, US
Atlanta, GA, US
Baltimore, MD, US
Detroit, MI, US
Saint Louis, MO, US
More Locations  (9)


IRS Employees on Career or Career Conditional appointments in the competitive service.


WHY IS THE IRS A GREAT PLACE TO WORK? You've built a career based on talent, integrity and dedication. Those are the same qualities that can help America achieve more. Whether you're looking for new opportunities because your family has grown, you're looking for new challenges or want your career to have a real impact, consider a career with an employer who will work with you as your life changes.

WHAT DOES AN APPEALS OFFICER DO? As an Appeals Officer you provide the final administrative opportunity for taxpayers and the Service to resolve tax disputes without litigation. The settlement is treated with virtually absolute finality and the unit may be reopened only in the most extraordinary circumstances. Even when units are not settled, the incumbent makes a direct contribution towards clarifying the Government's position. A fair, impartial administration of the tax laws contributes significantly to taxpayer cooperation and voluntary compliance. Cases settled by this position may involve significant precedential impact on major national or international companies, or affect a whole industry as well as impacting on the nationwide Appeals program. Often times, very large sums of money are involved. In addition, at this level, the Appeals Officer is responsible for leading teams of the most highly skilled and technically proficient Appeals Officers, proposing the basis for the overall disposition of major units and accepting or rejecting the work products of team members as well as the total settlement proposal. The Appeals Officer has a tremendous amount of responsibility and serves in an essential role within the Service.

WHAT IS THE APPEALS DIVISION? Independent by statute and staffed by highly trained professionals, the Appeals function provides alternative dispute resolution for any taxpayer contesting IRS compliance actions. Appeals represents the last opportunity for the IRS and a taxpayer to resolve disputes prior to litigation, and ensures that all taxpayers can receive an impartial review of their tax case. This impartial review is essential to the integrity of the American tax system.

Positions are located as follows:1 vacancy in Farmers Branch, TX or Houston, TX or San Antonio, TX or Oklahoma City, OK; 1 vacancy in New York,NY or Hempstead, NY; 2 vacancies in Detroit, MI or Cleveland, OH or Philadelphia, PA or Baltimore, MD; 2 vacancies in East Hartford, CT or Newark, NJ; 1 vacancy in St. Louis, MO or Atlanta, GA.

WHERE CAN I FIND OUT MORE ABOUT OTHER IRS CAREERS? If you want to find out more about IRS careers, visit us on the web at


  • Click "Print Preview" to review the entire announcement before applying.
  • Moving expenses may be authorized per eligibility letter or agreement
  • Monday through Friday (Day Shift)
  • This is a bargaining unit position


As a Senior Appeals Officer you will:

  • Lead a team of Appeals Officers, technicians, and other support personnel in their performance of team work. Plan team assignments considering organizational priorities and necessities. Assure timely completion of work, monitor team members' progress on assignments, and personally work a variety of the most demanding team case issues. Take immediate corrective action to resolve problems that adversely impact on efficient case/issue resolution and overall plan accomplishment.
  • Advise and coach team members regarding their team assignments. Provide appropriate and substantive feedback on team assignments to the team member and his/her immediate manager. This feedback is both written and oral; provided on a timely and ongoing basis; addresses the appropriate critical job elements and aspects; and follows guidelines prescribed by the Chief Appeals, the Director, and the Appeals Area Director as to timing, form and content of the feedback.
  • Apprise management of critical or sensitive work related matters. Provide recommendations that are technically authoritative and generally determinative as to actions taken. These include advising on the selection, development, training and tenure of team members; determining the effect of and responsibility for statute expirations; independently recommending resolutions of work related issues involving team members; and delineating the impact on compliance arising from a proposed settlement.
  • Mentor and coach team members to enhance their performance and settlement skills. Holds regular meetings with team to foster dialogue, facilitate problem solving, provide technical updates and ensure administrative consistency.
  • Interact with taxpayers and representatives to determine and meet customer expectations. Holds conferences and negotiates issues to resolve tax disputes. Prepares and updates work plans including directing team members to insure the progression of the case and overseeing the team members during the settlement conferences and/or team meetings with the largest corporate taxpayers and their representatives, Counsel and other employees of the Service.
  • Exercise the overall responsibility for arriving at the final disposition of the work unit from the Government's perspective including authority to overrule recommendations made by team members on the settlement of their assigned issues, and to approve the final settlement.


    QUALIFICATIONS/ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS: You must meet the following eligibility and basic qualification requirements by the closing date of this announcement.


    A. RESTRICTION ON MOVEMENT: General restriction on movement after competitive appointment CFR 330.501: Employees must meet the three (3) month restriction on movement since their latest Career or Career Conditional competitive appointment.

    B. TIME IN GRADE REQUIREMENT:(POSITIONS ABOVE THE GRADE 5): Under merit promotion procedures, Federal applicants must have served 52 weeks at the next lower grade of the position announced to satisfy time-in-grade restrictions contained in 5 CFR 300, Subpart F. Time is credited based on calendar time served in a grade, regardless of the number of days or hours worked. If you currently hold or have previously held a position at the same (or equivalent) or higher grade/level in the Federal government as of this announcement, you will meet the TIME IN GRADE REQUIREMENT.


    To be minimally qualified at the GS-15 level, you must meet one year of specialized experience equivalent to the GS-14 level in the Federal Service that demonstrates knowledge in applying tax law or basic accounting principles to resolve tax issues. To be qualifying, your experience should demonstrate the ability to: Apply professional accounting principles, theory, and practices to analyze and interpret accounting books, records, or systems specifically to determine effect on tax liabilities or financial statements; Use accounting or legal knowledge of tax implications to make financial or business decisions; Recognize and assess the complexity of accounting or legal issues; Apply professional legal principles, theory, and practices to analyze and interpret legal issues specifically to determine effect on tax liabilities or financial statements; Interpret the law in situations where there are uncertainties or conflicts in statutes, regulations, case law, precedence or other guidance to determine and apply the appropriate intent of the law in tax situations; Conduct legal research and applying the law to tax situations; Prepare, examine, interpret and analyze financial statements; and applying knowledge of litigation procedures and make judgments involving matter of law particularly as they relate to resolving tax disputes. In addition, at this level you must demonstrate the ability to apply knowledge of accounting topics to the resolution of tax issues. Accounting topics include: stockholder equity, income recognition and other special reporting topics; financial characteristics of business entities; journal and ledger entries; present value application; inventory valuation; investments and revenue recognition, auditing standards and generally accepted accounting principles associated with asset and liability measurement and their related effect on net income.



    1. If you are eligible and qualified, you will be rated and ranked in accordance with the Bargaining Unit National Agreement, Article 13 procedures. You will be required to respond to a series of questions related to the Critical Job Elements for the position to be filled, the overall rating on your current performance appraisal (Form 6850), and relevant awards received within the past three years.You may obtain a list of your most recent awards at
    2. Please be sure that your resume includes detailed information to support your qualifications for this position. Failure to provide sufficient evidence in your resume may result in a "NOT QUALIFIED" determination for this position. For tips preparing your resume click; for cover letter tips click
    3. Applicants will be referred to the selecting manager in score order. You may be required to participate in a selection interview. If you are eligible for the Career Transition Assistance Plan (CTAP) Program, you must be assigned a score of 80 or better, Highly Qualified or higher (if applicable), to be rated as well qualified to receive special selection priority. If you are eligible for the Reassignment Preference Program (RPP), you must meet all eligibility and qualification requirements to receive selection priority for this position.

    To preview questions please click here.


    We offer a workplace that values people. Our comprehensive benefits are very generous. The IRS will help you reach your personal goals by supporting your professional growth, health, well-being and family needs. As a current employee, you know the great benefits we offer. Should you have any questions about benefits, please contact the Employee Resource Center (ERC) at 1-866-743-5748 option #1 for ERC.


    REASONABLE ACCOMMODATION: If you need a reasonable accommodation for any part of the application and hiring process, please contact Bill Kraeling at 513-263-3792. Decisions on granting reasonable accommodation will be made on a case-by-case basis. If the State Rehabilitation Center or the State Commission for the Blind has certified you as eligible for reasonable accommodation, you may wish to contact your counselor to apply for employment through the IRS Disability Employment Program in addition to applying for this vacancy announcement. 

    POSITION DESCRIPTIONS:  PD #93207.An IRS intranet website is available for IRS Employees at website:


    The application process has 6 STEPS.

    STEP 1: Create a USAJOBS Account at: .

    STEP 2: Develop a Resume using the USAJOBS "Resume Builder" or "Upload" your already created Resume into USAJOBS.

    STEP 3: Search for IRS Vacancy Announcements. To find this announcement, copy and enter the announcement number 12CN3-APB0032-0930-15-BK, in the key word search field. Select "Yes", if you are a current or former Federal civilian employee who holds or held a non-temporary appointment. Click "Search for Jobs." Click "Apply Online" at the bottom of the announcement screen and follow all instructions provided.

    STEP 4: Complete all 5 steps in the CareerConnector Account Creation: 1) Personal Information; 2) Military Service & Veteran Preference; 3) Core Questions; 4) Demographic Information; and 5) Resume Information. Click "Apply to this Vacancy". 

    STEP 5: Apply to the Vacancy. Respond to the questions for each of the following sections: Series, Grade, Location; Grade Specific; & All Grade Questions.

    STEP 6: Submit Documents and Review Application. Timely submit the supporting documents requested. Click one of the available options in CareerConnector: Upload; USAJOBS; Fax; or Reuse existing documents. Follow ALL instructions provided. Next, review the summary of the application you completed. Scroll down & click "Finish" at the bottom of the page. You will be automatically redirected to USAJOBS where you can track the status of your application.


    1. Log into My USAJOBS at with your user name and password.
    2. Click on "Application Status".
    3. Click "more information" under the "Application Status" column of the announcement.
    4. Click "Review and Update your documents if needed", on the "Application Detail" page.
    5. Select "Upload", "USAJOBS", "Fax", or "Reuse existing document" for each document to be submitted. Ensure you carefully follow ALL instructions provided.
    6. Click "Finish" to save this change


    EDUCATION DOCUMENTATION For positions with an education requirement, or if you are qualifying for this position by substituting education for training or experience, submit a copy of your transcripts or equivalent. An official transcript will be required if you are selected. A college or university degree must be accredited (or pre-accredited) and recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. Please refer to: you are qualifying based on foreign education you must submit proof of credibility of education as evaluated by a credentialing agency. Refer to:

    PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL Employees must submit a current performance appraisal (Form 6850). If a revalidated appraisal is used for merit promotion, the supervisor must prepare a narrative for each critical job element that does not have a narrative describing the performance in the appraisal period covered by the rating. Note: If you are a manager or management official, your most recent annual performance appraisal must be used for the overall rating identified.

    CTAP/RPP DOCUMENTATION If you are a displaced or surplus IRS or Treasury employee eligible for consideration under the Career Transition Assistance Plan (CTAP), or a reassignment preference employee eligible for consideration under the Reassignment Preference Program (RPP), you must apply and submit proof of eligibility. For CTAP employees, you must be well qualified for the position to receive consideration for special selection priority. The well qualified definition is a score of 80 or above or Highly Qualified or better if applicable. For proof of CTAP eligibility, you must provide a copy of the following and a copy of your most recent performance appraisal: 1) IRS Employees - Your Reduction in Force (RIF) separation notice, notice of proposed removal for declining a directed reassignment or transfer of function outside the local commuting area, certificate of expected separation, or other official notice from the agency indicating that you have been identified as surplus or eligible for discontinued service retirement; 2) Treasury Employees - Your Notification of Personnel Action(s), SF-50(s), or other official documentation that shows: You are a career or career-conditional competitive service employee, in tenure group 1 or 2, or a current Treasury employee in an excepted service appointment without time limit, at grade GS-15 or equivalent and below, who has been conferred noncompetitive appointment eligibility and special selection priority by statute for positions in the competitive service; and The position you may be or are being separated from: Is the same or higher grade as the position announced; and Has the same or higher promotion potential than the position announced; and Is either within or outside of the local commuting area of the position announced. For proof of RPP eligibility, you must submit a copy of your RPP Notice and a copy of your most recent annual performance appraisal. In order to receive consideration under RPP you must apply for a permanent position that is at the same or lower grade and work schedule as your current position both within and outside the commuting area. The same or lower grade position is defined as a position having no greater promotion potential than you currently held on a permanent basis. You must meet qualification requirements and have a fully successful or higher overall rating on your last annual performance appraisal.

    OFFICE OF TREASURY, CHIEF COUNSEL AND TIGTA Applicants from the Office of Treasury, Chief Counsel and Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) with current or prior competitive status, click here for more information. NOTE: YOU MUST SUBMIT ALL DOCUMENTATION BY 11:59 P.M. ET ON THE CLOSING DATE OF THIS ANNOUNCEMENT TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR CONSIDERATION.


    IRS Jobs Online Helpdesk
    Phone: 866-743-5748, Option #1
    Fax: 000-000-0000
    TDD: 513-263-4100
    Agency Information:
    Cincinnati Employment Branch, Section III
    550 Main Street, Room 5015
    Cincinnati, OH
    Fax: 000-000-0000


    You can expect a communication from us concerning your application via email. If you provide an email address that is inaccurate or if your mailbox is full or blocked (e.g., spam-blocker), you may not receive important communications that could affect your consideration for this position. If your contact information changes after the closing date of the announcement, please notify the Employment Office (contact provided in this announcement) and update your USAJOBS profile. You can check the status of your application for this position at any time by logging onto your "My USAJOBS" account and clicking on "My Applications".

    Additional Duty Location Info

    7 vacancies in the following locations:
    East Hartford, CT, US
    Atlanta, GA, US
    Baltimore, MD, US
    Detroit, MI, US
    Saint Louis, MO, US
    Newark, NJ, US
    Hempstead, NY, US
    New York - New York, NY, US
    Cleveland, OH, US
    Oklahoma City, OK, US
    Philadelphia, PA, US
    Farmers Branch, TX, US
    Houston, TX, US
    San Antonio, TX, US

    Control Number: 312089400
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